Would Your Character Survive 3.0 - Thread 17 (ALWAYS WANTING AND ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS!)



There should be a new one soon, dont worry! We have one every day so you’ll be fine.

Welcome to WYCS!


ok thanks


Who’s doing the next prompt?


not me I’ll tell yah that :stuck_out_tongue:


If you want to, you can, but if not then if Shadow doesnt post one in the next few hours or so i can


Well I don’t get home for another half hour, so if shadow has one by then feel free. If not I can when I get home.


I can in like four hours or so but if you want to post one that’s fine too


I’m able to put one up now, so it’s up to you.


Oh, alright then! I want to post a prompt tbh but you go ahead.


Hahaha…it was worth a shot. Guess he didn’t get his pay after all, huh?

And something about the password being “lovely” or something? Is that the password to join?


Um, actually, I’m not entirely sure about the password. I didn’t use it. I’m 99% sure it’s to make sure you actually read the rules and stuff.


The password is to ensure you read the rules before participating.


Oh? Okay…I read the rules (I think) but I didn’t find the password at all…


Aha! Knew it.

So which one of y’all are going to post a prompt


Fox is working on a prompt right now…


Oh, okay, coolio.


it says on the rules post…


Ah, okay. I guess I’ll just have to go through…wait, it’s a post? Wait while I go find it.


Lmao :joy:


Okay, yeah, I found it. I guess I just skipped it accidentally because everything was in all caps, plus it was past midnight…