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OMG. That post felt a little…weird…to me. I flagged it.


Hey what I missed


Hey there,

Wattpad is not a dating site and please note that any discussion of sexual content with undersage characters is banned content on wattpad. As your comments are inappropriate for the forms I will have to delete them. Please remember that wattpad is a site that is 13+ and all content in the clubs must be pg13


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Uh… I didn’t see that person’s comments but since “shota” literally means “illustrated child porn” that person’s entire username is inappropriate, as well as his bio?


It does???




It’s basically the male version of a loli.

Shota (Japanese: ショタ), a Japanese slang term for a cultural version of a more youthful or childlike male appearance, mostly used to describe fictional characters.
Shotacon (Japanese: ショタコン), contracted from the phrase “正太郎コンプレックス” (“Shotaro complex”), Japanese discourse or media focusing on the attraction to young or prepubescent male appearance.


Man. You really DO learn something new every day…