Would your MCs get along?


A fun little game for all! It’s simple really, fill out the form I put down and you’ll rate how well your character will get along with the person’s above you. You rate with a 0-10 and then give a reason why they would or wouldn’t get along. Thankfully with the new forums, we can have back and forth on why or why they wouldn’t get along!






General info:

Additional info:

Name: Fable Kimble

Personality: Lazy, unenthusiastic, friendly, doesn’t show much emotion, sarcastic

Background: He was raised by his father who put him through agonizing training most of his life, until the old man finally died. After participating in the great world war, he went home to his old house and decided to live there.

Appearance: 35 year old man with a dark green cloak that says “Daddy’s Princess” on the back. His hair is always mangy and unkempt, and his pants are always dirty.

Mannerisms/quirks: Eats whipped cream on EVERYTHING. Picks his nose when no one is looking.

Things they hate: “People who can’t protect the things they care about”

Things they do for fun: Watches unnecessary amounts of TV. Bothers Goldy while she’s napping. Making fun of his friends

Outlook on life: “While a life of peace and solitude would be easy, If I have to take the more difficult path for the people around me, then I’ll do it begrudgingly”

Goals: Just to live a peaceful life with the people around him.

Additional info: Can’t show sadness or fear. Never admits how he’s feeling. CONSTANTLY giving cheesy inspirational speech’s. Literally the worse role model a person could have.


Name: Aldo son of Hector
Personality: Dutiful, stunted, reserved, oblivious, confident

Background: He was able to shirk off his servitude by joining the Agents of Ouray. Having been there for ten years, Aldo has become a man in control of his emotions and actions, though this is mostly harmful in aiding him in anything close to social interaction. He travels the Rocky Mountains on missions with his partners.

Appearance: A tan man of average height and in shape build. He typically wears the blank mask of the Agents of Ouray, but underneath is an unshaven face. Appearance is only important so far as how it helps him on his missions.

Mannerisms/quirks: Most of these had been pushed away due to his training, but he does obsessively polish his crossbow.

Things they hate: Shirking duties. Politics. Being made a fool of.

Things they do for fun: Drink at local taverns. Target shoot.

Outlook on life: If you give your word, then you must always keep it. Protecting the realm sometimes trumps all else.

Goals: Stop the Mormon invasion from the west and make it through his twenty more years as an agent.

Additional info: Kind of a stick in the mud according to his friends, but great partner who looks out for them regardless.


Name: Zora Higgins
Personality: optimistic, positive, outgoing,helpful, funny, loyal, honest, stylish
Background: rich biracial girl that used to go to a private preppy school but didn’t like it so she transferred to a public school
Appearance: mixed skin,green eyes, freckles all over her face, frizzy almost hazel hair, average teen height
Quirks: she gets emotional thinking of her ex
Things she hates: bullies
Things she does for fun: party, watch Netflix, hang with her cousins
Outlook on life: no matter what it’s worth living for a better ending
Goals: to stop bullies from reigning at school
More info: her best friend is her nanny Molly

I don’t think she’d get along with Aldo at all


Name: Annabelle Blue Topaz /Anna Pamerson

Personality: stoic, mature, annalytical, friendly,helpful and loyal.

Background: She is from the world that filled with magic and has matriarchal society, but she goes to school in more futuristic and democratic society. After death of her father she runs away from magical world to futuristic. She lives there for five years and then she comes back to find out her origin (her father was found next to river with amnesia and the he married to her mom)

Appearance: milky skin, light blue eyes, straight light brown hair, above average height. 22 years old

Quirks: She sometimes has anxiety attacks

Things she hates: anxiety, people who treats other people like sh*t.

Things she does for fun: Likes to read, working on opening her clinic, discover new things, hanging out with friends that are from futuristic world.

Outlook: Everyone can become better in terms of personality.

Goal: Opening new clinic in magical world because in there technology sucks and medicine sucks there too and uncovering her origin.

More info: She has college degree in Medicine and has two husbands ( Matriarchal society and they are twins).

4/10 Annabelle and Zora basicaly have same outlook of life,but Annabelle is more mature and older than Zora. Zora might see Annabelle as a boring person, but Annabelle will not detest Zora’s personality. There is a chance that they will get along


Relationship: Mack and Annabelle

The stoicism might suit a friendship well, though with her youth he probably wouldn’t think she is as mature as you say she is. The two husbands thing would really throw him, no matter how sinful he feels he himself is the taboo of polygamy in his world is just too big for that to sit right. The magic angle could be a connection. If she can convince him to let her help him and is able to teach him about his visions. Again, though, the age difference may make him discount her ability to help.

