Would Your Character Rather...

Riley would rather be a blind photographer. She would find it empowering to be a photographer despite not being able to see what she was taking photos of. She would spend a lot of time setting up her photos, using her imagination to ‘set the stage’ and hoping that the actual photo she takes looks half as good as the image she has in her mind.

WYCR be an angel or be a demon?

Roy would rather be an angel but he ends up more of a demon.

WYCR save or spend their money?

Liam is not careful with money and just does things. He would spend it.

WYCR have friends for life or be in a relationship for life?

Have friends for life.

WYCR give up their favorite hobby or have to pick up a hobby they hate?

Wren would pick up a hobby she hates. Giving up her hobbies is not a choice. She loves it.

WYCR Kill a cat or kill a dog

Kill a dog, because she has a preference towards cats.

WYCR be 40 minutes early to every event or 10 minutes late to every event?

Forty minutes early. He hates to make people wait.

WYCR play mindless games online or get work done?

Dilna would want to get work done, but she would play mindless games online instead.

WYCR be able to briefly travel to the future, or the past?

Jasmine would love to travel to the past. In fact, she does travel to the past in the third story.

WYCR fight for their country or run away in times of war?

Fight for her country, Chassidy is the heir to the throne anyway.

WYCR give up themselves to evil forces for their love, or loose them?

Pira would 100% giver herself up for the people she loves. shes seen too many people she cares about hurt, she wouldn’t let it happen on her watch.

WYCR Marry a strange in order to save someone they love or marry the one they love and loose them shortly after.

Marry a stranger. They might be a nice person anyway.

WYCR have to repeat a grade of school or attend summer school?

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attend summer school. she’s easily embarrassed, and would rather ruin a summer rather than a whole year of life.
wycr punch an innocent person because they were the only one there, or lose their credibility as a witness for, say, an investigation?

As long as the innocent person is his between his age and fifty, he’d pick that option. He wouldn’t hit a (younger) kid and he wouldn’t hit an old person.

WYCR have to do two shares of work but be paid handsomely Or do one share of work for the average paycheck?

Liam wouldn’t want to do more than he could handle. He likes to take his time and focus one what he’s doing.

WYCR drive or be the passenger?

Be the passenger, unless it’s a short ride.

WYCR be privileged, but disrespected or poor, but well-loved?

Poor but well loved! Wouldn’t even take a second for her to decide.

WYCR be considered as smart or beautiful?

Ooooh, that would be hard for Ravenna. She is both smart and beautiful and is well aware of it (she takes great pride in it). I think she’d rather be considered smart, because she hates being underestimated by others. But at the same time, her beauty is what allows her to manipulate more easily. So that’s a very hard question to answer. Although it will severely wound her pride, it would be better for her to be considered beautiful, because that means more people will underestimate her (and the more she can prove them wrong).

WYCR be in a beautiful, loving, but short-lived relationship or a satisfactory relationship for life?

Satisfactory relationship for life. She’s a vampire. She’s going to be around for a long, long time. lol

WYCR owe someone money or put themselves in debt and figure it out themselves?

He’s already in debt and trying to figure it out himself… it’s not going well, but he’d deal with that over asking someone else for money.

WYCR have to walk backwards for an hour everyday or have to run full speed everywhere for a day once a month?