Would Your Character Rather...



Jasmine would rather climb a steep cliff.

WYCR: go to college or get a job right out of high school?


Ravenna and Draven for sure are going to college. Winston is doing neither and is going into the crime field. Griffin is gonna become an athlete and therefore doesn’t need college.

WYCR be young, rich, but lonely or old, poor, but surrounded by loved ones?


Jasmine wants to be loved. She’d rather be poor and surrounded by loved ones.

WYCR get married right out of high school leading to a divorce a decade later or get married at the age of 40?


Ravenna wouldn’t wanna get married ever, but she’d rather get married at age 40 than right out of high school, because by the time she’s 40, she’s already reached her successful peak. She wouldn’t want a significant other holding her down from greatness, so she’d rather settle down after the high of success is over.

WYCR die never knowing the truth or find out about the truth, but become depressed as a result?


One of my antagonists, Pathos, is essentially the latter part of that question. He does know what he perceives as the truth about things and reality and how it really makes him a depressed and rather not hopeful character. However, he wouldn’t change or go with dying not knowing the truth since to his depression and the guilt that comes with knowing things isn’t something to hinder the ability to know what to do with the hope to make things better. He’s someone less concerned about himself or the lives that occur around him and more of a means to make things different then they are and never go back.

WYCR: Play on a Xbox 360 or play on the wii?


Selena is not much for video games. Seth, however, would rather play on an XBox 360 because he’s the type that like to play games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto.

WYCR play video games all day or go outside and explore?


Emma prefers Pinterest to video games and if she could afford it she would be adventuring out into the world to see those amazing destinations for herself!

WYCR: Knowingly kill one man to save five others or sacrifice himself and save everyone else?


He’d kill one man to save five. He can’t help anyone else if he’s dead.

WYCR settle things like gentlemen or with their fists?


Jasmine would settle things with her fists. Or better yet a game of Beer Pong to get back at Janelle.

WYCR be born old and grow young or be born a baby and age normally?


Posilyn would rather be born a baby and grow normally. She’s immortal anyway, so growing young wouldn’t make much of a difference.

WYCR be a hitman or a bodyguard?


Ciecro would probably be more bodyguard since he isn’t avidly an attacker at heart. He’s more of a defensive guy or “don’t punch me without expecting to get punched back” so he’s more the reactor than the trigger.

WYCR have every treadmill walked on always be against them or has to slip on a step always when going up stairs?


Every treadmill work against her. Because she hates treadmills and gyms anyway, so that’ll just give her another reason to avoid them like the plague.

WYCR fall in love and get hurt every single time or never be capable of falling in love?


Julian would prefer not to fall in love.
WYCR go to a party or not go to a party?


Ciecro, at the moment wouldn’t care to go to a party unless he was brought along by his younger brother or a friend. Later when he becomes more social, trust me he’ll be the life of the party.

WYCR play a dance dance game as a bet or do pull up races as a bet?


Negito would rather do the pull ups. Dancing sounds pretty fun, but it’s also something he’s not good at, and he’d worry about making an idiot of himself.

WYCR play a survival horror game, or a point and click horror game?


Selena is not a fan of video games but she would much rather play a point and click one because if she played a survival horror game she would die instantly.

WYCR go out clubbing with friends or stay indoors and watch netflix?


Jasmine would only go clubbing with her friend Regina. But she’d rather do Netflix.

WYCR watch YouTube all day or sleep all day?


Ravenna would have trouble choosing, because both would make her feel unproductive. But she’d ultimately choose sleeping.

WYCR live a long, but depressing life or a short, but joyful life?


Short but joyful. He ends up with the other one though. Ah, life and its lemons.

WYCR have a paying job they can do from home or have a paying job they must leave the house for?


Ooooh that’s hard… At home. Because if she ever gets bored of staying home all day, she has the option to get out and get some fresh air on her own time.

WYCR kill one innocent person with their own bare hands or indirectly kill 20 people with a fire they caused?