Would Your Character Rather...



Veronica would rather drink ten shots of whiskey because like her men, she likes them Scotch.

Would your character rather lose a friend and succeed his/her mission or fail his/her quest and keep the friend?


Lose a friend and succeed the mission. Mainly because her friends are not that valuable to her and her ambition conquers all.

WYCR follow their dreams, but never be able to see their loved ones again or stay with loved ones while doing something they hate?


He’d rather follow his dreams and never see his loved ones again. And that’s what he, mostly, does at the end. He did keep his kid around though. :stuck_out_tongue:

WYCR be the world’s tallest person or the world’s smallest person?


Angel would rather be the smallest, being the tallest would probably cause many problems, (thinking about alice blowing the roof off a house) but the smallest would simply accuse me of being an ant.

WYCR live forever with haunting memories, or have a very bad memory?


Have very bad memory. Living forever with haunting memories is like PTSD, depending on how bad it is. Who would want that?

WYCR have everything in the world, except the people they love or have the people they love, but nothing else in the world (including a home)?


Everything in the world except the people he loves.

WYCR be lost in space with plenty of food and water but very little chance of being recused or be lost on the desert island with limited food and water a good chance of being recused?


The desert island.

WYCR watch themselves dying slowly or watch someone they love die slowly?


My character would rather watch herself die slowly. As she tries to cope with the overwhelming trauma that she experiences, she often dances with the idea of death.

WYCR be transported 50 years into the past or 50 years into the future?


Future. I don’t think he’d be too thrilled with going back to the late 60s.

WYCR fall in love young, but have external factos pull them apart, or fall in love old and watch their partner die?


Fall in love young.

WYCR lose all their close friends or lose all of their priceless and prized possessions?


Possessions. He’s not big on stuff, and I don’t even think he owns anything he’d be really upset to lose.

WYCR eat nothing but pizza for a week, or nothing but chocolate?


Pizza. Even though she loves chocolate, a week of it isn’t a good idea and she might end up getting sick of eating sweets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

WYCR fall in love, but have it end in tragedy or never be able to feel romantic love at all?


Fall in love and have it end in tragedy. There’s this song lyric I think sums up perfectly why this is what he’d choose. “I could have missed the pain, but then I would have had to miss the dance.”
(Yeah, he’s a romantic deep down)

WYCR listen to their favorite song on repeat for a week, or listen to a song they don’t know from a genre they don’t like on repeat for a week?


Maybe favorite song, because it’ll be tolerable for like a day, but after that, it’ll turn annoying. The song they dislike will be annoying from the very beginning.

WYCR marry someone they end up regretting or have an arranged marriage with someone who’s okay, but they don’t love?


Arranged marriage. He’s a bit of a doormat when it comes to his father messing with his life.

WYCR have milk or orange juice?


Depends on her mood. Both are acceptable.

WYCR pull off an all-nighter on a school/work night for no reason or gamble $900?


All nighter. That’s what caffeine is for.

WYCR never be allowed to have caffeine again or never be allowed to eat chocolate again?


Artemis is a coffee addict, but she could live without chocolate.

WYCR Live in the city or the wilderness?


Live in the city, of course. She was born to live in the city.

WYCR receive a puppy for Christmas or an expensive item they’ve always wanted?


Expensive item. He doesn’t like pets.

WYCR jump off a cliff or push someone off a cliff?