Would Your Character Rather...



Winston, suffocation, because blood loss would mean him of dying a slow, agonizing death that he has to watch, which is his great fear. Suffocation makes it harder for him to see the entire thing. Ravenna would choose blood loss, because suffocation could be in the hands of someone else who is having direct power over her life. If the suffocation is caused by a non-human, then she’d choose the suffocation, but if it were a human, she’d choose blood loss.

WYCR be allergic to the sun or allergic to humans?


Ahahhaha Victoria would be allergic to humans. Sophia and Ray, sunlight.

WYCR play piano or violin?


Piano, because it looks cooler. (Even though I play violin.) I think they’d all rather play piano, because it’s all laid out in front of them, rather than violins, which are more close ranged.

WYCR fall in love with someone they’re not allowed to love or fall in love with their best friend, who clearly doesn’t share the same feelings?


Fall in love with someone they’re not allowed with. That way, the feelings are reciprocated.

WYCR date Sonia or Sophia?


Winston would choose Sophia, because she’s more of his type. Griffin would like Sonia, either as a friend or a crush.

WYCR go on a date alone with Ravenna or get into a physical fight with Winston?


Ray would get in a fight with Winston because he knows how to fight. Victoria would date Ravenna, and Sophia would date Ravenna.

WYCR insult Sonia or insult Sophia right in front of Anthony? (Warning: taking either option may lead to severe side effects such as hospitalization or death)


:joy::joy: Hm… Ravenna would do both. She’s dealt with feisty people like Sonia before, but if Sonia does get physical, she has her guys to stop her. She wouldn’t have a reason to insult Sophia in front of Anthony, but she might do it if she was trying to get Anthony expelled or something (or if she thought he wouldn’t physically lay a hand on her. Btw, would he?)

WYCR beat up Winston in front of Cain or insult Ravenna to her face?


(Anthony never ever gets physical with a woman, no matter what. Serena taught him to never lay his hands on a woman like that). And I think Sonia would insult Ravenna in front of her face. Ray would beat up Winston, but it’s unlikely since he’s a chill guy. And Sophia would do neither since she would never do it. Victoria has guts, so insulting.

WYCR date Anthony or David?


Ravenna would 100% go for Anthony, because he’s not. Victoria’s pretty, so I’m sure David’s good looking in his own way, but Ravenna would definitely prefer Anthony.

WYCR date Griffin or Draven? (Because Winston can’t have all the spotlight.)


Damnit. I love Winston. I think Draven, because from what you’ve said, he’s very respectful and super chill, and Sophia likes that. Victoria would go for Griffin. Sonia would do Draven as ewll.

WYCR have Sophia or Ray as a sibling?


Winston would have Sophia, because he needs that sweet support in his family. Ravenna would choose Ray, because he’d be protective of his sibling, even if she is a little twat.

WYCR kiss Winston during a clique meeting in front of Ravenna and 19 other members or dump goat poop into her desk as Draven (who’s loyal to her) watches with a surprised look?


That’s an oddly specific “would you rather?” Sophia would probably kiss Winston, but out of attraction. Pete is an idiot sometimes, and oddly brave, so goat poop. Victoria, kiss Winston. Sonia, goat poop. Ray, neither.

WYCR have Sonia or Sophia cook for them? (both are amazing. Sonia’s Russian food is pretty good)


I know. :joy::joy: Probably Sophia for Winston. Ravenna would pick Sonia, so she could learn how to make Russian food to impress Alec, who’s half Russian. She was just attracted to him during freshman year, before she made history in the school thanks to his nomination of her vs Winston (we all know who won). Also, she could eat her delicious food, then throw an insult and run out the door, so she gets to eat delicious food, but also throw some shade at the same time. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

WYCR be mentally tormented by Ravenna so subtlely, they can’t do anything about it or be given over to Maurice’s handling? (Which could either be psychological or physical, but likely the latter, because if it was psychological, Ravenna would’ve done it herself.)


Hmmm good question. Sophia and Ray would do Ravenna, and Sonia’s so strong, she’d do Maurice. Victoria would pack her bags, move to Austria, and change her name to Alicia James.

WYCR learn Czech from Ramona or learn Swedish from Caitlin (Victoria’s mom) ?


Victoria making a wise decision. :joy: Winston would choose Ramona, because she seems motherly and he lacks that motherly influence in his life. Ravenna would choose Swedish with Caitlin, because she’d like to learn Swedish, because her father does go to Sweden on business trips.

WYCR be in the same class as Ravenna, even after she sabatoged their emotional stability or watch Winston finally snapping and breaking down after +16 years of emotional abuse? (So specific, I know. Kinda makes it fun, though.)


Um Sophia, that way, she can help Winston throughout his breakdown. Sonia would probably be with Ravenna. Ray would help Winston.

WYCR walk on nails or walk on hot coals?


Nails for all of them.

WYCR lose a family member or lose a lover?


Start of the book he’d choose lose a lover because he’s never had one, only had a crush on a girl. At the end, he’d be fine with loosing either.

WYCR lose their home/shelter or lose all their friends?


Lose all friends, mainly because she doesn’t consider people ‘friends’ in the first place. Just pawns she could easily replace.

WYCR be loved for someone they’re not or hated for what they are?


Neither of those options look good for Arkenham’s sanity.

WYCR never fall in love, or fall in love, but have it end in tragedy?