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(Tryin’ a weird AU ship. Let’s see how this goes!)

A date? Diapsid’s ex-agent, better known to some as Quetzalcoatl, scrunched up his nose as he read the detail in his invitation. That’s something I’m in short supply of. Maybe I could convince Freddy to be my ‘date’, then we’ll get candy wasted. Or regular wasted, if there isn’t any candy. He pursed his lips and let his shoulders sag. Nah, he wouldn’t go for that.

The next person he thought of was the Spirit of Neutral Feelings. If he could convince Neutro to come with him, then maybe they could set some of their differences aside and be friends- because surprisingly enough, Neutro was the only Spirit who still disliked Quetzalcoatl. Anyone who knew the trio would have thought Negito would be the last to accept the agent.

But I saved Posilyn’s life when it came down to me or her. Then again, and again, and I even saved him. He looked to his bed, sighing softly. I had to earn Negito’s trust. I haven’t earned Neutro’s trust. Doesn’t help that my old boss killed his dad, because, you know, I should totally be punished for something my boss did when I was a kid.

Quetzalcoatl sighed, leaning against the wall. I guess I could give it a shot…


“A Halloween party? And you need a date?” The Spirit questioned, looking at the ex-agent dubiously as he leaned against the doorframe of Neutro’s house.

“Well, we could go on a date.” He smirked, winking at the Spirit flirtatiously. Neutro narrowed his eyes, and Quetza’s smirk shrunk a bit. “Or, y’know, as two people. Have fun, laugh, get candy wasted.”

“I’ll pass, thanks.” The Spirit replied, and Quetzalcoatl hesitantly pushed off the doorframe.

“Well, I thought it’d be worth it to ask.”


While the ex-agent knew he probably shouldn’t persist, he did. He couldn’t help it, there was something that drew him to the Spirit. His strength, his determination, and the fact that he was drop-dead gorgeous didn’t hurt.

It was strange how someone as shady and immoral as Quetzalcoatl could fall for someone as responsible and heroic as Neutro. Opposites attract, he supposed.


The day before Halloween, the agent found himself exploring the woods. He kept wondering, far away from the Spirits’ palace and Diapsid’s cave, until he stumbled across an old cottage with a strange aura inside.

The macabre paraphernalia screamed ‘Halloween’, as did the dolls lining the shelf. There were herbs as well, ones Quetzalcoatl had never seen before.
The woman behind the counter, with an ugly green aura and tawny eyes, watched as the curious man looked around.

After a few minutes the woman croaked out. “Come here, young man…”

Quetza cocked his head, approaching the counter cautiously. “I know I’ve aged well, but I wouldn’t say young man.” He joked, his voice light, but there was an edge of wariness.

The woman- probably a witch- smiled. “I can sense your inner desire.” The ex-agent narrowed his eye, ready to pull the combat knife stashed in boot, but she raised her palms in surrender. “Resr assured, it’s only of your attractions. Perhaps with this…”

She held out a vial filled with bright red potion with a magical aura of its own. Bright pink, like Posilyn’s.

“… A love potion?..” He questioned, glancing at the witch’s grin. “Uhhhh, no… That sounds like a bad idea.”

“There is always a price for one who deals in dark magic. For all the pain you inflict, you will receive the same in turn.” She replied.

“And what if I don’t take it?”

“That would the defeat the purpose of the prompt.”

“True. Alright, gimme.”


So, to follow the prompt and with encouragement from Posilyn, Quetzalcoatl managed to slip Neutro the potion.

At first Quetzalcoatl was worried Neutro would find out, and then the Spirit would probably kick his rear end. But Neutro never noticed, and the potion worked as promised.

“So, what did I say? Fun, right?”

“Ha ha, yeah!” Neutro smiled, golden eyes practically sparkling. Quetzalcoatl felt his face warm up, and he sipped his water nonchalantly. “Thanks for bringing me here.”

“No problem, Neutro…”


Yes, the potion worked exactly as promised. The good was quickly turning bad.

“I’m just gonna get a drink, then I’ll be back, I promise!” Quetzalcoatl buried his fingers in his bangs, feeling sweat soaking through his gloves. I shouldn’t have used that potion…

“Just let me come with you.” The Spirit’s eyes sparkled no longer, instead they looked dull. Aside from how clingy he was being, there was no other difference. “I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“I’m not gonna get hurt, trust m-” Quetzalcoatl froze as Neutro wrapped his arms around him, pressing his lips against the ex-agent’s forehead. “Hwah- h-hey!”

