Would Your Character Survive 3.0 - Thread 17 (ALWAYS WANTING AND ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS!)



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WHY IS THIS THREAD DEAD (haha that rhymed) I SWEAR


Time to whip up a quick prompt because I want progress tyvm

(Character submitted: Apollyon)

Foolish idiots fell for a demon summoning ritual! HA! Idiotic mortals. I AM A DEMON!

Once the ritual is complete, I will destroy them all! cackles evilly



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ty ty ty OPOP


Also uh…could someone submit a response so this can properly be closed? Two prompts minimum are required to do so :stuck_out_tongue:


Uhhhhhggghhhh fine.


Quetzalcoatl sighed as he stepped outside, wiping the sweat from his brow. Maybe that demon-summoning prank isn’t such a good idea… Knowing my luck, I’ll accidentally revive Diapsid and the Spirits’ll kill me.

He spotted a silhouette in the distance. Is that… The witch?

“Quetzalcoatl!” Posilyn shouted from inside. “Come on back! It’s almost time!”

“Give me a moment, kid.” Quetza called back, then jogged to where the witch was. “Hey! I wanna talk to you!”


pokes thread




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