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So… it’s nice basking in glory and all… but what do we do now?


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@crimson_mystery_cake Hey, what’s going on here? Is there plan?


Situation closes in 36 hours

You’re an inch from death. But you dont wanna die. The hospital you’re in appears to have given up on you and locked you in your room to die. You have an IV drip, a bag of purple liquid, a bag of yellow liquid, and a bag of clear liquid. You’re sure one of them is medicine but dont know which one.

What do you do?


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Character submitted: Delfi Nieve

“Shit. Shit. Shit!” I mutter, shuffling through the dark room. I bang on the door.

“Get me out! You’re a fucking hospital! Get me out and cure me!” I shout, slamming my fists against the door, but it doesn’t work. Nobody answers.

I give up on the door and start pacing through the room, panic shooting through my heart like a bullet. “Okay. Okay. Delfi, you’ve just been locked in a room with three bags of liquid and a…” I glance at something on the floor. “A fucking IV drip. Okay. Okay. Fuck. Shit!”

After I’m done swearing like a sailor, I drop onto the floor and examine the bags. One of them is filled with purple liquid. Another is filled with yellow liquid. The last one is filled with clear liquid.

One of them’s got to be medicine. One of them has to cure me. There’s no other way. And yet even now, the adrenaline’s worn out and weakness and fever and pain is creeping its way through my body and lungs.

I make a decision. I’m going to do all four at once. I have no medical experience (I’m an assassin, for God’s sake! I kill people! Healing people is the exact opposite of my job!) so yeah, fuck it.

The IV drip is a bit of a challenge to put on my arm, but eventually I get it strapped to my arm and working. My hands find the bag of purple liquid. Slowly, calmly, I arrange the two other bags in front of me.

Okay, Delfi, I encourage myself, you once chugged a litre of coffee. Sure, you vomited, but you chugged it anyway. If you can do that, you can do this.

Without thinking, I lift the bag to my mouth and drink all of the purple liquid. I let go of my thoughts, my worries, my fears. Quickly, I drink the clear liquid and then the yellow. My thoughts are buzzing in my head - you’re going to die! - but I blank them out and make them seem like someone else’s.

Once I’m done, I collapse on the floor. Pain is still seeping through my chest, more intense now. I don’t feel it going away. I did something wrong. I’m going to die.

As I feel my heart slowly stop beating, I close my eyes.

I’m going to die.

This is the end. But I force out a laugh, at the ridiculous thought my brain decides to supply me with.

What a wild fucking way to go out.


Note: I will be extending the prompt for another 12 hours due to a lack of responses so i can give people a little more time.


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Sorry I got a little defensive, I’ve wanted to be a host for a long time.


I can see that. Crimson was just being too hard-to-get about the position.


Situation postponed due to a lack of responses. Will be closed and possibly reused in the future.

Apologies to those who did bother to participate.


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Honestly, I think we should make a new thread. I’ll discuss more if you’re still here?