Would Your Character Rather...



Never fall in love.

WYCR play chess or play checkers?


checkers, sucks at chess
Wycr never have internet or never have pizza?


My character, Jade, spends a lot of her time in the countryside of Alabama (where the internet stops working when the winds are too strong or it’s raining too hard)…so she’s found a lot of ways to keep herself entertained without it. Pizza however, is absolutely necessary.

WYCR be the only happy person in a world of sad people or be the only sad person in a world of happy people?


Start of the story he’d pick the latter. He was always trying to put others needs before his. At the end, he’d choose the first one. He’s done with helping others and wants to only look out for himself.

WYCR be caught in a lie about something important or not be believed for telling the truth about something imporant?


Karei has often been caught in lies, but when and/or if people don’t believe her when something happened that they NEED to be aware of… It really sucks.

WYCR be promised something but let down, or miss an very happy surprise?


Promised something but be let down. He doesn’t have high hopes for promises in the first place.

WYCR never stop talking all day long or only be able to say ten words the whole day?


Maybe Victoria would say ten words. Ray and Sophia, never stop talking. That way, Ray can annoy his best friend Pete XD

WYCR have sweet, dishonest feedback about something or harsh, honest feedback?


He rather have harsh, honest feedback. He’d find it’s better to be a little hurt and learn from something than to go on thinking he’s doing it right but sparing his feelings.

WYCR laugh when they should cry, while crying while they should laugh OR never be able to do either one?


Never be able to do either. She hasn’t cried in years and doesn’t usually laugh genuinely, so I don’t think it would be too bad of a loss.

WYCR never be able to feel happiness again or never be able to visit their loved ones again?



WYCR bake cookies or bake pie?


Depends on the pie. Maybe cookies.

WYCR eat donuts or cupcakes?


Cupcakes definitely

WYCR go out with Sophia or Ray?


Ravenna would choose Ray, because she’s straight. Winston would choose Sophia, because she’s his type. Griffin would go for either honestly, but based on personality, I think he’d like Ray more.

WYCR lose their new phone or lose their car keys?


Lose their phone.

WYCR kill their friends or their family?


Friends 100%.

WYCR lose their childhood memories or lose their emotional stability?


Childhood memories. They had a bad childhood. Their brain means everything to them to lose it would be the same as killing them.

WYCR be convicted for something they didn’t do to save someone else or convict an innocent person to save themself?


Be convicted for something they didn’t do in order to save someone they care about.

WYCR lose a leg or lose their dominant arm?


Any would be fine. Just grow it back, amirite?

WYCR watch TV for an hour or play video games for 5 days straight?


TV. He doesn’t have enough for video games.

WYCR travel the world yet always feel alone or spend the rest of his life in the same place with the same people while desiring to see the rest of the world?


I think Ray would stay at home, and Sophia would too. Victoria would travel the world.

WYCR drink ten shots of vodka or ten shots of whiskey?