Would Your Character Rather...



Oooof, this is hard for Ravenna. :joy: Lemme do the others first, since it’ll be easier for them. Winston would actually love to live in a secluded cottage. So long as his mother isn’t there with him. Buses have too many people and he’s sick of the sneers and dirty looks. Griffin would choose the bus, because he loves meeting new people (he’d actually love a cottage too). Draven would choose the bus. Okay, back to Ravenna… She’d rather die.

WYCR work at McDonalds or Wendy’s?


Nicole already worked at Wendy’s for a while. So she’d do it again. Dom and Elena would be like “no.”

WYCR have a cracked IPhone 6 or a perfectly working flip phone?


In 2006, they all had flip phones. (Ravenna obviously has those really pretty, expensive, newer ones). But I feel like Ravenna would prefer a cracked IPhone 6. Winston doesn’t care, his phone is probably already cracked. Griffin would take the IPhone, but would also lowkey want a flip phone, because hanging up would be 10x more dramatic. Draven would take an IPhone so he could research on mobile.

WYCR lose their best friend or lose their house?


Their house! If they lost their house, they can still move into their best friend’s house!

WYCR never graduate from high school or take the hardest class possible in high school?


Take the hardest class. Ravenna would not live with herself if she didn’t graduate from at least a 4 year university, much less high school. Winston would choose not to graduate (not like he wants to, anyway). Griffin would also choose to not graduate, depending on the subject of the class. If it’s something he likes, he’d take the class. Draven, much like Ravenna, is determined to finish university with degrees and therefore, high school graduation is a must.

WYCR be the cause of an innocent person’s death or have someone else be the cause of their death?


Eriseil would probably be torn on this matter. She has a bit of a “no one is innocent” mindset at the beginning of her story, and would most likely not lose any sleep over accidentally getting the wrong person offed. We’re all just specks anyway. She also has no great fear of death.
As for Roan, he would rather have someone else cause his death. He couldn’t live with himself if he had reason to believe an innocent man’s blood was on his hands, in any way. He’s frightened of death, but would choose it any day over the other option.

WYCR lose their sense of touch or their sense of sight?


Touch. None of them would endure losing their sight.

WYCR receive a death penalty or a life sentence?


I’d say most of my characters would rather die than spend the remainder of their days imprisoned… except for maybe Beomrynn, he would probably hold out hope of rescue.

WYCR be inescapably cold or inescapably hot? (Neither to a deadly degree, just uncomfortable)


Please add a question.


A life sentence. He’ll be alive and most likely be able to appeal the decision or find a way to escape.

WYCR take care of an older relative or have to put the older relative in a nursing home?


Oops sorry! XD


Elena and Dom already take care of their dad, honestly. Nicole would love to join in as they love their dad to pieces.

WYCR get married or have their parents die?


Roy would rather his parents lived, even if it means he’ll never get married.

WYCR live in a neighborhood where everyone knows everyone or live in a neighborhood where no one really pays attention to others?


Live in a neighborhood where everyone knows everyone, because that’s already how she lives. Same for all the others, because this applies to most of their community.

WYCR never be able to walk again or never be able to communicate again?


Robert would choose never to walk again, as he already was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It wouldn’t be a difference. It’d be hard though, because he really wants to walk Elena and Nicole down the aisle. Maybe Dom will help, I don’t know. Elena would do the same. They’d all do it.

WYCR go through a messy divorce or be stuck in a loveless marriage?


I don’t think Ravenna would mind either. A messy divorce wouldn’t matter to her, cuz she’s getting divorced anyway. And she doesn’t really believe in love the way society sees it, so she wouldn’t mind a loveless marriage. She actually expects it to be loveless, because of that reason and plus, her parents aren’t in love so she kinda already has set expectations on marriage. As long as she and her spouse get along and she thinks they’re worth her time, then she wouldn’t mind. Winston would choose a messy divorce. Griffin would choose a loveless marriage and be low-key miserable, while trying not to let it bring him down. Draven would also choose a loveless marriage, because if keeping the peace requires him to endure, then he will.

WYCR be hated by every family member they have or be hated by the public?


Tanya’s already hated by her family, so she’d do the first option. Everyone would do the first option tbh.

WYCR say random things at whatever time or never be able to speak their mind again?


Griffin already says random things all the time. Winston wouldn’t mind doing that, but he’d be worried it’ll make him seem stupid and despite himself, he lowkey still cares about what others think. Draven and Ravenna would dash for it so they don’t have to make a decision.

WYCR be accused of murder or rape? (Assuming both are false accusations.)


Wow. Colin would be accused of murder. Nicole, murder. All of them would be murder.

WYCR rob a bank or hack into the Pentagon?


Rob a bank. For all of them.

WYCR lose a best friend or lose a lover?