Name: Alexader “Mack” Weston

Personality: Gruff, stubborn, self-loathing, seeking redemption, secret softy

Background: Once a long haul trucker, his nickname comes from the brand of big rig he drove. Mack had to retire from his job due to issues with alcoholism which interfered with his driving.

Appearance: His skin is weathered as age and a rough lived life can do. He has grey or salt and pepper hair, and blue eyes. Usually he dresses in flannel shirts and jeans. If I picked celebrity to picture as Mack, Clint Eastwood (as he was in the 90s) immediately comes to mind.

Mannerisms/quirks: He drinks whiskey by the tumbler; speaks in a raspy rough voice, with coarse language (including poor grammar and moderate cursing), in phrases rather than full sentences; and acts tough for an older dude. Often he seems plagued by guilt. He may seem to know what’s about to happen.

General info:
He is around 60, but his weathered appearance can make him look up to ten years older. Never married, no children. Has had romantic relationships but they never last long.

Additional info:
Important but not "public knowledge"
Mack was at some point struck with the ability to see flashes of the future in his whiskey after he draws a sip. He sees it as a punishment, an atonement for the guilt he feels. The visions give him the chance to save lives if he can interpret what he sees.


Relationship: Chelsea and Mack

Chelsea can get to know and love people pretty easily, Mack on the other hand, definitely wouldn’t like Chelsea if she knew exactly what was going on with her. Chelsea would probably offer to buy Mack a drink occasionally (by giving him the appropriate money, obviously, shes underaged). Chelsea and Mack would probably gripe together about how life sucks, but Mack wouldn’t take Chelsea seriously since she’s so young. He often wouldn’t accept the free drink because he doesn’t need any help from a teenager, but maybe occasionally when he was in a good mood, he’d talk to Chelsea and they’d talk about how they both have regrets. His “special ability” might hinder their relationship, though… (tell me how I did and if you think thats accurateeee)

Name: Real name unknown, goes by multiple names: Chelsea (most common) and Rebecca

Personality: Sweet, hard working, curious, and resourceful. Suffers from PTSD after her mom and her ran away from their abusive home, then got in a car crash, and her mom died. She blames herself. Always suffered from severe depression.

Background: Fourteen year old who makes money cleaning golf clubs at a course. Since she escaped the hospital, she has an insane thirst for blood and actually becomes a serial killer, killing at least seven people, six of those through torture. Has many connections due to her charming personality and hard working attitude. Lives alone in an abandoned warehouse.

Appearance: Pale. Brown-golden eyes with short, curly brown hair. Has a glasgow grin scar due to the car accident. Wears rugged clothes and the same white shoes (now coated with mud) for like, two years.

Mannerisms/quirks: Adept at using dollar store makeup (as to hide both her identity and her scar). She loves video games and anime. She is a quite the philosophical person at times. She knows that killing people is wrong, but the voice inside her that tells her she needs to overrides any feeling as she tortures her victims.

General info: Only had average grades. She can draw extremely well, but only animals. She use to be a Christian, but now she’s on the fence about whether God really exists after everything thats happened to her.

Additional info: She’s a sucker for cute things. She also enjoys people watching.


Seems pretty good. I can see his ability leading him to her mid-kill after they already met, and he just has a total ‘you gotta be shittin me’ reaction. Lol


Relationship: Margo and Chelsea.

Margo would like Chelsea at 1st. She likes most people. Margo would probably relate to Chelsea losing her mom as Margo lost her sister. She would try to bond with her over that. Of course, once Margo finds out Chelsea is a serial killer, she might end up staying away from her.


Relationship: Lydia and Margo

Lydia would definitely become fast friends with Margo. She would relate to Margo since she also lost her family. And I imagine they both would get along just fine.

Name: Lydia Blue

Personality: Outgoing, Optimistic, Friendly, Determined

Background: Born and raised in the town of New Haven. Had to survive the virus outbreak there and ultimately watched the city get destroyed by a missile. Now she works as a anti-bioterrorism activist.

Appearance: White, long black hair, somewhat tanned skin, 16 years old, 5’3.

Mannerism/Quirks: Hates reading. She refused to read books which ultimately caused her grades to drop. Refuses to even touch a book.

Things she hates: Her friends fighting, Region Incorporated, and books.

Things she does for fun: Hangs out with her friends, talking to people, matchmaking.

Goal: To bring Region Incorporated to justice for what they did to New Haven. To ask Terrance out on a date.

Outlook on life: Life is awesome! I love life!

Additional info: Loves Terrance Lowell to bits and pieces.


