Would Your Character Rather...



Gyl would spend a day in the caves, He can’t swim so He would have better chances of surviving in the caves, and it’s not like He’s terribly afraid of bugs anyways.

WYCR Sing terribly but have the confidence to sing in front of millions, or Have an amazing voice but is overly anxious about it?

(also Rose You forgot to put a WYCR question after Your answer :sweat_smile:)


(Yeah was in school and they checked so I was working which I wasn’t but they didn’t need to know that)

WYCR Live all alone in a mansion or live with a wife/husband and 3 kids in a house with only two bedrooms


Live alone in a mansion. He’s big on family, but all the togetherness would drive him insane.

WYCR die alone but painlessly, or surrounded by family but in pain?


well my character is already dead on the inside but he is soon not being able to take it so the first

wycr die doing something awesome or live a boring life


Die doing something awesome!! Who wants to live a boring life anyway?

WYCR die in a car crash or die in a plane crash?


Plane crash for the female cause she loves heights and so and car crash for the male cause that is easier to fix don’t ask he wanna die but can’t cause he has his younger siblings and their mom is dead and their dad is gone you can say


wycr see the world or see his younger sibling/kid every single day


See the world.

WYCR get no sleep for a week, or sleep for a day straight and miss any obligations that day?


No sleep for a week, sleep is for cowards
WYCR study in Hogwarts or being a team partner of Optimus Prime


Train at Hogwarts.

WYCR become the opposite gender or have no gender(Looking like Ken or Barbie down there.lol)?


Margo would probably become a guy to see what it’s like out of curiosity.

WYCR: Create a new holiday or celebrate an already existing one?


Fable would create a new holiday, as long as her crew helped her with it. She’d rather they had something to share amongst themselves, that the rest of the world doesn’t know about.

WYCR: Be hated or forgotten?


Gyl would rather be forgotten, He doesn’t think much of His achievements, and if He was hated, it would bring trouble towards Him.

WYCR be able to see into only their own future or be able to see the future of anyone except themselves?


He’d choose to see everyone’s future expect his. His reasoning is that if he’s in their life enough, he’ll actually get hints of his own future too.

WYCR eat the hottest pepper in the world or have to listen to ‘Baby Shark’ on repeat for a day?


Hottest pepper in the world.

WYCR never eat pizza again or never eat bacon again?


Never eat bacon again. Pizza is too diverse to give up. lol

WYCR get caught outside in onesie pajamas by someone they respect or have to steal something from a store?


Jesus, they/I can’t decide. I can see them doing both :joy::joy:
Hmmm…stealing from a store more I guess.

WYCR be hot and dumb or smart but the ugliest person in the world?


Ouch, that’s hard, because she’s shallow and cares greatly about her own looks. She’s smart and very pretty, but I think she would rather be smart but ugly, because to her, what’s the point in being beautiful, but you don’t know how to use that to your advantage? If she were smart, she’d still be able to manipulate and wiggle her way around, even if she’s ugly.

WYCR be burned slowly to death or to drown in the ocean at night?


LOL she sounds fantastic


Lol, she’s fantastic, but in the worst ways possible. :joy: And thank you!