Would Your Character Survive 3.0 - Thread 17 (ALWAYS WANTING AND ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS!)



All we really need is one more active member and we’d be fine lol


Yeah, one host and two participants. What I want to do is to create a new thread and tag people. Like, all the people we know, I guess? It’d be nice to start new, you know?


I’m going to try to be more active here so that might help?


YES that would help greatly!




I would join, If ya dont have enough members.


Welcome then!

@Shadowsettle should be putting up a prompt shortly :+1:


Also we dont have “members” per se, just participants. You know?

Anyone can join in if they wish!


@Xenoclea arent you a host? I dont see you in the hall of hosts… :stuck_out_tongue:


I took myself off :disappointed: I was really excited about hosting, but it’s too much of a commitment for me. I’m really, really bad at thinking up prompts nowadays, I guess? I’m sorry. I really love this community and want to do my best, but I think the best thing for WYCS is if I’m not part of it as a host


Aww, well that’s sad to hear

Well i hope to see you respond to some prompts in the future!


I’m going to post a prompt in about eight hours after school. Sorry for the delay y’all! :wink:


I’m just waiting for a prompt that interests me.


Wow okay ouch.


Hey, it’s Griese! Back to actually perform duties as a mod for once!

So in searchin briefly through the thread I saw a LOT of impatience and some complaining about prompts?? And as much as I understand it, I would like to remind everyone to please be patient with all of your hosts and keep prompt criticisms to yourself as much as possible! Hosts work VERY hard both inside the thread and outside and before we just appointed new ones, ALL of them were either in college or had a job or both, in my case, which was why I had to pull out. Real life HAS to always take priority and while I adore WYCS and want it to do well and be active just as much as all of you, that can’t always be possible and I encourage you to remember that we all have lives and families to attend to outside of WYCS too! Be patient with your hosts and with each other–it’s a LOT of pressure on us when people complain and makes us feel really really bad and sad and just overall terrible because we want to please you guys!!! Be good to your hosts and each other!!!

As for complaints about prompts, same thing–even if you dislike a prompt for whatever reason, it’s okay to quietly skip it without needing to explain why! Hosts work hard but they can’t all be perfect!

Thank you all and I’m excited to try and come back! I’ve missed WYCS a lot <3





TERRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY HELLO HOW ARE YOU also is there a new chat thread should I be on that??? How long have I been gone I feel like a stranger in my own home shot


We kinda have one but ish ded


@everyone who wanted to be a host: here’s your official welcome! On my phone and my eyes HURT so I just skimmed and missed everyone’s names lol, but thank you to everyone who stepped up and welcome to the staff!! Feel free to let me know who you are and I’ll tag you individually!!

@TheTrueTerrydactyl @shadowsettle @cupcakesparkles101 YO WELCOME thanks for (maybe for cupcake) hosting and enjoy staff!! Feel free to PM me with any weird questions you don’t feel like bugging Cake with!


cough me and @shadowsettle did along with a maybe from @cupcakesparkles101