Relationship: I imagine they would get along great most of the time but have little arguments and disputes about differences in opinion and justice. Eistell doesn’t like to get herself into others’ problems and doesn’t care much for trying to bring people justice.


Name: Eistell

Personality: Outgoing and friendly with a little humour. Talkative and a little pesky. Stubborn with an explosive temper.

Background: Ice mage that travels the world to eat regional delicacies. Was raised in a way north European-ish country. Her family still lives in that European-ish country.

Appearance: Pale with, almost white, blond hair. Petite with a bob cut.

Mannerisms/quirks: Talks more when people don’t want to answer her (she’s stubborn like that), but with people who are friendly, she acts normally. Needs to drink a lot of water if she doesn’t want cracked lips. Speaks in a chirp.

General info: Is fifteen (but looks younger). Likes the colours blue and white. Adores food and eating. Hates small critters. Can’t sing to save her life. Sleeps when bored. Likes knowing things and gossiping. Actually quite the powerful mage. Has no physical prowess other than stamina though.

Additional info: Can’t forget her friend and fellow mage-apprentice that died to save her and secretly blames herself. Left home because it was her friend’s dream to travel the world. Doubts herself and her master’s confidence in her.


Relationship: I think they’d get along nicely. They may not be best friends, since he’s really shy and might not answer some of her questions, but they are close in age, and her personality might remind him of a friend.

7/10, I think.

Name: Negito

Personality: He’s very shy and not very good with new people and polite by default. Once you get to know him, he’s still a pretty big sweetheart, but he can rise to the occasion with some sass or some mischief. Other than that, he’s pretty temperamental and can be outright aggressive if you make an enemy out of him. It’s difficult to describe his personality. This is the best I can do, sorry.

Background: Spirit of Negative Emotion who lives in a sky-palace located in Houston, Texas. He’s been through a lot of scrapes with Diapsid and his agent, too, having been cursed to become what he sees as a monster.

Appearance: Pale with strange black markings on his left cheek. He has dark gray hair that covers his right eye, and both eyes are indigo blue. He has an average figure, and he wears a black faux leather jacket with matching pants, and underneath his jacket he wears a white shirt with a high collar. He wears a leather thigh-holster and usually carries a Colt Python handgun in it.

Mannerisms/quirks: Like I said before, he’s shy and usually avoids eye contact and can be kind of quiet. He doesn’t talk about his powers as a Spirit of Emotion and can be secretive. He also gets self-conscious when you mention anything about storms or lightning, and takes to rubbing his left shoulder if so.

General info: He’s seventeen years old. He likes dark colors, warm weather and dogs, but he hates the cold and he can’t sing very well. He loves metal/hard rock music, especially Five Finger Death Punch. He’s loves to sleep, but other than that he’s not very lazy. He’s got average strength for his age group and not that agile, but he makes up for it by being quick and extraordinarily good with his gun.

Additional info: He’s very close with his friend Neutro, who he sees as a father figure, and his best friend is a sweet girl named Posilyn. He’s employed at a restaurant called Etiquette and is very close with all three of his coworkers (it’s a very small restaurant). His boyfriend is another seventeen-year-old named Felix, who is one of the managers of Etiquette.

Ick, I’m bad at character descriptions.


I think that they would probaly be friends so maybe a 7 or an 8

Name: kaita

Personality: shy but sweet, gets emmbarsed easily and blushes when anyone complamts him

Background: he comes from a small family. His parents didnt have time for him a lot but when they did they treated him good and loved him

Appearance: gray and black hair, school uniform, pale skin, cat ears, short,

Mannerisms/quirks: I said before he blushes when anyone complaments him. He gets quiet really easlily when is mad at him, he thinks he is the one to blame even when something might not even involve him

General info: he is 18 years old but he looks 12 since he is so short and cute, his favroite desert is cimmon rolls and tiyaki. His favroite food is fried rice. He goes to yonoyaki school and enjoys drawing

Additional info: his best friend is a girl name kyoso who likes to tease him a lot. He has a boyfriend named toyaki (I am aware that toyaki is like a chainsaw company but whatever) he is a webtoon creator! And likes j-pop a lot


Sadly, I don’t think he and Gray would get along, and it’s all my MC’s fault. Gray is just too much of a pessimistic nag and can be too harsh/abrasive with people. I’d say a 3 or 4

Name: Gray

Personality: Sharp with his words and keenly judgemental, but harder on himself than on others. Tends to be petty and clingy with his friends and looks at the negatives of every situation. Somewhat of a “mom friend,” but would never admit it and can be overly aggressive about it.

Background: [everything is a spoiler]

Appearance: Lacks a physical body–he’s a spirit sealed inside the mind of another character, but he used to have a somewhat rugged appearance and too many ear piercings. Tawny, olive-toned skin and dark hair.

