Would Your Character Survive 3.0 - Thread 17 (ALWAYS WANTING AND ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS!)



Faith blinked, trying to ignore the aching in her head. What mattered most right now is why she couldn’t remember anything, why a bunch of people were staring at her, and why she was in a smooth metal cage dangling over an endless black pit.

“You have been tried and convicted for your crimes against me and my people!” A voice boomed from somewhere near Faith. She looked down, only to see a man dressed in beautiful, yet somehow disturbing, ornate robes. “Plead your case and admit your guilt, and you may be spared a violent death!”

Confusion muddled her mind. What crimes? What people? Violent death? Faith didn’t remember doing anything that might make a religious sect want to bring her vengeance. Unless her twin sister Hope did something again, and they have the wrong person.

“Um, sir, could you please tell me what I did? Because I don’t remember doing anything.”

The man furrowed his brow, staring daggers into Faith. “How dare you lie to us, you heathen! Repent and admit your guilt!”

“I’m already convicted, right? So why don’t you kill me already?” Despite her muscles screaming in protest, Faith stood up and walked to the edge of the cage she was in. Her head pounded, threatening to give out and render her unconscious. “And you probably don’t know I have a bunch of twins too, right? What if you have the wrong person and I’m innocent? Are you willing to kill an innocent person?”

Faith was surprised by how smooth the lie was. She just hoped that this lie would buy her enough time to figure out how to get out of the cage–if there was a way in, there was a way out–and escape.

Uh, they’re not going to kill her immediately, right?


Character in use: Claude Erevore

“You have been tried and for your crimes against me and my people. Plead your case and admit your guilt, and you may be spared a violent death.” Is that how people greet me?

Whatever happened, I just woke up and found myself in this cage, on a chain and ready to be 6000 feet under the earths surface. Seriously, how did I get here? I looked up at the man dressed in his outdated ornate robes. “Um…excuse me? Don’t mean to offend whoever you are but how am I here, what did I do and why is this my death penalty?” I had to say something.

In a few second, the cage was lowered about a few inches lower abruptly. I am sure that my body was almost thrown or even gravitating. The man then pointed at me, his features growing dark. “You dare defy your guilt? Your crimes shall not be forgiven, not by me nor my people!” Again with the old conversation, with a smirk crawling onto my face, I just simply smiled and said. “If what I say is blasphemy, then please correct me. If I am guilty, inquire a witness to shoot an arrow at my thigh, if I am innocent, then one of your people will kill themselves for their own guilt. Shall we begin the trial?”

If what I say is true, then god, please let me live another day, cause I ain’t dying here. Not with these outdated people and their violent ways of death.


Wait…so your character won’t die either way?


Well, Claude did say if he was innocent someone would kill themselves and a leader would not want to lose any of their people right? So I guess they would probably let me out just like that.


I mean if that even counts


I mean…the guy could just kill Claude.


Well, that’s all I could think of that time. I’ll probably edit it, if that’s even allowed. Is it though?


I’m pretty sure it is.



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Hello. I just stumbled upon this thread but now I am a little confused.

How do I participate in this?



How it works is that a host will put up a prompt. You then have to write a response to the prompt based on what your character would do. How would they get out of the situation, beat the villan, and/or get the girl/guy/apache attack helicopter?

After the prompt closes, the host will pick their favorite response as "The Winner"™® and also reveal who survived and who died.

As of now, there isn’t a prompt yet, (@TheTrueTerrydactyl cough cough) so stay tuned!





Hey man if you’re really busy it’s cool, @shadowsettle or I can throw up another prompt until you’ve got time.


Ey, I used to write a pretty mean prompt seriously, they were cruel and usually had secret third options you had NO way of knowing about and I’ve got a pretty clear schedule for a bit so if I’m ever needed…

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I could write one up if you want?