Oh my God. I didn’t even know that existed.


Neither did I! LOL Off to check that out.


Um…how do I find this?



Just click on the hashtag in the quote Ximera did


@KatherineArlene, since you’re watching this thread, I’d like to make a general feedback: On the forums front page, The Pub should be right after The Cafe. Those sub-forums are similar in purpose, after all. Also, if the other comments on this thread are any indication, I think The Pub’s illogical position at the bottom of the page may hide it.


I think it’s at the bottom because it was a hidden club in the old clubs.


What @LigerCat said. The pub used to be very hidden, but it that was so well done, nobody found it. Now, there’s more traffic, which is good, but it is better separated from the café, otherwise you get the same threads in both. Think of it as being just “down the road”.


As others have said, the Pub used to be hidden, i.e. you could only access it if you had the direct link. The Pub dwellers kind of like it to be hidden so it won’t get the kind of traffic that the Cafe gets. I hope that helps.

@PDReaderfiction I can move this thread to the Pub if you like. This club is for discussions about how to publish off Wattpad and this seems better suited for general chatting.

Katherine :katherinearlene:


Well…whatever you think. Although, it was originally about how much information I was finding on here. And how great I thought that was.


Hmm, maybe lurking around here will help me too. :slightly_smiling_face: I am going through what you felt.


I’ve moved it. If you find that the conversation veers back into talking about the publishing industry, just let me know and I can move it back. :katherinearlene:


I believe it’s very common. Unfortunately.


Yeah, WP is a great place to let off some steam and vent if you need to. It’s also a great place to converse with other writers and readers.

If not for WP, I can say my life and writing would be drastically different. I feel like reader feedback has helped me to improve my writing many times over since finishing my first book.

Most people on here are very positive and welcoming. Just stick to the positive threads and ignore the trolls. There are a few on here, but you just have to learn to ignore them.

Glad you’re having a first time positive experience.

Best of luck with your writing. :slight_smile:


Thank you!! (I need it.)


I can’t figure out how to join. Would appreciate advice on that. I am like you but just started to write. Advice would be appreciated.


Join? (I’m a little confused.)


Hey im a writer too


Perhaps you could explain what it is you are looking for?


Not sure of the context, but congrats?


Now I’m all confused…