“Pleeease just let me come with you?” Neutro brushed Quetzalcoatl’s bangs aside, revealing all of his eye patch and staring into his remaining eye. “… Has anyone ever told you how beautiful your eye is?”

“I-I don’t think so… L-Listen, I-I’m flattered, b-but-” Quetzalcoatl broke out of Neutro’s grasp, staggering back. “You’re not yourself… Kinda scarin’ me a bit, buddy… I’ll be right back…” He murmured, venturing to the drink table.

He collapsed into a chair, burying his face in his hands and groaning. Ooooh, man… I screwed up… I need to find that old witch and get the antidote.

After a few minutes he rose from the chair, getting a drink and working his way through the crowd. A few people complimented his ‘costume’, but he was too tired to.tell them this was how he always dressed, 'cuz he’s a nerd.

Soon, he found that golden aura again, but instead of Neutro he came face-to-face with Emotieon the 2nd. “Neu… Neutro? You… Changed?”

"Uh, yeah. " Emotieon spoke softly, taking a step towards the agent, cupping his left cheek. “Quetzalcoatl, I’ve thought about it, and…” He sighed, and Quetzalcoatl suddenly found his fear being overridden by… Love. Complete and utter infatuation. "I think the only way I can ever have you to myself… Is to hide you away from this world. Keep you safe in the dark, where no one can ever hurt you again… "

Self-consciously, Quetza reached up and touched his eye patch, feeling a phantom pain where his eye used to be. Then he snapped out of his stupor some, shaking his head vigorously and stepping away. “No… No! No! Ssevero illex veria nil lix exe nyxss!”

Emotieon blinked, confused. “Uhm, beg your pardon?”

“I’m not letting this happen.” Quetzalcoatl hissed. “You can’t hide me. If you were thinking straight, you wouldn’t want to hide me.”

“Quetzalcoatl, I am thinking straight.” Emotieon replied, stepping closer to the ex-agent.

“My boss killed your dad. You hate me for that, don’t you?”

“No.” Quetza was scared just by how quickly he answered. “Diapsid isn’t your boss anymore…” He reached up to caress the grayed brunet’s face, frowning when he jerked away. “Quetza, I think you’re the one not thinking straight. If you just let me-”

Emotieon started to wink, trying to trigger his powers. Key words started and tried. Quetzalcoatl panicked, punching the Spirit in the face before running away.

As he stumbled through the doors of the mansion the party was held in, he heard a terrifying screech. “QUETZALCOATL!

“Ssevera valio exellin ssil narai ssili nix!”

Only two people other than Quetzalcoatl knew Sipd’sai. Diapsid and Negito. The former is the embodiment of evil, but even he would have been disgusted by the string of curses his agent just spat out. He probably would have covered the Negative Spirit’s ears for good measure.


The old witch, whose aura made her easy to track, startled when the man she spoke to the day before barged in, breath ragged from his run and clothes torn to reveal riot armor underneath.

He slammed a bag of gems onto the counter, gasping. “I don’t care how much it cost- I need an antidote for that love potion NOW!”


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Elvia sat at Odelia’s table. She had come to Odelia’s house, apologised for the incident, and asked to be let in. Odelia, being kind, let her in and offered to make some tea, and now she was in the kitchen, humming to herself. Elvia was in the living room, turning the vial in her hands.

Odelia marched to the table and set down two cups of tea. “Can I have some sugar with it, please?” Elvia asked, as nicely as she could. The brunette blinked once, twice, before nodding and walking away to the kitchen.

Carefully, Elvia poured all the contents of the vial into one of the cups of tea. Plugging the cork back onto the vial and slipping it into her jacket pocket, Elvia slid the tainted cup of tea to Odelia’s part of the table.

That was almost too easy, thought Elvia, grinning to herself. Odelia came back, holding a jar of sugar. She poured it into Elvia’s cup.

Odelia tipped her cup up and drank some. Elvia’s smile widened and she began to feel that familiar buzz, and she felt like she couldn’t do anything fast enough. Tapping her foot rapidly, Elvia waited in silence.

