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It wasn’t a mess! The only problem was inconsistent tense, that’s all. You won, what’s the problem?


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Situation closes in 36 hours

You find yourself fighting yet another giant rat. They have been infesting the town as of late, and they’re starting to get on your nerves. No one knows where they came from- just that they emerge from the sewers every now and then to terrorize the surface.

But lately, they’ve grown restless. The attacks come more often. The rats have grown more aggressive, not to mention much larger. Now they’re the size of german shepherds. And no less vicious.

You decide to strike the problem at it’s root and venture into the sewers. It’s cold, dark, and dank, and you fight off many rats as you venture towards it’s center. Eventually, you reach a large, spacious room at the deepest part of the sewer. You see a massive figure cloaked in a king’s robe and a crown.

“Surface dweller!” the Rat King hisses. “How dare ye befoul our kingdom with your presence!”

“I’ve come to slay you, foul fiend!” you declare with a flourish. The Rat King screeches at you and his guards swarm at you. Yet he stays back from the fight.

What do you do?

Weapons and powers allowed, but nothing too OP- remember, you’re still inside the sewers and don’t want them to collapse on top of you.


I think it’s high time to return to an epic battle prompt- awesome fight scenes were a highlight of WYCS back in it’s heyday. I look forward to seeing you guys fighting!


I love how the first line implies you have fought giant rats before


Hey hey so remember when I said to be patient with hosts?

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And especially around finals season people are gonna be busy, so try to give a little grace when a prompt doesn’t close exactly on time or it takes a little longer than expected–we’re not doing anyone any favors by cultivating an environment of fussiness! This goes for everyone!

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Mikhael had already created an invisible magic circle barrier around him. All he had to do was advance and the rats would disintegrate. Kind of disgusting, there’s a lot of blood, but whatever. He just wanted to get paid for this. He better get paid for this.

His magic barrier, however, was already cracking under the force of all the rats. Cursing under his breath, Mikhael took this chance to take out clean hemp cloth and ink from his satchel, draw a paper talisman for luck, chant a speed spell, and strengthen his daggers. Much as he hated weapons combat, a spell in this sewer would undoubtedly destroy it. Not that he can die from blood loss or crushed organs/bones, but the townspeople might not be so happy.

His barrier cracked and exploded inward. Maybe he was an assassin at one point in time - it was impossible for him to remember - but Mikhael’s increased speed allowed him to penetrate the rats easily, only recieving a few scratches on his forearms. His strength was waning, however, and he knew that magic doesn’t last forever. It costs energy.

The rats kept coming, inflicting more and more scratches on Mikhael. Mikhael didn’t know how they kept coming, but magic had to be involved. He just had to find the opposite spell and cancel it out…

”Et frasrur havocc!” It was just a normal spell a necromancer might use, cast over and over again. The rats crumbled into dust as soon as Mikhael yelled the opposite spell.

Now it was just Mikhael and the King. By now, Mikhael was collapsing from blood loss, muttering spells to keep himself awake and heal slowly. At one point in time his opponent may have been easy to defeat, but in his current state…

That was long! Hope you took your time to read it! You probably didn’t! I applaud for anyone who made it this far!


I’ve been following this thread for a few days, waiting until the next prompt would come. I believe the password is “LOVELY”.

The character I am using is Selvian who is the leader and commander of my teddy army. Here goes:

I found a rat just outside the front boundary of our home base, in Australia of course. They’ve been attacking us since about a week and a bit ago but the situation’s been getting worse. The Mistress asked me to go and investigate where the source of this rat-pack is coming from. She goes to me “rats and sewers seem to go together in the stories I read. Check if that theory is true, go to the sewers”. I open the hole, I jump down… Thank goodness I am wearing this plastic coat right now or my fur wouldn’t stand a chance in this dank and dirty place.

I go crawling through all these skinny canals of people’s wee and dung and what do I see? More rats… She was right, rats and sewers do seem to have a strong connection. I pull out my machete and I stab 'im. But then after I’m done with that guy, another one comes along and hisses at me. No problem, I’ll stab 'im too. I don’t know how many rats I stabbed in those tunnels; my machete tip and is now covered in blood.

There’s a bright light coming from somewhere and so I decide to follow it. I get out of the tunnel and what was causing that light was the reflection of a king’s jewel… So The Mistress wasn’t the only powerful figure around here. Mr. Rat King was in a velvet pine green cloaky, robey thing and his crown was a whitish silver with a purple jewel on it, yes, the light was indeed purple like UV. As rats typically sniff, he sniffed and turned around to notice me. He goes to me, “Surface Dweller! How dare ye befoul our kingdom with your presence!”. He can talk huh? So I reply to him, “I’ve come to slay you, foul fiend!” as I lift up the machete and he sees all his kindreds’ blood on it.

His eyes widened and he yells to the survivors, “Attack!”. They’re coming at me, swarming at me but that king is doing nothing. The Mistress once told me, “If the leader isn’t fighting, they often save the worst till last, a secret weapon that could end you if you’re not aware of it”. Oh ho ho, so these guards were a distraction and the king was the one setting up for the big fight. I have my machete in one hand and the other is free, I use my free hand to push the runts out of the way and I get to the king. I stab that king, question is… Did I do the right thing?


I know, it’s been a while. But here’s my submission:

Character: Jackson Crowe
Book Series: The Jackson Crowe Series (Not Published)

Jackson Crowe grit his teeth as the rats came towards him. He took the safety off his gun and started shooting at them as they came towards him, feral and deadlier than those he’d faced before. The gunshots rang throughout the sewers—no doubt those above could hear them—and downed rat after rat after rat.

But no matter how many he killed, they kept coming.

And there was no point before now that he hated the Underworld more than ever. Because only someone from the Underworld could control this many rats, especially this large.

His eyes started glowing orange, and his arms grew hot.

He shot another rat, knowing that his clip was almost empty. His heartbeat was getting faster, and the spirit of the phoenix that possessed him came closer to the surface, no matter how much he tried to fight it. He didn’t need the sewers crashing down on him—he may have been immortal because of the phoenix, but that didn’t mean he liked getting hurt.

Counting another bullet out as he pulled the trigger again, he realised that he only had one bullet left in the clip. A frantic idea entered his mind, and he looked at the Rat King on the other side of the room. He was laughing as another wave of rats swarmed over to Jackson.

But instead of firing at the rats again, Jackson aimed the gun at the Rat King’s head, and pulled the trigger.


Situation closed.

Results Pending…


Solution: The rat king was hanging back, waiting for his rat soldiers to weaken you so he could finish you off. The rats alone would be easy to handle but the rat king would be too much to handle. head straight for him and you’d make it.

Those who survived:

@KarlaBader1998 By Selvian fighting his way through the swarm and attacking the king, he thwarted his plan and fought off the hellspawn. Congratulations!

@NotLikeYouThink While Jacksonalmost didn’t survive, by taking out the rat king before the rest of the rats he too foiled his scheme and lived.

Those who died:

@Eternal_Foxglove Unfortunately, Mikhael was weakened too much by defeating all of the rat spawn that the rat king easily disposed of him. Sorry!

And this weeks winner is…

@Eternal_Foxglove ! I enjoyed reading Mikhael and his cool abilities, even if he didnt end up surviving. Congratulations!


Um…hi i know I’m late…I have the password (lovely) but um is there going to be a new prompt soon or did I miss it ?