Would your MCs get along?


8/10 Connie and might have a lot in common of music and family issues. Though Connie is laid-back than Ater, they’ll eventually get to know each other well.

Name: Connie May

Personality: Laid-back, sarcastic, friendly, sassy a bit, strong, hot temper when she gets angry, enthusiastic on stage, creative in music, and swears like sailor.

Background: Connie was inspired by her mom when she was young and wanted to become a rockstar. After her parents got divorced at age fourteen, her father got remarried to Mrs. Nelly (her stepmother) which long story short they didn’t get along. Then as she dropped out of college at age 21, Connie saved enough money to go to LA, following her dream. Until at age 25 her boss fired Connie, her boyfriend stole half of her savings and the band members left her. Now she is living in another world full of monsters, demons, aliens and sketchy government.

Appearance: Short wavy brown hair with dark red highlight tips, 5’4’ tall, lean body, mid-pale skin, tattoo of fallen angel wings and belly piercing. The clothes she wears is either a graphic tee, plaid jackets, skinny jeans, sweatshirts or crop top with her vans sneakers.

Mannerisms/quirks: Don’t be a prick to innocent people; careless and party animal while on stage.

General info: Connie hates pedophiles, sex predictors, fakers, and annoying people.

Additional info: She carries four pepper spray just in case and kept her mom guitar she got on her 21 birthday.


Name: SilverTongue
4/10 honestly he would probably look at you and then walk away without a word. but if he was to see you in trouble with an enemy he’d probably help. other than that he would not even speak to you unless spoken to.

Personality: kind, protective, loving, just, smart, talkative,

Background: after the loss of his people, he went to heaven and slaughtered every angel that was in his path up to the throne. But was cast down and cursed to walk the earth for the rest of his life and to never see heaven or hell.

Appearance: 7ft3 white male, 25%human 25%angel and 50% demon, Black wings, built like a proffesional football player,left red/green andblue colored eye, right eye is completely white, multiple sword scars on his back and chest, pitch black hair. weilds a chain sword that is his height, wears armor that looks like angelic dread-plate that has no helmet but instead has a silver crown that burn with blue fire.

Mannerisms/quirks: he always keeps his sword on his person.

Things they hate: anything considered evil and lazy

Things he does for fun: trains for the day that he might face heaven or hell maybe both if he has to

Outlook on life: “for every choice there will be multiple outcomes to it, in which you must decide to follow”

Goals: to keep the peace between the 3 realms (heaven, hell and earth)

Additional info: though he seems 28 he’s far older, and his armor and sword can change to weapons of the time/age he’s in.


Even though he’s 50% demon, he seems pretty sweet and Kai would probably like him a lot. 7/10

Name: Kai Haywood

Personality: A very happy girl, quiet at times until she knows the person, can be somewhat awkward at times.

Background: Adopted

Appearance: 5’5, freakishly in shape because of track and basketball, curly hair, basic brown eyes

Mannerisms/quirks: Plays with her hair when annoyed or nervous. Blushes at every embarrassing question or moment. Gets intimidated easily.

General info: 16, has 2 siblings, fastest person on her track team, loves basketball and art

Additional info: She’s just a lost teenager trying to find herself, which is kind of hard when you are adopted and no nothing about your family or history.


Normally Clyde wouldn’t care too much, but he does have a soft spot for children, especially since he often relates to their struggles. Good thing, too, given his psychotic streak.

Name: Clyde Di Santis

Personality: incredibly snarky, deadpan sense of humor, can often be a borderline sociopath due to his work as a bounty hunter, secret heart of gold

Background: his parents died of influenza while he was just a teenager, worked as a cop in NYC in his early 20’s but made many enemies due to his often violent behavior, Clyde Di Santis isn’t even his real name; real name unknown (for now…)

Appearance: 5’9, short spiky hair, has small scars on his face along with a long one on his wrist he hides with his broken watch, brown eyes, often rocks a fedora or newsboy cap (the story is set in the 1930’s)

Mannerisms/quirks: Kind of an understatement to call it a “quirk” but he has a tendency to lose his temper. Due to a dark and traumatic past he does not hesitate to resort to violence; however, he only takes it out on criminals or people worse than he is. He also rarely wakes up in his bed due to constant hangovers.

