Would Your Character Rather...



The predictable life. He’s already had enough suffering.

WYCR eat octopus or locust every night for dinner?


Jasmine would probably prefer octopus. The idea of eating a bug would be too much for her.

WYCR go to an Arianna Grande Concert or listen to Arianna Grande for 12 straight hours?


They would probably all buy tickets to the concert and suffer together, rather than listening to her for that long. They are NOT Arianna fans.

WYCR have a nightmare about being naked at school or having spiders all over them?


Definitely spiders. He has a status to uphold man!

WYCR live on an isolated mountain for a month or on an isolated island?


No doubt Jaron would rather have the island since he’d enjoy swimming and stuff. Much better with water than climbing.

WYCR arm wrestle a bodybuilder or kickbox with a runner?


Jasmine would prefer hitting, slapping, and kicking. She’d kickbox with a runner

WYCR be on an MTV Reality Show or audition for The Voice/any other singing competition show?


Julian would rather be on an MTV Reality Show.
Whould your character rather eat sushis or Doritos?


Sushi. I think Ravenna low-key likes sushi.

WYCR kill themself or kill a loved one.


Kill a loved one. And he does. Well, three of them at least. Haha.

WYCR go to Hell but be there with their loved ones OR go to Heaven but be there alone?


Go to Heaven alone 100%. Without a doubt. She is not going through torture, just to be with a family member.

WYCR lose all their limbs or lose their mind/self-control?


Robert would lose his limbs. Everyone else would lose their self control.

WYCR have green hair or blue hair?


Leila dyes her hair every colour
WYCR rather be a dog for a day, or a cat


Manny rather be a cat. People won’t expect much from him and he can get away with a lot. Roy’d be a dog.

WYCR have to baby sit, for a full week, a toddler or a pet?


A pet, because Ravenna sucks with children and they"re really annoying. She’d actually be able to tolerate a pet, but not a toddler.

WYCR live alone as a multi-millionaire and not have to work at all or live with all their loved ones as middle-class?


Jaron would no doubt be with all their loved ones as middle-class since he worries about them a lot and wants to make sure they aren’t harmed due to what happened in the past with his parents.

WYCR kiss a frog or get a key they need out of toilet water?


Ha good one :smile: Cole would definitely kiss the frog. Anything for a laugh.

WYCR forever live underground hiding from an enemy, or face the enemy and die?


All my characters know that at war, there is always the possibility of death. They would be glad to be the reason the war is over

WYCR write a book about someone, or have someone write about them


Have someone write a book about them.

WYCR read horror or fantasy?



WYCR be alone forever, but always be rich, or always around loved ones, but always be poor?


Dolly would rather be poor and around loved ones, since she has a lot and she’s the kind of person that loves the company of those she cares about and who care about her. Basically, she’s not materialistic compared to sociable.

WYCR: Climb a steep cliff or stand on head for ten minutes?