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prompt closes in 24 hours
One bright sunny day, you decide to take a walk. Suddenly, you get knocked out from behind. When you wake up, you are lying in a beautiful wooden bed. The blankets looked silky and comfortable, but you soon realize that you can’t feel them. Your sense of touch seems to have disappeared.
Confused, you turn towards the window, only to see a gigantic blue eye staring back at you. It pulled away to reveal the rest of it’s face.
It was a little girl, probably around the age of six. It opened the walls of the house and smiled at you. From then on out, the girl started playing with you every afternoon.
However, you could start to feel your other senses fade as well. Soon you’ll completely become a doll. You absolutely had to get out of here before then.
powers and weapons allowed, except for anything that imediately lets you escape the dollhouse


Here’s my prompt! And I couldn’t figure out how to add spaces in between the paragraphs, so I’m sorry!


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Character used: Me/Karla

I was taking a stroll outside the barriers of the teddy fortress. One minute, I saw the sun in the sky, the next minute, nothing. I thought I was dead for a second. I regain consciousness though and find that I am in a wooden with these extravagant looking silky blankets on it. Why couldn’t I feel the blanket though? And why couldn’t I feel myself on the bed!? I looked towards the window and there is this blue eye staring back at me. Not for long though, it pulled back and now it was a whole figure staring at me, a little girl one about the age of six. The walls fell down and she smiled at me but at the same time, this smile felt somewhat creepy.

I thought nothing of it at the start and thought the girl was just a bit muddled and that maybe she just wanted a friend to hang out with. I said I would play with her and so that’s what we did for a good number of days. It got to one day though and my sense of smell was gone. No longer could I smell the fresh paint that came from the walls of the house. The next day though was worse, I was deaf when I woke up. No wind, no creaking, no sound from the little girl either.

Before I lost all my senses, it was time to evaluate myself. I thought I’m playing with the girl, the girl is playing with me and… Uh oh… Dolls are played with! I’m becoming a doll! I have to get out of here before it’s too late and I lose everything. Because I came from the fortress and not my parents’ place, I still had some magic on me. I created an ear and clipped it onto myself as a hearing aid, so I had one last chance to say something and here myself say it. I said to the little girl, “I love playing at your house but maybe you might like to play at mine tomorrow. If you turn me into a big girl, I can show you all my toys and you can become friends with them”. What was the little girl going to say?


Character in Use: Alex Amalynne

I was laying in the grassy field, nearby a big lake. It’s quite a nice and breezy day. I stood up from my lying position and brushed any access dirt from my outfit and took a short walk. I didn’t know that someone was creeping up behind me until I felt a hard hit on my head. Immediately I lost conscious and the sights around me and everything went black.

I fluttered my eyelids open, slowly waking up from my unconscious state. I’m still lying down? Didn’t I take a short walk a minute ago? Slowly moving my body to an upright position, I tried to feel for the grass. To my surprise, I wasn’t grabbing on the soft ground but rather a type of fabric. The problem is that, I can’t feel it. By the looks of it, it looks like silk or nylon. Sitting upright, my gaze then was focused on the window. I swear I could just fall of the bed because what I saw was a big blue eyeball staring right at me.

Soon, I saw the blue thing or rather it move further away revealing a little girl, around the age of six by the least. Great, just great! Am I suppose to be a snack for a small - no - huge cannibal of a little girl? In that moment of a time, i’m positive that the ground was shaking, if not, I wouldn’t be thrown half way from the bed I was laying on. The walls had been forcefully pried open. Now that is NOT normal for me. The little girl then smiled at me and picked me up. So guess, i’m a rag doll of some sort.

Since that time, this little girl has been playing with me ever since. It’s fun at first, being grabbed and given some invisible and non-existent food but this charade has been going on way too long. Unfortunately, this time the girl hurried of to the toilet and left me on the ground. Using that amount of time needed, I tried to grab one of the markers she used to design the white empty doll clothes she bought for me. It’s weird holding things that you can’t feel. It’s like using magic despite being completely human. Struggling with the 5ft marker, I wrote a small message for the girl when she comes back.

’Please release me from this curse or something. I resign from being a doll.'

I just hope that this little girl understands the words of a junior high student. If she doesn’t,


Character: Ekko (A.K.A, she who is not good with kids)

Ekko didn’t know how she’d let this happen- how a child had managed to capture, and trap her, knocking her unconscious without her even knowing. There was clearly more to the girl than met the eye. She’d managed to curse her in some way, somehow, but it didn’t seem like she had malicious intent.

She was just a little girl, after all.

Ekko spent days wandering the grounds of her plastic house, enclosed by moving walls and a prison she couldn’t even feel. It was degrading. It was frustrating.

It was not something Ekko would stand by and allow to happen.

She rose to her feet, stumbling a little at the absence of land beneath her feet. Her body felt numb, like it wasn’t really there, like she was watching the world through a screen and her mind wasn’t even her own.

She was losing herself, slowly, but certainly.

“You.” She yelled up to the girl. The child knelt beside her, smiling. A trick, Ekko didn’t doubt. “Free me from whatever this curse is, or you will regret the day you met me. I am sure of it. There are people looking for me, and they won’t stand for this.” In truth, she didn’t know where her allies were. Surely, they’d noticed she was missing, it had been days after all, but whether they were coming to her aid was another matter entirely. “I’m telling you to fix this.


Hi…I’m new here…

From: Rebel ( a star wars rebels fanficiton because I don’t have any good characters for this scenario)

Hania knew she was in trouble. A week had passed since she had awoken in a doll’s house. Hania had nearly passed out in fright. The girl had come to her. Then started playing with her. Now Hania started to lose feeling everywhere. She banged her toe on a door and felt nothing. The girl came back again, and dressed Hania in a white dress.Hania took a breath. She had to do something.
"Little girl " Hania started. Then she realized something.

Hania tried with all her might to wake up. This had to be a dream. It had to be. Nothing happened. Hania awoke in the doll house the next morning.

"Am I dreaming " Hania asked aloud “Because if I am I really should wake up soon”. Nothing. The girl came to play.
"Little girl " Hania started “I would like to be let out, I need to visit my sister. She is probably worried about me”


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