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You find yourself faced with a mysterious creature of whom the origins you are unable to ascertain. The creature seems to be obsessed with you. It follows you around everywhere you go. It constantly threatens you, though it doesn't yet have the power to actually kill you that seems to be changing fast, as your fear of the creature steadily grows. What do you do?

Note: Powers and weapons allowed.


Otherwise known as the birth of my sister…


Veronica would seek the wisdom of her god, whom she has a direct connection with. He would have his knights research history, ritual, occult, and religious orgins of the creatures. Once that is figured out she would take a legendary cleric and if needed a mage is needed and go to battle with it.

Depends on the results of the creatures research the mage speciality would be different.




You’re supposed to write it like a story. You can scroll up if you’re confused on what to do.


Actually, the story format isn’t required. People can write their responses how they like.


I know, I just think it’d be more interesting… I didn’t mean to offend them. And anyway I’d love to see their writing style and their character’s personality.


okay well I will try again.

Looking at the creature, “You got three Thoonging seconds to get the Nine Hells Away from me!!” Veronica would pull out her greatsword (With every cut it damages the creature and heals her for half the damage she dealt.) and activate her armor, that for everytime she is injuried her blood can become spikes stabbing into enemies. She carries potions of healing and regeneration on her person.
_Okay, it may be creepy and it predates any book I have seen, but how bad could it be._she thinks to herself.
Communing mentally with the spirit in her blade "Hey Carl, you know of any demons or devils that fit this Haask bags profile?
Child I know you think I know everything, but I am not a planar encylopedia." he replies.
“Sooo is that a —”
“No Veronica, I do not know. Read the context clues.” his old grumbled voice mutters.
Smirking as her nerves steel with banter, “Watch my back if this attacks, I feel it has an aura similar to an old dragon”
“I promised your father I would, and so I will observe the battle if needed. Remember if this creature is similar to the Lurker Larg, then we may need to teleport out using your Ring of Returning”
_“Duely noted” Veronica chuckles “Ha, Duel.” Looking at the beast, “GET IT!! DUEL? CAUSE I’M ABOUT TO RUIN YOUR THOONGING DAY, OH BUT DON’T WORRY. I WONT CUT UP YOUR FACE CAUSE I AM GONNA WEAR AS A MASK WHEN I AM DONE!” Her heart beats faster, her mind split. On one hand she is excited to fight a foe who gives her pause, on the other hand, something seems off just about this beast.

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“Oh for god’s sake, can’t I have some peace and quiet?!” Melissa yelled at plain air. “Author, I understand that I’m your number one OC, and also your most powerful one, but now you’re putting me in whatever this is?” She sighed, but then continued, “Let’s end this quickly. I’m tired, dammit!”

The creature lunged forwards to attack her, but she blocked it with her telekinesis. She ripped it apart in two pieces, killing it, and walked away yawning.

Look a short first story! Everybody just loves these!


(Character submitted: Shyriken)

Shyriken slammed the door behind them, locking the door as fast as possible before pulling his couch against the door and barricading it. He stopped to catch his breath, his head woozy.

“Hey, fuckos, any of you voices know a single damn thing about that creature?” he said to himself. A number of indistinct voices began ringing in his head.

Why the hell are you asking me?

I dunno.


“So I’ll take that as a no. That’s what I get for consulting a collective of lost souls. Hey Otra, you have any idea?”

Well, it does not appear to be able to harm you as of yet.

“Oh really?! Like I didn’t know that already. I meant something a little more…y’know, useful.”

You didn’t let me finish, damn it. At first, all it did was threaten you, but as your fear of it has grown it has grown more…corporeal. Now it can move things. Write messages. The works.

“So, this thing runs on my fear?”

That’s what I just said, isn’t it?

“Yeah yeah, whatever, fuck you too. We have bigger problems on our hands.” Something crashed against the door with a loud bang. He could hear the wood stress under the impact and knew it wouldn’t last that long.



I shall soon be released from my imprisonment!

“Shut the fuck up!” Shyriken shouted, grabbing his head in his hands as the voices started ringing painfully through his head like a church bell.




Shyriken gasped from pain and fell to his knees, his vision blurring from the pain. He saw the doorframe buckle slightly under another sudden impact.

Our time is now.

The top half of the door was ripped open with a bang, a large, clawed arm reaching through and gripping the couch with it’s grotesque, disjointed fingers. Shyriken started to black out from the pain, his vision swimming and black dots appearing in his view. They started growing larger, as if someone was burning a hole into a photo, until he could see nothing. Before he went under however, he saw a bright glowing figure in the distance. A sudden calm came over him. He felt…safe. He was no longer afraid of the monster. Underneath the watchful gaze of the radiant angel, all fear and worry melted away, leaving him with nothing but a blissful sleep.




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