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Character: Liya (And this character actually appears in my story, so this is nice)
I completely pushed random keys to come up with the language below, it is not real

First things first, Liya thought. She placed the figures on the dirt ground and drew a star around it with black ink, then added a circle around the star. Stepping back, she grabbed some candles and placed them on each point of the star. She lit the candles with fire magic, then stepped back once again, grabbing her staff from a corner of the room. Liya couldn’t believe she didn’t try this sooner.

Hyokru muthnh Yolvav
(Highest of the Sky)
Kgronbulat eq ujnoti
(Bestow the power upon me)
lignetr iuyhjiva nonovt
(As I remove corruption)
iy janletre eq revnolgat
(From the object of this household)
itquiz eq bneuvul
(This I humbly beg)

isnamv jfalke hucsnav
(Destroy the demon of fate reversed)
yinb fijbtuat
(Cast him back)
bijunit yik Yolvav
(To the fiery palace)
(Where he belongs)

The room darkened considerably. Liya couldn’t tell if it was due to the terrible weather outside, or if a Demon of Fate was actually messing with her life. Either way, none of them were good.

Hyokru muthnh Yolvav
(Highest of the Sky)
Luvnatref yi bahnshi
(Protect me from the rage)
Kijmatv gyibuo twanvestar yi
(Of the corruption that hurts this world)
Magnvibst rehynt
(Those who oppose you)
_Lvutinust eq yingbvun nacreq itir!)
(And those who hide in the shadows)
Uynish najivien blihsn
(Remove their presence from the land)
_Kalnivi bukstib eq wenvenet)
(So they no longer harm the people)
Ognvatir reyi Hyokru muthnh Yolvav
(In the name of the Highest of the Sky)

Liya finished the exorcism. The candles went out, one after the other. Liya shivered and walked outside. The demon, if there was a demon, had wanted a sacrifice from her. She had given one to it. If there was a demon and it had been cast away, her sacrifice would remain and be in effect. If there wasn’t a demon, her sacrifice would remain null and void, and have no effect on her.

Her sacrifice was a third of her lifespan.


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Character: Daedus Moreau
Book: Mindless

Daedus Moreau could feel himself disappearing as he looking frantically around the room, wondering what he could do to stop it. It had to be magic, there was no other way, but how was he going to stop something he didn’t even know existed until a minute ago?

He looked back at the note and read it again: If you want to live, sacrifice is necessary .

Sacrifice? What sacrifice? Hadn’t he sacrificed enough already? He’d already lost his home and his family, what more could he give?

He shook his head and angrily threw the note on the ground, the feeling that he was going to faint growing.

He had to do something. Fast.

His eyes landed on the figurines of his parents, the people that had abandoned him when he became a Mindless. They didn’t love him anymore—outright refused that they had a son—but after all that, he still loved them. They were the people that had told him he was going to do great things, and then didn’t do anything to try and stop him and his sister from being forced into the Barrens.

He didn’t know if his plan would work, but it was better than just standing there while he disappeared. So, he grabbed the two figurines and dropped them to the floor, then stomped on them until they were in pieces.

They were a sacrifice he was willing to make.


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The character I am using is in fact me; Karla:

I had just finished a day at uni and had enough of the excessive workload that had been going on for two weeks now. At the moment, I was at home, living with my parents and being the sticky beaks they were and the proper type; I wasn’t daring to show them any of my magic powers that I would use when over at the fortress… I kept that all to myself for the time being. Instead, like a typical teen/young adult, I went into my bedroom to hopefully get a nap in before dinner. Huh, what’s this? Four doors in my room? Usually, there are three, the double wardrobe and the entryway. There is a fourth though…

I walk through and it is a room identical to mine but there is no bed in it, rather, the bed is replaced with a bookshelf. The first thing I notice is a small action figure like, figure thing, of my brother Nick. How did that get there? My favourite food is the beef pie, I see a hard model of that too. Ehehe, this is all just in my head isn’t it? Maybe I should get out of here before I get hypnotised into a false sense of illusion and then my parents would definitely think I’m weird.

I didn’t have uni timetabled the next day and so there was more time to myself. It was around lunchtime and my mum had just gotten home from the shops. I asked my mum, “did you get the pies I asked for?”. She shook her head and said that there was a store notice that these kinds of pies were being discontinued. And then I asked her, “And where’s Nic? He didn’t come home from work last night”. My mum stood there frozen. Being the helicopter parent she was, she insisted she would call the police for a search investigation but I told her to pull herself together and see if she could find him first before putting the family into so much trouble. Realistically though, I wasn’t expecting my mum to do anything. I wanted to by myself more time so I could investigate what was going on. “I’m just going to be in my room again”, I said to my mum.

When I was back in the room, I took my dream journal out of one of my drawers and had a read of some of the dreams I really enjoyed. Uh-oh… I had listed 18-Volt as one of my dream guides but any trace of his name was no longer in my dream journal. My heart skipped a beat but I dared not make any noise or my mum would come in and “investigate”. To check if it was just me or something else, I searched up “WarioWare” on the internet and even the image of 18-Volt was missing from the group! Crazy! And 9-Volt wasn’t there either. This is most confronting though, one second, Mona was there, the next, she faded out, with my eyes witnessing alright! I wanted to faint.

Something in my mind was telling me it had something to do about that extra room. I decided to go in and oh, they were, figures of 18-Volt, 9-Volt and Mona… How long were they there for? I’ve finally figured out this riddle… A figure randomly appears… AND THEN THAT REAL LIFE EQUIVALENT DISAPPEARS! ARGH!!! Oh shoot, what’s that? It’s another figure fading into vision. It’s… It’s what? Me?! ME!? I’M NEXT?! Nah uh, I’m not disappearing. I pick up my own figurine and try smashing it onto the floor. It shattered but then after a few seconds of nothing, it floats itself back into shape and hovers back onto the shelf. The window opens and a note flies in through it, saying “If you want to live, sacrifice is necessary”.

“It’s bloomin’ dark magic!!”, I yell. I then paused and thought to myself, “Hmm… If the figure breaks, it will rebuild itself; but what if I change it without breaking it?”. I picked up my figure off the shelf and smuggled it into my pocket. I then returned to my own bedroom, opened the door slightly, waited until my mum wasn’t looking, and then bolted over to my study room and whisked the door shut. I had art and craft supplies in there, time for a re-painting session! I painted the hair yellow to turn it from brunette to blonde. Also, the red dress it was wearing. I painted the top half blue and the bottom half green, to make it look like a completely different outfit of a t-shirt and skirt.

Once I was done with the repainting, I took it out of the study room. “What’s that?”, my mum asked me. I answered, “I bought this from the art shop earlier in the week but just felt like doing some painting today. Yeah, it was an all white girl figurine and I wanted to make it look pretty”. My mum smiled, “Putting in on display in your bedroom?”. I replied, “Yes”, phew, I got away with that. So back I was, re-entering the cursed room. As I hold the figure for the last time, I say to it, “Well, if this isn’t me, then who is it?”, shrugging my shoulders. I then put it on the shelf, left it there, and returned to my bedroom to grieve over the loss of my beloved dream journal characters and my fond memories with them.


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