So this was a thread I participated in back on the Clubs, and it was super fun! So I thought it’d be fun to bring it back over here!

So, the link to the story on the clubs on longer works. See a plot summary in post 118 of this thread.

The last sentence on the Clubs :
Fear immediately took over my synapses as I reeled back in utter horror at the thought of whats coming.

My sentence :
“Careful, don’t move. I don’t want to mess this up. Doctor Bonnacorsi will be mad if I do. And I do not want to go where you’re going!” Phoenix scolded, spinning her syringe around in her fingers.


“Oh no, that would be so bad.” I feigned worry, then kicked out again. “Let me out of here, you quack!”


Phoenix scowled, getting more frustrated with me. “Honestly, you’re making this harder then it needs to be. The freeze is not that harmful. Now, hold still.”


“You can take that needle, and shove it up your-” At the last minute, I managed to dislodge the syringe from her hand, and while she bent to get it, my foot connected solidly with her face.


She tumbled backwards into the wall all while shouting into an earpiece I hadn’t noticed before.


Phoenix face flushes a deep shade of purple as she screams orders for someone to die, but her muscles loosen as if she’s relaxing.


One of the walls fly open, and a group of 5 people in lab coats storm in, and apprehend me.


Then they pull me deeper into the room and pin me down on a silver table, fresh syringe in hand.


I can’t help but wonder if they know my phobia of needles, I hope they do.


But if they do, they don’t seem to care, as they give me several injections, the final one knocking me out.


Red, nothing but red, and galaxy, and red, and incredible color. Is this a hallucination, or reality?


I seem to be walking on nothing, towards a house I recognize more then any other place: John’s house, my ex-best friend.


“John!” I called, and the world answered, and the blacktop burst under my feet, and he appeared to me, made of blacktop and flowers and brick and color.


Behind him spread the world I had vanished from: My sister, the Party Caucus, The Academy of the Excelled, everything I had ever known before that fateful night I broke into his house.


He spoke to me in what sounded meaningful, but was really just “depth, silence, ethereal, peony, towering, oxygen, razorblade, eye, sonnet, willow, afterlife.” But I knew he blamed me.


I could feel the dream state slipping away, the people behind him vanished one by one. The ground under me began to crack, and soon I was falling. Falling into nothingness once again.


I hit nothing. Then, I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Awaken.”


I couldn’t help but ‘awaken’ and wonder if I’m ever going to get another choice about anything ever again.


I opened my eyes to searingly bright lights that blinded my vision, and pulled against the tight restraints that had me tied to the bed.


My eyes slowly adjusted to the light and I saw I was in the creepy room I had seen before. The blonde girl I had seen before was sat on a chair a few feet away, unrestrained.