Would Your Character Rather...

Emma would rather use Netflix. Why get out of the couch/ out of the house when you can just lounge around all day?

WYCR cook actual food or eat pretty bad takeout?

Miko would cook her own food. She is in the right situation to be able to.

WYCR fight climate change or be a climate denier?

There’s no way Jasmine could ignore climate change. If she could, she’d do something.

WYCR go to community college or a university?

University all the way for all of them, except Winston and Cain, since neither want to pursue higher education after high school.

WYCR lose a friend or lose a job?

Depends, but only a small percentage of her friends actually mean something to her, so probably loose a friend, unless it was one of her close friends, or a friend with benefits (I know 0 she’s cold-hearted)

WYCR live in the mountains or the beach?

Jasmine would love to live on the beach. She loves a good tan.

WYCR babysit or raise children?

Both. She loves children.

WYCR have a son or a daughter?

Doesn’t matter to Roy. They’d be raised the same. He does end up with a son though.

WYCR go to a relative’s house for a holiday meal or have their relatives come to his/her house?

Jasmine would probably like to go to a relative’s house. Her dad is currently in Paris and she badly wants to go to Paris.

WYCR sleep at night or sleep during the day?

Andy would rather sleep during the day, he actually naps during the day bc he can’t get to sleep at night. And Ella, before she’d sleep at night but now she is fascinated with what happens at night so maybe she’d rather to sleep during the day too?

WYCR being locked with another pushy/obnoxious character for a week or being a loner for 1 year?

Liam enjoys being around people. He wouldn’t want to to be a loner.

WYCR know the date of their death or not know when they’re going to die?

Belle would be interested in knowing the day she dies and her miseries and fears end.

Would your character rather save the packet of cookie for later or finish it at once?

Liam doesn’t have a lot of self control and does things without thinking. He’s eat it all at once.

WYCR whisper or scream?

Whisper, because Ravenna isn’t the type to scream and doesn’t want to ruin her nonchalant/calm demeanor.

WYCR stay with someone they’re in love with, even though the lover isn’t happy with them or let the person they’re in love with go?

Dolores would be angry but she’ll let go, cause if her lover isn’t happy, then she isn’t.

WYCR break the law to save someone they love and they’ll definitely end up in prison or save their ass and their friend/lover/special person dies.

Without a doubt, break the law to save someone they love and end up in prison. That’s how she rolls. Can you blame her?

WYCR have the power to be invisible, or the power to fly?

To be invisible, because she could hide in plain sight. Funny that those are the options though, because she can already do both.

WYCR make their own food or have someone cook for them?

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Ravenna always has someone else cook.

WYCR be accused of something they didn’t do, but they can’t defend themselves or be universally hated by everyone for something they did do?

I think Phin would rather be hated by something he actually did. He hates the human race after all, so he doesn’t really care.

WYCR be covered in something sticky (like maple syrup) or taste everything way too salty?

Infinite would rather taste everything way too salty. He’s an anthropomorphic jackal, obviously he’s covered ear to feet to tail in semi-thick fur, so having anything in said fur (other than blood, which he’s gotten used to…) drives him nuts, especially if it was sticky. Plus, he lives in a desert-like canyon, so he’s not exactly picky about tastes.

WYCR be a blind photographer, or a deaf singer?