Odelia set her cup back down on the table and frowned. “I want to tell you something,” she said shyly, her frown easing.

“Yeah?” Elvia could barely keep her joy from leaking out of her.

“I… really love you.”


The potion worked perfectly.

The next day, Elvia went to the Halloween party with Odelia. They were happy and joyful, acting like what a healthy couple would be.

“That Halloween party was awesome,” Elvia exclaimed, stabbing a chopstick into the air. Odelia, who was holding her hand, smiled.

“It was. Cameron really knows how to host a party.” Odelia leaned into Elvia. It was all amazing. It was all going out perfectly.

Until it didn’t.


The potion worked too perfectly.

Odelia loomed over Elvia, who scrambled away, panicked beyond belief. The former brushed back her curly brown hair and her once-kind golden eyes narrowed while she smiled wickedly.

“Elvia…” she sang, voice still honeyed but also cold and cruel, “Elvia… come on. I love you! Why are you running?”

Odelia scooped up Elvia in her arms. “Listen. I’ve been thinking, and I think the only way for you to be really, truly, mine…” she grinned crookedly, “is for me to hide you away, where no one can find you. How does that sound, Elvia?”

Elvia closed her eyes and whimpered. “Please no, Odelia. I don’t want this. I just want this, us, to be normal! Please, why can’t you give me that?”

“Oh, Elvia, you blind fool.” Odelia leaned in and kissed her.

Elvia remember the tag on the vial. There is always a price for one who deals in dark magic. For all the pain you inflict, you will receive the same in turn.

Maybe the only way to end this… Elvia thought as she glanced at the kitchen drawer, is death. Maybe… just maybe… if I stop this, if I stop her pain…

Elvia punched Odelia in the face. The latter staggered back, nose bleeding, and Elvia lunged towards the drawer and grabbed a steak knife.

“Get back!” Elvia yelled. Odelia smiled, looking relaxed and crazed at the same time. She ran towards Elvia, who raised the steak knife, and

The knife sank deep into Odelia’s stomach, like it was butter. Blood splattered her pale, fair skin as she dropped to the floor, eyelids dipping.

“I’m sorry,” Elvia whispered, brushing the hair from Odelia’s face. Odelia smiled gently, and Elvia knew she was herself again.

“You don’t have to be.” Odelia’s voice was so soft Elvia could barely hear it. Her eyes opened slowly and searched Elvia, before they stilled. They were glassy and shiny, and filled with kindness like they once were.

Elvia grabbed her stomach as a searing pain went through it. She closed her eyes. Suddenly, a door burst open somewhere. Elvia looked down. There was no stab wound in her stomach. No fatality that would make her die… just immense pain.

Punishment, thought Elvia, maybe that’s what it is. Still clutching her stomach, which felt like it was on fire, Elvia staggered to her bed.

She would still be alive. Just had to live with that pain and guilt forever, just like how a corpse may rot but its soul will never die.

(A/N, I’m sorry the ending was kind of set. Elvia survives, that’s it. So I’m sorry for that :sweat_smile:)


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(Character submitted: Nikolai)

Bethany Joercian.

Such a beautiful name to go with such a beautiful face. Her looks are virtually unparalleled- her fair skin, her vibrant eyes, and smooth silky hair cannot be beat. She is a gem in each and every way. The moment I saw her, I knew I needed to add her to my doll collection. She would be the crowning jewel amongst my homunculi creations. Her beauty must be preserved, and what better way to do so than make her one of my dolls?

I knew, however, that I must take the utmost care in her recruitment. Force could not be used- that would damage her body, which is the opposite of what I want. My attempts to use a doll to form a relationship with her to gain her trust have been met with naught but cold shoulders and scornful reproaches. There must be some way I could have her, there must! She must become mine!

Then, on halloween night, as I was taking a walk with Addy Mayson, we came upon a mysterious gypsy shop I had never seen before. Morbidly curious, I decided to enter, Mayson close behind me. As soon as I walked in, I was hit with the strong, nose wrinkling smell of a bunch of different scented candles lit at the same time. The scented candles illuminated the shop, the shelves lined with odd objects and morbid paraphernalia. There were strange foreign herbs I had never heard of or seen before. Foreign Dolls also took up an entire shelf on their own, and I smiled to myself at the sheer coincidence. They looked quite odd, yes, but they were very well made.

