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Situation closes in 24 hours

It is the morning before you are to go to your party. The curse placed on your friend has been lifted, but ever since that night you haven’t quite felt like yourself. While you can’t exactly place the feeling, it feels sort of like you are a stranger, living in the body of someone else.

But that is no matter, as you are mostly able to push that feeling towards the back of your mind. You are more focused on what is currently ahead of you. Every night when the rift between the spirit and the material plane weakens, you like to visit your fallen loved one. It’s weird, but it feels like they’re there with whenever you visit on this time of year.

As the sun begins to set you wait at the graveyard, spending time with your loved one, but as the evening air begins to chill you begin to feel a strange pressence. Soon before your very eyes, your dead loved one rises from the grave. They tell you that they are happy to see you, and you’d be happy to see them too if it weren’t for that you felt so disconnected from yourself.

However when they ask you to join them in the afterlife you feel your nerves start to tingle on end. What do you do?

Notes: Powers and weapons allowed.


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Anyway, my prompt…
Character submitted: Leon Blythe
(Leon actually has a different love interest from the one mentioned in this story, but he’s alive, so I just changed it a little because who cares)

Leon’s alarm clock rang. Grumbling, he turned over and slammed the button on top of it. Once it stopped ringing, he turned around on his stomach to get more sleep, but was abruptly awaken - this time for real - by Elvia’s voice.

“Leooon!” she sang, his room door swinging open to reveal her, arms spread like she was mother goddess. “wakey-wakey, eggs and bakey!”

Leon groaned, rolling over to look at her. “What if I told you I were a vegan?”

Elvia put her hand on her hip and her other hand on her chin, like she was thinking. “Well then I’d say ‘wakey-wakey, disappointment and broccoli!’ but I know for a fact you’re not a vegan, you pig.”

“I’m not a pig…” he slurred, “I’m the skinniest out of all of you.”

“Yeah, true,” Elvia admitted, “but you eat like one, so it counts. Come on! We’re hosting a party!” she clapped her hands together excitedly.

Leon groaned again, but he sat up anyway. “Fine. But get out.” Elvia shrugged and flounced out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her.


The party was great. Everyone came, had a great time, got drunk, all the usual. But after Leon came back to his room, pretty much the only one who was sober (besides Reka), he felt… disconnected. Like he wasn’t himself.

Like he was a stranger in someone else’s body. He even looked down at his body and went to look in the mirror; but he was still how he always was. Skinny, lithe body, pale skin, dirty blond hair, grass green eyes.

Just the same. But it didn’t feel like it.

Maybe I’m still a bit woozy from the party, Leon convinced himself, I’ll feel much better after some sleep. All of this made me tired.

So he did.

But nothing changed.


“I don’t know. It’s just - I don’t - I don’t feel like the same person,” Leon told Elvia. The latter shrugged, trying to tie her messy brown hair into a neat enough ponytail.

“I’m not the person you should be talking about this to… maybe it has something to do with your magic? Can you still use your cushioning?” she asked, giving up on the tying and letting her hair fall in loose waves around her face.

Leon tried on a ball. It immediately turned squishy. “Yeah. And my fire -” he lit a flickering fire in his palm, “- works as usual.”

Elvia shrugged, snapping the rubber band on her wrist back onto her skin. “Listen, I have to go. Maybe you can talk to Rekae? He knows this kind of stuff…” she bit her lip.

Leon nodded and looked down at his knees. Elvia clasped his shoulder. “Great. Good luck, Leon.” she turned and walked away, trying again in vain to tie her hair.


Leon laid a bunch of pink carnations on the soil. The wind ruffled his hair. He sat down, crossing his legs on the dirt, closing his eyes.

“Hey, Skye. It’s nice to see you again.”

Skye didn’t respond. She couldn’t. Leon’s eyes opened to stare at the words carved into the stone:

Here lies Skye Eon,
The dead are never truly dead until they are forgotten.

Leon wiped his tears away, and was about to stand up when he saw her. Skye. Her back turned, long caramel blonde hair flowing behind her. He scrambled to his feet and ran toward her.

“Skye. Skye!” he yelled. She turned around, and her face broke out in a frantic grin when she saw him. She stepped forward.

“I’ve been waiting for you. Join me.” she extended her hand. Leon looked at her confusedly. She laughed lightly. “join me in the afterlife, silly.”

Leon drew back. “No. That… doesn’t sound like a good idea.” once the words escaped his mouth, Skye frowned and withdrew her hand.

“Why? Don’t you want to be with me?” she asked. Leon felt tingles run up his back, but he shook his head so fast it was almost a blur anyway.

“I’ll join you. But not now. It’s not time,” Leon said. He felt like he didn’t… really miss Skye. He still has that disconnection. He wasn’t himself.

“And anyway, you’re not really dead. You’re still alive, at least in here…” he tapped the place on his chest where his heart would be, “…and here.” he tapped his head.

“It’s alright, Skye. Stop worrying,” he whispered. Skye scrunched up her nose but closed her eyes and nodded anyway, a small smile on her face.

As she faded away, she seemed… at peace. With herself. With the world. Her golden eyes opened for a second, tears clinging to her eyelashes, before she disappeared.


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Waaait the potion killed them?!


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So th e love potion didn’t kill your lover? Is thia a completely different storyline?.. I’m confused.


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Situation closes in 24 hours

It is finally time for the party. You and your friends set up a prank, you’ve all convinced one of the party-goers to preform a fake demon summoming ritual, and when they do the ritual you are going to pop up, dressed up as a demon to acare them. It all seems fun, but you still feel very un-yourself since the other day.

Even though you are still in your body, you feel like you are a stranger, living in someone else’s body. In odd instances, you find yourself having disturbing thoughts. You can’t shake the thought from your head, what if you really were a demon. What if you actually sacrificed everyone in the party for your demon spell? Whenever you entertain these thoughts you can feel your heat, pounding in excitement.

You breifly slip away from the party to try and get some freah air, but it doesn’t help. But while you are outside you do notice a strange shiloutte. You could swear it was the witch that sold you the potion!

In any case, it is almost time for the prank to start, and your friends are beckoning you back inside?

Note: Powers and weapons allowed.


Your lover wasn’t killed. The dead person in the last prompt is a different loced one then the locer in the potion prompt. They were just a dead relative or something.


Ah, okay.