Would Your Character Survive 3.0 - Thread 17 (ALWAYS WANTING AND ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS!)



Hello and welcome to the brand-new thread of Would Your Character Survive, a character development game that helps you step into your character’s shoes!

Please make sure you read all the rules before you play!

The chatroom for this thread can be found here. please use this for all non-prompt-related conversations.


How This Works:

WYCS Hosts will post a situation, prompt, or question for your characters to respond to. Hosts will have already decided the ways that your character can survive. Think of it as a riddle-- some situations have multiple ways to survive, some only have one, and your character has to find them.

After the time limit is up, hosts will close the submissions for that prompt and reveal those who survived and those who didn’t. If your character didn’t survive, no worries! You can still always compete in the next day’s situation.

Responses are generally written as short stories as opposed to simple explanations of what your character would do. Hosts will announce a “winner” for every prompt, the person who wrote the best response. The best response will be chosen based on who wrote the most moving, well-written, or clever response.

After seven situations there will be a special event: the end of the week (EOW) competition, a battle royale between the previous week’s winners. Anyone can enter, but only previous winners can win the EOW. The prizes are endless bragging rights, your name on our hall of fame, and the chance to host your very own situation!

This is not a role play game, so your character cannot communicate with others’ characters. However, you allowed and encouraged to leave comments on another person’s submission. All other conversations belong in our chat thread!

The goal of this game is to put yourself in the head of your character to get to know them better and become better at writing them. Write what they would do, not what you would do. Remember their abilities and limitations when writing, and get ready to come up with some creative ways to get them out of trouble!



- do not roleplay.

- you can only submit one response per prompt.

- each response must be at least three sentences long.

- original characters only, please!

- every prompt will have unique rules about whether or not magic, weapons, etc. are allowed in that situation. Please pay attention to these!

- refrain from writing a response that ends in your character definitively surviving or escaping; if they survive is up to the hosts.

- Only hosts and EOW winners can post prompts. If you have a situation you’d like to use, send it to a host via PM along with how the characters survive the prompt!

- Keep any and all arguing and insults out of the thread. This is a welcoming and friendly environment, and while we can’t keep you from debating outside of this thread, we would love if we could keep fighting to an absolute minimum so everyone can have a good time! If you have a problem with something that has been said on the thread, please PM @crimson_mystery_cake , who will serve as a mediator.

- To show that you read these rules, the first prompt you write on this thread must include the password. Each thread will have a new password. The password for this thread is: Lovely

- Have fun!

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Directory and Winners

Here are some handy links to take you through all of the prompts, how to survive them, as well as a way to easily view winners!

Day 1: Greed - HTS - @shadowsettle

Day 2:Alchemist - HTS - @cupcakesparkles101

Day 3: Secret Code - HTS - @EmilyGJones

Day 4: Red Roses - HTS - @Dani-Phantom

Day 5: Golden Girl (last thread) - HTS - @NotLikeYouThink

Day 6: Doppelganger - HTS - @TheTrueTerrydactyl

Day 7: Mommy - on hold




Hooray!! I’m super excited that WYCS is back!! I’m writing up a prompt right now :smile:


I can’t wait to see it!


I’m happy WYCS is back <3 I can’t wait to see it all fun and active again! Soon I’m going to put up a chatroom for all of us, so we can share the memez







A miracle from above? The work of some strange dark magic? Simply a mysterious natural phenomenon? No one knows why one otherwise uneventful day a large, flaming circle burst into existence in the middle of a religious center, but everyone is talking about it. The center is fairly close to you, so you go to see the so-called omen yourself.

There are many other people there, all trying to get a glimpse at the circle of fire. Some whisper prayers, dabbing themselves with holy water. You make it to the front of the crowd and see the circle, which burns fifty feet wide on the floor.

Suddenly, the flames burn brighter and higher. The inside of the circle begins to glow with a bright, reddish light. There is deafening roar, a blinding flash, and the sound of the floor breaking open. When the light fades, you can see that standing in the circle is what could only be a demon.

The demon smiles at the frightened crowd and announces that he is the Demon of Greed, your new master. He demands that you, his slaves, bring him tribute: a magnificent feast and ancient wines, piles of gold and jewels, and lavish clothes fit for the king of the world. If not, he’ll turn you all to dust.

You can tell that this demon is powerful, but there must be some way to defeat him! What will you do?

Note: Powers allowed. Weapons allowed. Post limit of seven.


Boom, we’ve got ourselves a pormpt


Cool! I’m gonna finish eating, but I can’t wait to reply!


lol go eat food, then write :joy: “starving artist” shouldn’t be taken literally


Hi. I’ve never tried this before. Do you post the response as a reply to the prompt post, or as a separate comment?


You can post it however you want! :smile:


Alright, for prompt 1, I think my character Ekko would try to kill the demon by poisoning the feast, if she could. She’d try her hardest to keep from attacking it face to face because that’s not a risk she’d be willing to take. Ekko is more used to hand to hand combat, but she knows her own limits and wouldn’t go at a demon with her usual staff. Poison seems like the best way to deal with a demon of greed.

(If I’ve done this wrong, please tell me)


Ekko has some cool ideas! But generally we write out what our characters would do in a sort of short story format. I like to think of it as if I’m writing in some strange alternate universe from that character’s story.

I’m still learning what to include in the first few posts (this is my first time being OP for this thread), so this is actually really helpful for me! I’ll add a suggestion about writing a reply as a short story :smile:


Thanks. I think I’ll maybe wait for some other people’s responses, and then I’ll know the proper format for when the next prompt comes along.