Additional info: Loves classical and jazz music. Also secretly loves to dance. Recovering alcoholic. All he wants in life is to be someone’s hero.


Clyde would scare the hell out of Aokigahara.

Name: Aokigahara Yamamoto

Personality: Aoki is easily spooked, often anxious, and very shy outside of a certain group of people. He has a really bad stutter and self esteem issues related to being bullied for having autism. he bites and has like no mouth filter.

Background: Aoki’s parents were teenage parents in whales and they definitely did their best to raise their son despite his advanced and severe health issues. He was diagnosed with autism while he had childhood leukemia and from there on he was basically bullied in school over his stutter and his autism. Now he’s finishing high school and has a boyfriend and a service dog named Caviar.

Appearance: He’s 5’7" and extremely skinny with black hair and green eyes. His eyes are monolid shape and he wears black “buddy holly” style eyeglasses. He has multiple piercings and tattoos and his hair is shoulder length, often in a ponytail.

Mannerisms/quirks: He often stutters, picks at his skin, and keeps his dog close,

General info: He’s ASD(Autistic spectrum disorder)

Additional info: If you were to pet his dog while he’s at work(Vest actually says 'Service dog. Do not handle) he panics so um…you can’t pet his dog.


Margo could find a way to get along with Aoki.

Name: Margo Sandoval

Personality: kind, outspoken, cares very much about people, very headstrong; she can change from the nicest person you’ve ever met to one of the most intimidating

Background: Raised by a single mother, survived a car crash at the age of 15 which led her to meet fellow officer and surrogate father figure Carl Maslow, graduated from police academy and with a bachelor’s in psychology, works for the Philadelphia police department

Appearance: 5’6, mid-length brown hair (used to be shoulder-length during teen years), gray eye color, in incredible shape due to self-defense classes and constant exercise

Mannerisms/quirks: can jokingly speak in a “seductive” voice when pranking people (sometimes comes in handy with her job), sometimes forgets to end phone calls

Additional info: lost virginity to an ex-boyfriend at the age of 17; doesn’t like to talk about it, bookworm, great with animals, prioritizes her job over romance; however, she secretly has a thing for men with accents, shows some symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia


Calum would likely get along with Margo, since she seems to have an amusing sense of humour. He would find her interesting - especially the self-defense stuff.

Name: Calum Harris

Personality: Life of the party, with an outrageous sense of humour, and a likeable confidence. When faced with confrontation he can become aggressive, but he loves his friends fiercely and loyally. He is incredibly fickle when it comes to romantic relationships.

Background: Alcoholic father, and his mum is unmentioned.

Appearance: Athletically built, with full confidence in his appearance. 17 years old and average height for his age. Dark hair, brown eyes and a cheeky grin.

Mannerisms/quirks: Nearly always grinning or cracking a joke, even when he doesn’t know you.

General info: His main goal in life is to enjoy himself, making him appear slightly hedonistic, though his loyalty to the few people he cares about is impenetrable. Extraverted.

Additional info: Reputation as a ladies man, commitment issues, anger issues that arise in confrontation, cocky, been in a few altercations with the law for decadent behaviour

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Similar to Aster. I think that they would get along fine. They’re both 17 and are always happy.

Name: Aster Dieudonne

Personality: Happy almost everyday and is willing to help others. When anybody mistreats his twin brother, he’ll probably incinerate that person. Thus, he is extremely loyal to his friends and the people he loves.

Background: He was born into the Dieudonne family and lives in luxury. His parents gave no bad influence and he attends the best schools in the country.

