Would Your Character Rather...



Ha Nicole would lose a lover, and that would be Colin. Technically, Elena lost her best friend when Nicole got married. Dom too. They would never do it again. Robert lost his lover, so he’d lose it again.

WYCR use Google Drive or Dropbox?


Probably Google Drive, because I feel like they’d use something that most other people use so that it’s easier to utilize and navigate their way around and from my personal experience, I see more Drive users than Dropbox users.

WYCR text or call someone at midnight?


Text. That way they don’t disturb them as much.

WYCR have a flip phone or a corded telephone?


Flip phone, of course. For all of them. They all have one already.

WYCR take a school bus full of mean people or walk to school alone?


Walk to school. They all do that anyways.

WYCR have Lays or Doritos?


DORITOSSSS! Don’t even have Lays in my character’s country so… DORITOSSSS!!!

WYCR bathe in raw egg or eat 10 raw eggs


Eat ten raw eggs. Some guys do that to boost their immune system. Haha.

WYCR be a little late or way too early?


Way too early. Because she arrives early for her own benefit anyway. And her pride wouldn’t allow her to be late.

WYCR own a mansion or own a chain of farms with empty acres of land?


Carille would 100% own a mansion. She sure loves the high life!

WYCR sleep on a bed of nails, or eat a live scorpion? (just making me think of either of these makes me shudder, yikes.)


Eat a live scorpion, because there is no way they’ll be sleeping tonight if their bed is just nails.

WYCR find out their parent was a serial killer or that their sibling was a child molester?


He rather find out one of his parents was a serial killer. In his mind, that would be shocking but forgivable (and give him an opening to admit to his own growing homicidal tendencies).

WYCR be forced to do jazz hands on command or find personal items randomly inserted into jello? I was watching the Office.


Find personal items randomly inserted into jello. Because now they have free random jello they can eat plus they’ll almost always know where to look for their personal items when they get lost!

WYCR never drink liquid again (they’d still live) or never eat food again (they’d still live)?


He would rather stop drinking since he went on to share his blood circulation with a minor that made him give up alcoholic drinks.

WYCR lose all memories or become an immortal severed head ?


Jasmine’s memories are painful and make her feel terrible. She’d probably drop the memories.

WYCR eat pancakes for dinner or or Ice Cream for breakfast?


Allie would do both, but if she had to pick, she would eat ice cream for breakfast.

WYCR adopt a puppy or adopt a senior dog?


A puppy, because they’re cuter and Ravenna would only take care of a pet if they were cute.

WYCR fall in love and have it end in tragedy or never be able to fall in love ever?


Fall in love and have it end in tragedy. She’s too naive for never having love in her life.

WYCR live a LONG boring life or live a SHORT exciting life?


Short and exciting for all of them.

WYCR listen to their favorite song on loop for 10 hours or listen to a hated song once a day for a year?


Proverbs Trilogy characters
Mark, Michelle and Miranda for the former
Rosanna and Kevin for the latter.

WYCR be burnt at stake or wake up in a world where everyone is a clone of their most hated artist/celebrity?


Jasmine would rather be burnt. If she dies, she eventually bring herself back to life.

WYCR have a sad life with many failed relationships or have a nice and predictable life with a happy marriage and many children?