Would Your Character Rather...



Push someone off.

WYCR kill themselves or kill someone else who is innocent in order to save themselves?


Kill himself. (Was it even a question?)

WYCR commit theft or murder?


She’d rather be a thief.

WYCR be the luckiest person on earth or get a billion dollars?


Money can’t buy happiness, so he’d rather be lucky.

WYCR have a chronic illness but be mentally stable, or be healthy but depressed and suicidal?


The latter, because that’s what he was. Before.

WYCR never eat again or never drink any liquid again for the rest of their life?

He/she won’t die from any of them, just saying. So don’t try to get out of it by saying “Oh, I’ll die in a few days if I don’t drink water anyway.”


Never eat again. He’s not big on eating at the moment. (Remind me to have his mom get on his case about that)

WYCR celebrate Christmas or their birthday?


Christmas. He hates his birthday.

WYCR go skydiving or deep sea diving?


Skydiving. The deep sea is too dangerous and scary if your equipment is lacking. Falling from the sky is better than drowning in the deep sea where light doesn’t shine.

WYCR marry a notorious criminal or marry a generally toxic person?


Notorious criminal. His girlfriend’s already a small time thief.

WYCR lose all their old memories or not be able to make new ones?


Lose all their old memories. It happens in real life, plus, not being able to make new ones would mean they’re living in the past. It is better to get a 2nd chance and live in the present.

WYCR resort to cannibalism or starve to death?


Starve to death.

WYCR go on winter or summer Holidays?


Summer, because she’s used to the heat.

WYCR lose their lover or lose their best friend?


Their lover because they don’t have one. Yet.

WYCR go on a skiing trip or a trip to the beach?


Jasmine would rather go to the beach. She enjoys being around water and has a fond memory of being at the lake.

WYCR live to be 100 without ever marrying or be married with children only to be dead by the age of 40?


In hindsight, Lucien would have chosen the latter-- pretty soon after he passes age 40 he starts hating life. But before he got to that point, he would have chosen to live to 100. Difficult difficult.
Gwen, on the other hand, would choose to live to 100 in a heartbeat at any point in her life. She hates domestic life, and would pick almost anything else over it.

WYCR kill their best friend or 5 strangers?


Kill 5 strangers. It’s gonna haunt him forever and will likely drive him towards suicide, since he’s already depressed, but he wouldn’t be able to take killing his best friend. His best friend is the only reason he’s alive and the only person he owes his existence to (not his mother, not his father, not his family). Either way, he’d want to kill himself, but he’d rather kill 5 strangers and die afterwards than to kill his best friend and die with him, even choosing the latter would save more lives.

WYCR lose their best friend or lose their lover?


Lucien has already lost two best friends. At this point, I don’t think it would faze him much to lose another.

WYCR everyone forgot who they were, or become the most well-known person on earth?


Everyone forgot who they were. It wouldn’t change much. Considering how people treat him, I think he’d want everyone to leave him alone.

WYCR fall in love but have it end in tragedy or not be capable of falling in love?


Oh, Devon is already in love and would definitely not be capable of loving because man, does that destroy her.

WYCR fight alone and possibly lose or fight with the help of someone they love, knowing that either of them could get injured?


Fighting with someone they love, knowing either of them could get injuried. She’s kinda selfish and wouldn’t be too bothered by another family member dying.

WYCR love someone they could never have or love someone who they could have for a certain amount of a limited time, before they are stripped away forever?