Would Your Character Rather...



Watch movies for 24 hours because he’s more of a visual person.

WYCR drink really sweet coffee or really sweet tea?


Really sweet tea for Wren. She is more of a tea person that coffee person.

WYCR stub their toe or take a scooter to the ankles?


Accidentally? It’s gotta be Nicole. I don’t think anyone would do that to themselves intentionally.

Which character would butcher the pronunciation for a language?


Definitely Griffin. Need I say more? XD

WYCR lose their hearing or their eyesight?


Eyesight. All of them

WYCR have an IPhone or an Android?


Hauri would have an iPhone.

WYCR live in a place where it always rains or never rains?


Well, they live in a place where it almost never rains (Southern California) so never rains.

WYCR live in Finland or Canada?


Jasmine would probably live in Quebec, Canada. If she can’t get to Paris, she can go where it’s the most close.

WYCR have friends or be married without friends?


Ravenna enjoys her independence, so have “friends” (even though she doesn’t consider them friends). Unless she really likes her husband and he’s all she needs to feel content.

WYCR go to school everyday of the week or go to work 5 days a week?


Nicole: school. Dom and Elena: work

WYCR learn one hard, but commonly spoken language or 5 easy, but rarely spoken languages?


One hard, because they all believe in learning something that will benefit them in life.

WYCR listen to their favorite song for 24 hours straight until they hate it or listen to a song they hate for 2 hours?


Song they hate.

WYCR do the same math problem over and over again 5 times or write a really long, 20 page essay once?


That math problem for all of them, because they would hate to write a 20 page essay. Except Draven, but he’d still prefer the short cut of doing math.

WYCR have a stomach ache for 5 hours or a headache for 5 hours?


Headache… that way, they can drink hot tea or something to calm them down.

WYCR have the flu or measles?


I’d say Dolly would rather have the flu since it’s something she would think she could handle better. And it’s less chance of scratching up the sores since well…she does do work and all that things that can get a few nicks and scratches.

WYCR build a house or law the foundation for a city lot?


Jasmine would probably build a house because she doesn’t want to do a lot work. And to her, that sounds the easiest.

WYCR have children naturally or adopt?


Naturally. Even if she doesn’t want children at all, she’d like them to be of her blood and ancestry.

WYCR get married young or not get married at all?


Jasmine would love to get married. So get married young.

WYCR do the same old or try something new?


Same old. Because she knows that the same old is safe and foolproof, which was why she used it in the first place. Trying new things involves a level of risk and while she enjoys risks every now and then, she hates it at the same time.

WYCR lose their lover or lose their best friend (their platonic friend, since some people’s best friends are their lovers too)?


Jasmine would rather lose her lover/ex lover Elliot. He’s a jerk and not someone anybody should be around. She’d rather have her bff Regina. But sometimes we don’t always get what we want.

WYCR use the Red Box or watch Netflix?