Appearance: Normal build. 17 years old with light brown hair and blue eyes. Wears a red workout jacket and matching pants as casual wear. For formal attire, he wears a fancy suit (will vary throughout the story). For school, he wears his school uniform.

Mannerisms/quirks: Likes helping people and tries to lighten things up all the time. Can be cold towards certain people that he doesn’t like.

General Info: He’s extroverted and loves to meet new people. He loves his twin brother and younger sister, and would do almost anything for them. He has no idea what to do with his life yet though. His ability is fire.

Additional Info: He loves cats and sweets and hates spicy food. He loves music, and can be seen with headphones on to pass time.


Name: Pinti Segnoshua

Personality: a little reserved, cautious of others, strong-willed, not a very emotional character because of her past

Background: When she was only twelve, her entire clan was murdered and since then, she has chosen to dismiss her emotions and only focus on her goal of getting revenge, however, she is by no means an angry character. She is the only surviving Shamala (female Shaman, leader of her clan) of her species.

Appearance: A blue anthro cat (Kathula). There are stripes on her legs and arms. She has the marking of a Shamala on her forehead which glows yellow when she uses her magic. Typically does not wear clothes because she has fur. Semi-longhair.

Mannerisms/quirks: She twitches her whiskers when she’s frustrated. She gets down on all fours–Kathula’s fighting stance–the moment she feels threatened. Has developed a quirk of occasionally talking to herself when she’s alone. Uses her made-up swear word “heizak” as the equivalent for every swear word out there unless it doesn’t fit the situation.

General info: 16. Lost family at 12. Believes she is strong and tries to act accordingly. Doesn’t like to show her weak moments.

Additional info: In her best moments, she can smirk, but that’s the most positive emotion you’ll get out of her mainly because of her traumatic past and what she’s been through. She is, however, aware of that and tries to seem approachable around others. She does want to make friends but you need to be patient.

@Eternal_Foxglove Pinti will most certainly not get along with Aster :laughing:

  1. Aster likes cats and Pinti would hate to be called “kitty” which is a derogatory word for Kathula or be treated as a cat animal in any way
  2. Aster is extroverted and tries to lighten things up. It’s not that Pinti doesn’t like extroverted people, she just has trust issues with them.
  3. Aster is human. Pinti has a dislike and distrust for humans. She spent 4 years living amongst them and those 4 years she developed a hate.

Name: Avery Whitewing

Personality: Noble; proud; extroverted; curious

Background: Grew up as essentially the crowned princess, her father is loving, but her mother is more reserved. At the age of 18, she was kidnapped and betrayed, making her rethink her ethical principles and her evaluation of others (she now sees others as her equals and strives for a just world)

Appearance: Young, light Caucasian skin tone, blue eyes, average height, has two large scars on her back from where her wings were amputated. Prior to the age of 18, she had feathered, white wings.

Mannerisms/quirks: Loves to dance, has a tendency to pout, loud laugher

General info: She has grown a lot, thus is more open to new ideas/cultures/people

Additional info: Her fiancé betrayed her in order to gain power on the throne, she had to amputee one of his wings in battle

@TheTigerWriter Maybe not friends, but they could be acquaintances.

  1. Avery’s curiosity would drive her to first reach out and be friends, but she might push Pinti away because of it.
  2. I don’t think Avery would take kindly to Pinti’s coldness, while her time with the Walkers (reg. humans) taught her to be more patient and less prudish, Avery would still be off-put by blatant coldness.
  3. However, under the right circumstances, I could see them becoming political allies or work acquaintances
  4. The cloths thing would be weird for Avery. I’m sorry, she’s just awkward, it would take her awhile.
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Name: Dmitri Belyonavichi

Personality: Childish, innocent, intelligent, jokey, oblivious, curious, determined, clever, overall very friendly.

Background: Dmitri is a cambion(half human + non human), meaning he is born dead and with magic in the Kivan Empire. As a young boy, he was known for overthrowing a corrupted tsar, and being the strongest sorcerer to ever live in the land, earning him the title the “white cambion,” or sometimes called “Byelovitus.” He spent most of his years running away from escaping witch hunts.

