Would Your Character Rather...



Lio’s deeeefinitely a cat person.
WYCR have a broken hand or a broken leg


Wren would 100% take a broken hand over a broken leg. Though she might be unbalanced while skating, she wouldn’t dare think about risking her legs in any situation.

WYCR Have money or have friends?


Being a kid who is only now learning what Family is, Lio wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Friends over money any day
WYCR pick their mom or dad?


His dad, because he’s more responsible. It really bugs him that he has to take care of his mom so much.

WYCR make some quick cash by borrowing it from someone or doing odd jobs around town?


Odd jobs around town, because Ravenna would rather earn the money than to be handed it without a justifiable reason. Winston would take the cash, because he’s lazy. Griffin would also take the cash. Draven would do both for extra money.

WYCR find a break their wrist or break their nose?


His nose. A teenager needs to be able to use his wrist. Haha.

WYCR visit, for a full day, a museum or a zoo?


Oh no, such a hard choice for Avery. She loves history, but would love to see a collection of animals that no longer exist in the wild. Oh. Umm. Zoo, we will go with Zoo. Porter would definitely rather the zoo. Jules would rather the museum (animals stink).

WYCR participate in the Hunger Games, or be trapped in a lions yard (at the zoo) with only a piece of rope to save them. The Zoo is deserted except for the two lions.


A lion’s yard, because Ravenna knows that they’ll only attack if they view her as a threat. She’ll try to be calm and casual as possible so she doesn’t scare them or bother them. In the meantime, she’ll try to use the rope to escape.

WYCR live with their grandparent or live by themselves?


Avery would rather live by herself. She’d feel responsible for everything if she lived with elderly people. Jules would feel suffocated, in return she’d probably end up suffocating them. Porter, hmm, he’s a hard one. If they were his mothers parent he’d chose to live with them. Otherwise, he’d prefer to live alone, for their sake. Kat would rather live with her grandparents. She’s love nothing better than to sit around drinking tea (although it may be spiked) and chit-chatting with them.

WYCR healthy food, or junk food? Why?


Ravenna, healthy. Because as you know, she hates physical exercise, but she wants to stay fit and pretty. Winston, junk food. He’s honestly accustomed to eat anything for reasons you’ll learn very soon (in like 2 chapters). Griffin, junk food, because it’s Griffin, come on :joy::joy: Draven, healthy, because he wants to stay healthy, lol.

WYCR eat candy or chocolate?


Oh no. I have a bad feeling about Winston’s backstory for the next two chapters :thinking: Avery loves, loves, loves chocolate. Porter, it would have to be candy, something fruity flavoured probably. Maybe mint leaves. Kat, she’d be a Belgium chocolate kinda girl, so would Jules.

WYCR be an early bird, or a night owl? (not sure if they’re sayings in your part of the world lol).


Oh no they are. Nicole’s a forced early bird. Elena and Dom are night owls, so they wouldn’t change it.

WYCR be red headed or blonde?


Oh, wow. That’s hard. Neither will look natural on him. I suppose he’d go for blond. That’d look better than the red.

WYCR fast for seven days or have a binge-eating week?


Binge eating. Nicole’s already deprived of food.

WYCR go into marketing or finance?


I think Ravenna would definitely go into finance, because she is already good at money and her father works as a CFO (Chief Financial Officer), which is an extremely high paying job (average salary is $300,000). And she definitely would be very honored to follow into his specific footsteps. I think she prefers a broader, less restricted job, but she wouldn’t mind. Winston would honestly not work at all. Draven would choose finance, because he’s a careful planner. Griffin would rather market and advertise than to deal with money.

WYCR be a human doctor or a vet?


AVERAGE? Now I know what I want to do lmao. I think Nicole would be a vet

WYCR watch Indian dramas or 50 Shades?


Ravenna would honestly hate both, because she’s very picky when it comes to dramas (and everything in general XD). And she wouldn’t even allow 50 Shades in her presence. She’d rather watch Griffin doing track and field. XD Winston would watch Indian dramas, because I think he lowkey likes dramas (not sad, please), but 50 Shades is abusive and he hates that. Draven would just be like, “I prefer my books. Bye.” Griffin would watch Indian dramas. Even if he did want to watch 50 Shades, Ravenna won’t allow it. Gotta save his virgin eyes.

WYCR watch After or Twilight? (After isn’t out yet, but my friend keeps talking about it.)


Wow then.

I’m not interested in seeing the movie. But Elena cannot STAND Twilight. She’d take After any day. Twilight is like actual garbage to her. Dom would be like “I’ll just order some pizza.” Nicole would be like “I prefer After, but eh.”

WYCR read Harry Potter or The Hunger Games?


I feel like Ravenna would like The Hunger Games, but never admit it. Winston would prefer Harry Potter. Griffin would also love Harry Potter. Draven would be conflicted, but he’d lean slightly more towards Harry Potter.

WYCR take Psychology or Physiology?


Psychology. I actually think Nicole was going to major in that before marrying Colin. They’d all do psychology

WYCR take the bus or live in a cottage?