Would Your Character Rather...



Jasmine would rather kill 20. She’d rather not have to look at the eyes of one person she’s killing. It’s too much for her. Killing those 20 indirectly means she wouldn’t have to see or talk to them.

WWCR free all the animals at the zoo or start their own petting zoo?


Quetzalcoatl would free the animals, just for the hell of it. He might not let out the snakes, though…

WYCR farm exotic animals or regular farm animals?


Regular farm animals seem like the best bet for Jasmine.

WYCR rather work the night shift or sleep at night?


Sleep at night. All of them would rather do that. Except Draven, maybe.

WYCR live in a mansion without butlers/maids to clean the place or live in a decent sized house?


Amara and Infinite would live in a decent-sized house.


Please add a question.


Oh, sorry…

WYCR Sleep under the stars, or in a hotel?


In a hotel for all of them, because since they live in the suburbs and not the country, sleeping outside under the stars doesn’t feel safe. They need walls around them in order to feel secure.

WYCR lose a leg or lose an arm?


Loose an arm b/c then they can still walk. Also they can regen limbs and most organs (ugh, what a mary sue), and an arm would take less time to grow back

WYCR own a sanctuary for cats or for dogs?


Julian would rather own a sanctuary for cats.
WYCR eat at american cuisine restaurant or at a vietnamese cuisine restaurant?


Vietnamese. Because one, they like trying foreign foods and they eat American food all the time. And two, because Viet cuisine is very good.

WYCR be forced to read an entire dictionary and be tested on half of the words (Yes, they’re gonna be graded based on their score) or break a bone?


Break a bone. That’s a fourth of Infinite’s job as a mercenary anyway…

WYCR have to live with bats, or lions?


Jasmine would prefer to live with bats as Lions would for sure eat her.

WYCR fly or swim?


Swim. People aren’t meant to fly. It’s not because he has a fear of heights or anything. . .

WYCR have to cut their tongue out or cut off both their ears?


Jasmine would rather cut her tongue. She hates eating.

WYCR use an Uber or use the city bus?


Wren would rather city bus. She hates the idea of having to sit in a stranger’s car alone because that means she’ll have to speak to them a little bit.

WYCR snapchat or instagram?


Instagram wasn’t yet popular during Jasmine’s time period. She’d rather use Snapchat.

WYCR gift or receive a Christmas/birthday gift?


Receive, always. She doesn’t usually gift, but she always loves receiving.

WYCR donate money or blood?


Jasmine would rather donate her blood. In a way, she kind of donates most of her blood in the third story.

WYCR go to the bathroom once a day or go every hour even when they don’t need to?


Every hour, because she has no desire for a UTI or a kidney stone.

WYCR read for 24 hours or watch movies for 24 hours?