Appearance: Commonly, Dmitri has fair(Caucasian) skin with short, ear-length hair with a red headband. His eyes are green.

The younger Dmitri was shorter and effeminate in appearance. He mainly used clothing that’s all white.

As he grew older, he started to wear clothing with more colors. He also has a small gold hoop earring on his left lobe.

Mannerisms/quirks: He can’t read maps, and he’s prone to getting lost all the time.

Additional info: He frequently whines about how he can’t grow a beard, so that counts as an insecurity(?)

Result: High chance of seriously getting along!

1.) Avery and Dmitri seem to enjoy making friends, it will definitely work out.

2.) Both of them like to dance!

3.)Dmitri is always open to learning new cultures as most of his adventures consisted of travelling. He would love to share everything about himself and his country, Kiva!

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Name: Vara Brown

Personality: Crazy, pyromaniac, practically worships her boyfriend

Background: Her family didn’t love her, so she became unhealthily obsessed with her boyfriend. She set a lot in fire by accident and has loved fire ever since/

Appearance: short brown hair, blue eyes, short

Mannerisms\Quirks: Just really crazy. Has a knack for pretending to be sweet.

Additional info: Has a journal full of possible targets.

She did not along with get Dmitri. She would find him annoying.

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Name: Elizabeth “Liz” Vaughn

Personality: more emotional than strategic, more spiritual than pragmatic, mood changeable, easily distractable, kind, warm hearted, interested in culture, mythology and the beauty of things

Background: Father died before birth, travelled around with her mother and lived in different countries, enjoyed every single, lives now in Scotland to study art

Appearance: Messy dark reddish hair, light blue eyes, athletic (swimmer), pale, freckles on nose, cheeks and arms, almost always colourful clothing, prefers petticoats and simple dresses over trousers (she lives in the late 1960s)

Mannerisms/Quirks: Doesn’t know how to react to her love interest; sometimes sees her everyday life in drawings, loves to draw/paint lighthouses and the raging sea in different styles and redecorates her room at least once a month

Additional info: can manipulate water/water molecules and does so sometimes by mistake

I fear, she wouldn’t really get along with Vara, especially since her obsession is described as unhealthy. Maybe Liz would advice a psychological treatment.


Name: Barrington “Barry” Sterling III

Personality: stoic, mature (most of the times), very determined, can be childish at times, very loving of his family and friends, incredibly intelligent (can be hard to tell sometimes), emotional

Background: born in the middle of the Reconstruction era, parents were former slaves and his father died trying to save him from the KKK, now in the 1900’s he works as a sharecropper on a farm with his wife and the rest of their families, learned how to operate airships and steam-powered mechs (its from a steampunk story of mine)

Appearance: African-American, bushy Afro, usually wears a coat and jeans with suspenders, has a necklace with a cross on it

Mannerisms: Often shouts a lot due to his extroverted personality, has a catchphrase ('Ain’t nobody putting me in chains!") that honors his father’s sacrifice, hilariously sarcastic

Additional Info: 51 years old, devout Christian, music and art lover, now works as an airship pilot, carries a shotgun with him just in case if his journeys get violent

I have no doubt Barry and Liz would get along given their interests in culture, spirituality, art, and respect for other people. The water control powers might frighten him a little, but one of his passengers is a girl with telekinesis so he’ll probably be used to seeing weird powers.

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He’s kind of too old to be friends with Kai but they do have a lot in common. 7/10

Name: Kai Haywood

Personality: A very happy girl, quiet at times until she knows the person, can be somewhat awkward at times.

Background: Adopted

Appearance: 5’5, freakishly in shape because of track and basketball, curly hair, basic brown eyes

Mannerisms/quirks: Plays with her hair when annoyed or nervous. Blushes at every embarrassing question or moment. Gets intimidated easily.

