Would Your Character Rather...



Victoria is absolutely terrified of swimming, so definitely fire. Ray and Sophia would probably drown.

WYCR go to jail for life or be locked in a dark, cold dungeon?


Dark cold dungeon for Cain if he could escape after a few hours or a few days. Ravenna would also choose the dungeon, because Richard’s daughter in jail for life is damaging to both her and her family’s reputation. Winston would choose the life time in jail, because at least it gives him a future doing something.

WYCR eat a living worm that is one foot long or drink a gallon of spoiled milk consecutively?


Ooooh gosh that sounds horrible. I think milk. Spoiled milk.

WYCR eat chocolate or candy?


CHOCOLATE ALL THE FREAKING WAY. Did I mention Ravenna is in love with chocolate?

WYCR die slowly in a ditch with pizza in hand as they stare up at the sky or die in their bedroom as they starve to death?


For Sophia, ditch with pizza. As for someone who’s part Italian, she considers the pizza in America to be an absolute sin to her Italian blood. Ray would probably have the pizza. Victoria, pizza.

WYCR shave their head, or dye their hair an erratic color?


Dye their hair an erratic color. I mean, platinum isn’t so bad.

WYCR stay up really late or wake up really early?


@SVTSwrites: Winston couldn’t give a fuck about how he looks, so he’d shave (I don’t think he’d look bad in it either. He has a nice face either way.) Ravenna would dye it light pink, then immediately dye her roots blonde afterwards. So it wouldn’t be that bad.

@Eternal_Foxglove: For Winston, stay up late because he already does that. Ravenna would wake up early, because sometimes, she has to do that.

WYCR have a drunk friend pick a tattoo for them or their parent choosing their lover?


I think Ray would have his parents choose the lover. Ramona and Ross really like Sophia, and they trust her a lot, so that. Serena loves Ray, so she’d choose Ray. Sophia wouldn’t trust Scott, because he’d be like “no boy is ever going to touch you.” Victoria also would have her parents choose a lover.

WYCR have an arranged marriage or not get married at all?


Not get married at all. Ravenna works best independently and doesn’t have any plans in marrying. And I honestly can’t see her marrying in the future.

WYCR kill their family under demon possession and being unable to do anything about it or watch one family member kill the other without being able to stop it? (I don’t know why, but my WYCR are so dark. I need to stop.)


Ahahahah it’s ok. I like dark things. Both would cause them to feel so guilty. I think watch someone kill the other because they don’t feel direct guilt.

WYCR really spicy Indian food or bland, tasteless food?


Italian. Winston loves Italian food and would gobble them, even if they’re really spicy. He’ll be able to take it. Ravenna would probably pick bland, tasteless food, then secretly break the rules by pulling out some ingredients to add flavor, because she’d die if she had to eat every meal that tasted like nothing.

WYCR eat only meat or eat only vegetables?


Probably only vegetables.

WYCR listen to Kanye West on loop or Nickelback on loop?


Probably Kanye.

WYCR have the alarm go off while they’re pooping or while they’re in the shower with shampoo in their hair?


Pooping. That way they can just pull up their pants and go.

WYCR learn Arabic or Chinese? (two very hard languages)


Ooh, yeah, that’s pretty hard. I think Ravenna would choose Chinese, because she’s met more Chinese and Asians than Arabians, so she’d think learning Chinese would be more useful. Winston would probably choose Arabic, because why not, even though it’s also hard.

WYCR travel to France or travel to Greece?


Sophia’s already been to both since she’s part of each. That’d be a hard decision for her. Ray would probably go to France as I think he’s already been to Greece. Plus, he can take Sophia and Sophia’s fluent in French. Victoria, probably Greece.

WYCR travel to India or UAE?


Probably UAE, because they’re unfamiliar with it and would like to know more.

WYCR visit Rome or Sicily? (Both famous Italian cities.)


Ahhh that’s a really tough question. (And I thought Sicily was an island) I think Sicily, since Sophia hasn’t been to Sicily. Ray would go to Rome. Victoria wouldn’t care.

WYCR go to Paris or Vienna?


Vienna. Ravenna’s been to Paris countless times and although she enjoys it, she’d like to go to Austria. (Yeah, you’re right, Sicily is an island, but I just called it an Italian city, because Rome was and Sicily was still Italian territory, so I was like, why not.)

WYCR explore space or the deep sea?


Probably space, since Sophia loves stars. Ray loves the ocean, so the sea. Victoria, she wouldn’t choose.

WYCR die of blood loss or suffocation?