Mannerisms/quirks: Can keep a level head in pressing situations, despite his constant negativity. Constantly in a state of identity crisis. Hates being pressed about personal matters and will frequently dodge innocuous questions with harsh words. Horrible at remembering names, so he often assigns people pet names. Easily flustered when it comes to romance/sexual talk.

Additional info: An amnesiac hopelessly in love with the friend whose body he is sealed in (b-but it’s not like he will ever admit it or anything, baka).


I think he and Kai Fen would probably get on each other’s nerves, but would also probably respect each other, They both seem like grumps who are really private so idk if they’d be able to get close. 5 or 6/10.

Name: Kai Fen

Personality: One track minded and very dedicated. He sets goals and does whatever he can to meet them. He can sometimes be forceful in how he tries to get things done. He has trouble connecting with other people, and can be very awkward in social situations. He doesn’t talk much. He’s a sensitive guy, disguised by a bad temper.

Background: SPOILERS! None of it’s been revealed yet

Appearance: He’s about 5’7. He’s not really lanky or muscular, but is going through the start of a growth spurt so he doesn’t quite look like he’s grown into himself yet. He has dark beige skin, dark brown eyes, and long black hair he keeps up in a bun. He wears crimson robes and a black cloak when it’s cold.

Mannerisms/quirks: He’s really bad at casual conversation with people and is only good at talking to people when he has a reason to. He talks in kind of short sentences. He doesn’t express affection through touch or words, but through acts and gifts. He likes to make people laugh, he’s just very bad at doing that on purpose. He’s jumpy and often goes into a fighting stance when someone surprises him (or just straight up clocks them).

General info: He’s fifteen and awkward. He has really good posture. He can be very critical of other people. A lot of his rudeness is really just because he doesn’t really know how to talk to people. He really likes martial arts. He fiddles with his sleeves when he’s nervous or uncomfortable. He’s very proud of his heritage! He gets nervous around animals, especially big ones.

Additional info: He’s a good kid who’s had a rough life and now he’s in a new place with new people and he DESPERATELY wants to find his uncle again. A girl named Heila is looking out for him and he both loves and hates her for it, and a boy named Saoirse has become a bit of a confidant to him. He just wants his uncle back, man.


Well a cool thing is that they have the same name lol Kai is also kind of awkward so maybe they’d bond over their awkwardness. 7/10

Name: Kai Haywood

Personality: A very happy girl, quiet at times until she knows the person, can be somewhat awkward at times.

Background: Adopted

Appearance: 5’5, freakishly in shape because of track and basketball, curly hair, basic brown eyes

Mannerisms/quirks: Plays with her hair when annoyed or nervous. Blushes at every embarrassing question or moment. Gets intimidated easily.

General info: 16, has 2 siblings, fastest person on her track team, loves basketball and art

Additional info: She’s just a lost teenager trying to find herself, which is kind of hard when you are adopted and no nothing about your family or history.


Gabriel the Goomba would have gotten along pretty well with Kai. He’d be a bit intimidated by her powerful form, but would be happy to be friendly towards her after knowing she won’t bully him. He’s a very friendly boy at heart and tries not to insult or embarrass people. Hell, his life with the other Goombas causes him to be nearly ecstatic to see another person of any kind. He’s focused on his quest to become a human again and return home, so while I think Kai and Gabriel won’t mind each other, I don’t see them as the best buddies.of the block. I’d say a 6/10

Speaking of which:

Name: Gabriel

Personality: He’s very friendly, but extremely determined to return home with his father. He’ll be willing to take on any challenge and face any enemy to complete this. He’s heavily effected by the words of his father, which encourages constant motion towards the goal and shames comfort or settling.

Background: Goomba. African American as a human. He is mainly raised by his dad and interacts only a little bit with other children, being happy to stay at his house a draw before he was turned into a Goomba.

Appearance: A Goomba that is a bit more squarish in shape, has a shorter body, and large feet.

General Info: As of this moement, Gabriel is working with other Goombas to escape the oppressive society made by their king to mold them into fodder soldiers. Due to being raised by his father, Gabriel is extremely against materialism, being happy with simple clothing and devices or as a Goomba, nothing at all.

Things They Like to Do: He really likes to draw and play video games.

Mannerism/Quirks: He daydreams a lot during the times he is just marching or doing other stuff that requires little mental focus. He usually smiles during these daydreams and says something like, “Fantastic” while doing so.