General info: 16, has 2 siblings, fastest person on her track team, loves basketball and art

Additional info: She’s just a lost teenager trying to find herself, which is kind of hard when you are adopted and no nothing about your family or history.


Name: Katherine Amnesty

Personality: Definitive otaku/fanwoman, protective big sister to anyone.

Background: Her mother and middle sister vanished one day, and she isn’t on speaking terms with the divorced father, so she’s been taking care of her youngest sister while having a job and still attending high school.

Appearance: 5’4, with chin-length dirty blonde hair that has a teal streak on the front. Has paler skin and blue eyes.

Mannerisms/quirks: She mostly keeps to her group of friends, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t willing to add more. Will throw memes and references around in a conversation. And anime phrases.

General info: Plays trombone in the band, is in all honors classes, drives a busted pick-up truck she calls ‘Miku’, and works as a birthday party magician to make ends meet.

Additional info: Is actually bilingual in English and Japanese. She’s also from Texas, so she has a southern accent.

I feel like they wouldn’t really hang out because their interests are so different, but Katherine would be willing to try to make friends with Kai.


Name: Kenny Langford

Personality: pessimistic, sarcastic, smart-ass, has a secret heart of gold

Background: Born to a rich family whom he’s grown distant from given their constant travels. Been to multiple countries. Moved to Japan with his girlfriend to escape family but ended up alone after breaking up with her after finding out she was cheating on him.

Appearance: 5’10, black hair, brown eyes, pale skin, stubble around chin.

Mannerisms/quirks: Talks out loud to himself a lot, seals world out with headphones, has a bad habit of self-deprecation

General info: 22 years old, was a music major, works in a gift shop in the Akihabara District of Tokyo, often wears a device that allows him to read, speak, and understand foreign languages.

Additional info: Has been suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts since the age of 15. Recovering drug addict. Learning Japanese as part of his job in Tokyo.

I’m not sure if he’d get along with Katherine. Even though he lives in Japan and she likes Japanese things, I’m pretty sure he’d find her very annoying for that reason.


Name: SilverTongue/ The Dread Knight/ The Fallen Prince

age: 28(indefinitely)

gender: Male

Species: Valarian (not from the game of thrones…. (-_-))

Appearance: 7’8 silver hair, the left eye is red/blue and green, the right eye is white with a scar going thru the top of the right eyebrow, down to the bottom of his cheek. built like a football player with retractable black angel wings. usually wears his armor but has it transformed into a black leather jacket, black jeans and a dark grey shirt with a cross in the center of it.

Mannerisms/quirks: a dark-humored personality, a bad habit of telling the future before it happens, very judgmental.

General info: is known as a trinity (25%human/25%angel/50%demon) lived as long as the earth itself,
and had all of his people killed in a tragic way, and can speak any language

he might like to get to know Kenny, but it would have to be when he’s not surrounded by people(which is rare).


Yooo i had named my alien species ‘Valorian’ lol. They have so much in common already
idk if they’d get along tho b/c of their difference in political views.
at least he’d be able to talk to my guy in their native language so that’s a plus i guess

Name: Staci Valun/Wayne Griffin

Personality: work-consumed, focused, hopeless (sometimes), sometimes misses social cues, sort of a nihilist, hates injustice

Background: Staci used to be a detective for the Intergalactic Federacy, but was put in witness protection on Earth. New identity is Wayne Griffin

Appearance: (Staci) wide, yellow reptilian eyes, black epidermis, retractable fingernails and teeth, completely hairless, lanky, genderless. (Wayne) pale, black ear-length hair, dark brown eyes, looks like he’s in his 20s, male, wears shirts from bands he doesn’t listen to, fake emo.

Mannerisms/quirks: only eats meat b/c other foods make him sick, but people think he’s just weird. Doesn’t like being awake in the day. Fears that one day someone will find out he’s not human and they’ll burn him on a stake/ dissect them or maybe even both. Finds children unsettling.

General info: pretty neat fellow tbh

Additional info: communist

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