Would your MCs get along?


8/10 Connie and might have a lot in common of music and family issues. Though Connie is laid-back than Ater, they’ll eventually get to know each other well.

Name: Connie May

Personality: Laid-back, sarcastic, friendly, sassy a bit, strong, hot temper when she gets angry, enthusiastic on stage, creative in music, and swears like sailor.

Background: Connie was inspired by her mom when she was young and wanted to become a rockstar. After her parents got divorced at age fourteen, her father got remarried to Mrs. Nelly (her stepmother) which long story short they didn’t get along. Then as she dropped out of college at age 21, Connie saved enough money to go to LA, following her dream. Until at age 25 her boss fired Connie, her boyfriend stole half of her savings and the band members left her. Now she is living in another world full of monsters, demons, aliens and sketchy government.

Appearance: Short wavy brown hair with dark red highlight tips, 5’4’ tall, lean body, mid-pale skin, tattoo of fallen angel wings and belly piercing. The clothes she wears is either a graphic tee, plaid jackets, skinny jeans, sweatshirts or crop top with her vans sneakers.

Mannerisms/quirks: Don’t be a prick to innocent people; careless and party animal while on stage.

General info: Connie hates pedophiles, sex predictors, fakers, and annoying people.

Additional info: She carries four pepper spray just in case and kept her mom guitar she got on her 21 birthday.


Name: SilverTongue
4/10 honestly he would probably look at you and then walk away without a word. but if he was to see you in trouble with an enemy he’d probably help. other than that he would not even speak to you unless spoken to.

Personality: kind, protective, loving, just, smart, talkative,

Background: after the loss of his people, he went to heaven and slaughtered every angel that was in his path up to the throne. But was cast down and cursed to walk the earth for the rest of his life and to never see heaven or hell.

Appearance: 7ft3 white male, 25%human 25%angel and 50% demon, Black wings, built like a proffesional football player,left red/green andblue colored eye, right eye is completely white, multiple sword scars on his back and chest, pitch black hair. weilds a chain sword that is his height, wears armor that looks like angelic dread-plate that has no helmet but instead has a silver crown that burn with blue fire.

Mannerisms/quirks: he always keeps his sword on his person.

Things they hate: anything considered evil and lazy

Things he does for fun: trains for the day that he might face heaven or hell maybe both if he has to

Outlook on life: “for every choice there will be multiple outcomes to it, in which you must decide to follow”

Goals: to keep the peace between the 3 realms (heaven, hell and earth)

Additional info: though he seems 28 he’s far older, and his armor and sword can change to weapons of the time/age he’s in.


Even though he’s 50% demon, he seems pretty sweet and Kai would probably like him a lot. 7/10

Name: Kai Haywood

Personality: A very happy girl, quiet at times until she knows the person, can be somewhat awkward at times.

Background: Adopted

Appearance: 5’5, freakishly in shape because of track and basketball, curly hair, basic brown eyes

Mannerisms/quirks: Plays with her hair when annoyed or nervous. Blushes at every embarrassing question or moment. Gets intimidated easily.

General info: 16, has 2 siblings, fastest person on her track team, loves basketball and art

Additional info: She’s just a lost teenager trying to find herself, which is kind of hard when you are adopted and no nothing about your family or history.


Normally Clyde wouldn’t care too much, but he does have a soft spot for children, especially since he often relates to their struggles. Good thing, too, given his psychotic streak.

Name: Clyde Di Santis

Personality: incredibly snarky, deadpan sense of humor, can often be a borderline sociopath due to his work as a bounty hunter, secret heart of gold

Background: his parents died of influenza while he was just a teenager, worked as a cop in NYC in his early 20’s but made many enemies due to his often violent behavior, Clyde Di Santis isn’t even his real name; real name unknown (for now…)

Appearance: 5’9, short spiky hair, has small scars on his face along with a long one on his wrist he hides with his broken watch, brown eyes, often rocks a fedora or newsboy cap (the story is set in the 1930’s)

Mannerisms/quirks: Kind of an understatement to call it a “quirk” but he has a tendency to lose his temper. Due to a dark and traumatic past he does not hesitate to resort to violence; however, he only takes it out on criminals or people worse than he is. He also rarely wakes up in his bed due to constant hangovers.

Additional info: Loves classical and jazz music. Also secretly loves to dance. Recovering alcoholic. All he wants in life is to be someone’s hero.