Additional Info: I think I said everything there is to be said about him. :smiley:


believe it or not, i think that pierre would actually get along with gabriel… once he got over the fact that gabriel’s a goomba ^^" he might be a little bit awkward and nervous at first, but he’ll open up to him with time :slight_smile: i’d say maybe 5.75/10

NAME: pierre bellerose

PERSONALITY: usually awkward, shy and quiet, but generally won’t refuse a conversation. still kind and modest to everyone, regardless of who they are. almost never loses his temper

BACKGROUND: human :wink: born in toulouse, france, but moved to minnesota before starting junior year. comes from a loving family as an only child. he now lives with his aunt and three [mostly annoying] cousins.

APPEARANCE: black, mildly wavy hair, green eyes, light complexion. tall and lanky [about 5’8]. wears round glasses

MANNERISMS: quite bad at starting conversations, but isn’t too bad at continuing them :’) often speaks in a low, soft voice and generally won’t raise his voice against anybody. sometimes he’ll play with his hands or laugh nervously when he’s feeling awkward or uncomfortable. shy around pretty people woops :wink:

GENERAL: on the edge of sixteen… very shy, modest, kind-hearted and reserved. he means well, even if he doesn’t come off that way. lives with his aunt and cousins in minnesota. quite skilled in visual arts and media

ADDITIONAL: clumsy at love :slight_smile:



I think that Trevor would eat Pierre for dinner, (not literally, okay maybe) Trevor enjoys making shy people squirm if he’s in a playful mood.

Name: Trevor Pelt

Personality: A bit rough around the edges, but kind and loving to those he’s close with. Sometimes playful. generally, he’s a good guy.

Background: Grew up as an only child, with a mother and father, but his mom passed away before he started high school. His father, a once strong and proud man sunk into a pit of despair and started drinking. Drugs and alcohol were at his disposal anytime he wanted which he did dabble in for a while going through high school.

Appearance: Caucasian, dark brown hair styled in a Buzzcut. Blue eyes, wide muscular shoulders, Average height of 6’0

Mannerisms/quirks: Hates the term lap dog, often drinks liquor straight from the bottle. Hates witches. “The only good witch is a dead witch.” Can’t stand anybody who is a Debbie-Downer.

General info: Werewolf. Titleless pack member. works construction,( Hence the wide muscular shoulders) He’s your average joe werewolf who doesn’t feel the need to prove himself to anyone. He knows what he’s capable of, and getting into pissing contests ain’t his style.

Additional info: His fellow pack mates often joke about how he’s the most domesticated of the pack. As a put-down, some pack-mates go as far as to call him a lap dog.

Only smokes when he drinks.


Kai would probably be intimidated by him, she’s more quiet and shyish. 7/10

Name: Kai Haywood

Personality: A very happy girl, quiet at times until she knows the person, can be somewhat awkward at times.

Background: Adopted

Appearance: 5’5, freakishly in shape because of track and basketball, curly hair, basic brown eyes

Mannerisms/quirks: Plays with her hair when annoyed or nervous. Blushes at every embarrassing question or moment. Gets intimidated easily.

General info: 16, has 2 siblings, fastest person on her track team, loves basketball and art

Additional info: She’s just a lost teenager trying to find herself, which is kind of hard when you are adopted and no nothing about your family or history.


2/10 Ater would probably intimidate her a lot and there would be a lot of silence between the two. Ater was never a big fan of sports. They have contrasting family views: Kai probably wants to know about her family and history; Ater wants to run away from her family and forget her history.

(This was my character before she died. After that, everything about her changed drastically.)

Name: Ater “Nameless”

Personality: Cold, but friendly. Secretive and mysterious. Never bonds with anyone, keeping all her relationships shallow. Very self-centered as a defense mechanism. Emotionally strong. Shines when she up on a stage playing and singing, becoming almost another person (beaming happiness and confidence).

Background: She ran away form home at a very young age. Learned to be independent and self reliable. As soon as she could, she changed her previous name (which she wants to forget) to Ater and a last name that she can’t even recall. After struggling to get into music (a natural talent of hers), she finally put together a band, but she was already too empty and lost to enjoy life at that point. After 3 years of playing, they toured around Europe. At the very end of that tour, hating the fame and recognition, she… well… sent herself to the afterlife.

Appearance: 25 years old; Medium height; Very skinny and pale; Long, wavy and wild blue hair; Brown eyes; Always wearing black, usually with leather and combat boots. Tattoo sleeve on her left arm.

Mannerisms/quirks: Avoids eye contact; Perfectionist; Hard worker.

Things she hates: Her family; Too much attention; “Normal” people; Meddlesome and nosy people.

Additional info: Avid drinker; Avoids fights but can be violent when she needs to be; Metalhead.