I turned around and saw an old, hunched over woman staring at me from across the shop. Mayson narrowed her eyes and unsheathed her sword, but I stopped her with a raise of my hand. This was obviously the shopkeep.

“I know what you seek,” she wheezed.

“Then I presume you have something to help me efforts,” I said cooly. She hissed and tutted at my, clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth while shaking her head in disapproval.

“I do not approve of your goals; you are an abomination, and shall be treated accordingly!” she said in the condemning voice of a preacher shouting damnation. I smiled to myself and snapped my fingers. Mayson unsheathed her sword instantly, her eyes burning with intense determination as she stood in perfect form.

“Well, you have two options. 1) You give me something to assist my efforts and we leave. 2) We kill you and I will bind your soul to one of your foreign dolls here and force you to tell me anyway. Well? What’ll it be?” She glared at me again, and I held her gaze for a solid ten seconds with an equally intense glare.

“Addy…” I said, and Mayson took a step toward her, sword poised to strike. The woman hissed but hastened to agree to help us. Under Mayson’s watchful eye, she went and retrieved a vial full of a starry liquid.

“This here is a love potion, that will induce complete infatuation and obsession to whoever drinks it.”

“How do I bind the potion to me?” I asked. She huffed under her breath; evidently, she wasn’t expecting me to be knowledgeable in the fine art of potions and alchemy. In order for her to fall in love with me, I must bind the potion to me, else the potion could go awry and not work at all.

“Just put in a drop of your blood,” she said. I pointed at Addy and she handed me a small pin. I grabbed the vial and pricked my finger, allowing a drop of blood to fall into the vial. As soon as it made contact with the liquid, the stars turned a deep red and flecks of gold began swimming inside of it.

“This will do quite nicely,” I said, turning to walk out the door, Mayson following close behind me.

“There is always a price for one who deals in dark magic. For all the pain you inflict, you will receive the same in turn,” the shopkeep said in an ominous, cryptic tone. I paused for a moment, chewing on her words. I turned to her and smiled.

“This isn’t my first time, hon. Addy,” I said, opening the door of the shop, “kill this fool.” I heard a gasp of surprise, which was quickly cut off by the wet crunch of sword slicing through flesh and bone. She followed me outside afterwards, determined and obedient as always. I petted her on the head, and she nuzzled against my hand, pleased by the touch.

I smiled at her, one of my rare genuine smiles. She was my favorite doll for a reason, after all. Hell, she volunteered to become one, eager to please me in any way possible. She was irreplaceable. This shop, on the other hand…there would always be more. No one would mind if one disappears. Mayson gently purred, delighted to receive affection. I leaned close to her and whispered in her ear.

“Torch the place. Leave nothing behind.” Her body shivered at the proximity, her excitement barely contained by her strict sense of grace and regality.

“Consider it done, my lord,” she whispered back, her voice quivering almost as much as her body. I kissed her on the cheek and stood up straight, turning around to spare her the embarrassment of her being seen with her surely bright-red cheeks.

Bethany was sitting in her bedroom, quietly reading a book as she laid down on her bed. She had a rough day today; she had so many guys coming onto her that she couldn’t tell if they genuinely liked her or just wanted a one-night stand or something. It confused the hell out of her.

Books, on the other hand, gave her a sense of calm tranquility. Books transported her out of her confusing world into one of wonder and amazement. She heard a creak in the house, and while she sat up straight for a moment she quickly relaxed. She did live in an old house after all- it made all sorts of noises. It was to be expected.

What wasn’t expected was the sudden iron grip on her torso, bodily lifting her up from her bed and pinning her arms against her sides. She struggled and kicked, but whoever was holding her was too strong.

“Wh-what the hell?!” she exclaimed indignantly.

Nikolai opened her bedroom door and walked in from the hallway, pausing for a moment closing the door behind him like an afterthought. He turned to her and gave her a smile that was pure piss and vinegar.

“Hello, Bethany.”

“Who the hell are you?! What are you doing?! Let me go you sick fuck!”

Nikolai frowned to himself, then tutted at her like a parent scolding a child. He walked up to her and gently stroked her chin, carefully relishing the moment. He took pleasure in the doll making process, from beginning to end. The ones he was particularly proud of, he kept for himself. Addy Mayson was a prime example of this. Not only was she beautiful, but she was obedient and fiercely loyal as well. She would follow him to the ends of the earth, do anything to protect him. That’s why he took care to make sure her soul could transfer to another doll in case her current body was too badly damaged or “died”.

“What foul language for such a pretty face,” he said silkily. Bethany looked at him with hatred and disgust and spat on his face. Nikolai wiped his face with his sleeve, but the smile on his face only grew larger.

“My my, what poor manners! Were you raised in a barn?”


“Oh, no no no. You misunderstand, I see. I’m not here to rape you or anything like that, no!”


“I only wish to preserve your beauty forever,” he said in that same devilish, silky tone, grabbing her jaw and holding it open while he poured the vial into her throat and held her mouth closed, pinching her nose. She struggled for a little bit, but he saw her throat move as she reflexively swallowed the liquid. Nikolai stepped back and snapped his fingers, Mayson letting go of her and standing beside and behind Nikolai. Bethany fell to the floor, coughing, gagging on the liquid she was force-fed.

“What the hell did you do to me? What the hell was in that thing?! What the hell….what the hell….what the….hell….what….the….hell….?”

Her eyes became glazed and confused, like she didn’t know where she was or what was going on. She shook her head and stood up, rubbing her eyes. She turned to Nikolai and stopped, staring at him for a moment.

“Hello Nikolai,” she said sheepishly, blushing. Mayson narrowed her eyes at her, hissing at Bethany for daring to hit on her Master in front of her. Nikolai put a hand on Addy’s shoulder and gave her a look. She took a deep breath and nodded, understanding that her position wasn’t being threatened. Bethany was, after all, going to be a trophy doll- using her for practical uses would damage or blemish her beauty.

“Do you love me?” Nikolai said in a robotic tone.

“Yes,” she whispered breathlessly. She ran up to him and tried to kiss him on the lips immediately, but Nikolai stopped her by grabbing her with both hands.

“No, my love. Not yet. First, we must make some preparations,” Nikolai said in a falsely sweet voice. He was practically an expert at mimicking almost any emotion he wished at any given moment.

She was stripped naked and carefully examined, to make sure she didn’t have any unsightly injuries or blemishes before he turned her into a doll- any that were present during the doll making process would remain a part of her forever. Thankfully, she had nothing of the sort. The examination was quite a hassle, however. Bethan repeatedly kept trying to engage Nikolai in sex. When that didn’t work, she began masturbating to act as an incentive. She kept doing it so much that Nikolai had to order her to stop. She did, but she remained incredibly lewd and raunchy.

Next was a health check, to ensure she didn’t have any diseases or infections that might ruin her body when she was made a doll. The dolls never got viruses or bacteria or anything of the sort once they were made dolls, but if they had them beforehand they could still ruin them. Thankfully, this examination went much smoother, and without interruption. She did, however, grow much more clingy. She grew anxious and agitated when Nikolai left to use the bathroom, and she couldn’t hold still unless Nikolai was holding her hand. She gripped his hand tightly, refusing to let go at all.

After a few more minor, routine examinations, she would be doll ready. However, she had become even more clingy and desperate at this point. She became angry and uncooperative with Addy Mayson in the room, and, although it pained him to do so, Nikolai had to send her away.

Bethany kept whispering about how they were gonna be together forever, with nothing standing in between them and their love. But her ramblings grew increasingly paranoid and desperate. She was convinced Mayson was trying to get between them (hence why she had to be sent out) and she kept worrying that Nikolai might leave her one day. She somehow came to the conclusion that the only way to ensure he was hers, would be to lock him up somewhere deep, dark, and hidden. Nikolai put a finger to her mouth and shushed her.

“Now now, let’s not speak like that. It is not I who will be locked away, neither will it be you…to a degree. You would be the crown jewel to my collection, my best trophy.” And with that, Nikolai cast a spell and took her life force, essentially killing her without making a single mark upon her body. He cracked his knuckles and got to work- he had to take special care this body would last a long time, and that would require careful and complex spells. After that, it was just a simple case of using her soul energy to create an obedience soul who would follow his every order without thought.

After all, trophy dolls can’t be disobedient or think for themselves. They were meant to sit there and look pretty, at Nikolai’s taste or whim. It was a thankless job, but one that only a select few were deemed worthy enough to serve.