“What the hell!” she uncontrollably shouted, earning her a punch in the mouth.

“Shoulda kept her on the sedative.” A female voice chuckled.

Light Helena came down the stairs, a spear hanging from her side. “H-Helen?” Phoenix gasped.

Helena ignored her. “Did you pirates forget all humans are my territory? Not to mention, General Kong does not have the authority to sentence anyone to immortality, or prison. She’s in the hands of The Academy of Illumination now. Release her, before I have to use force.” her hand rested on the spear.

Phoenix’s guards unchained her, then flung her towards Light Helena. “Let’s go, Phoe. We don’t have long before they discover what I’ve done.”

They ran up the stairs, and onto a smaller barge. “Lilith! Hurry, we have to go!” Helena shouted.

The ship began to move, fast. “Oh my gosh, Phoe. I warned you, I warned you that you shouldn’t taken that job! Thank goodness I found you. Disguising myself as my Light counterpart was a pain. And my Dark counterpart tricked my brother, oh my lord. He thinks the Darkness took me! But I got sent here! Oh Phoe, this is such a mess.”


“Wait… Helen?” Phoenix said, “I thought… I thought I killed you! How did this happen?”


“Oh Phoe… do you remember how… when Ed fought John at his house, and I caught up in it? I died and came back to life at least five times. Somehow, because of that, I ended having a perfect clone of myself created. You killed my clone. Phoe, I don’t blame you. I’m just glad to have you back.”


ELSEWHERE… the Helicopter I am riding in approaches New Uiju, where Elizabeth is reported to be.

(switching back into first person as Phoenix interlude temporarily over)

I look down at the flat landscape.

“You new kids better follow our leads down there,” says Ernest. “We don’t want any more people dying than absolutely have to.”

The Helicopter landed beside a paved road. In the distance, there was a collection of white buildings.

“That’s New Uiju,” says Kal. She holds one of her spears. “Be careful.”

We approach cautiously. There’s no sign of life. We head towards the banks of a large, wide river, following its course around the town.

“Keep an eye out for her metal ship,” says Kal.

We turn a corner and find a man sitting on the river bank. He has on old clothes, a wide-brimmed hat of cedar, and a silver bracelet. He is dark, with a black moustache.

He turns to look at us. “Who are you lot?” He doesn’t look surprised, just suspicious.

“He’s a mortal,” whispers Kal. “Be careful.”


“What are you talking about? I thought you made us all like you or something,” I ask.


“This land is near the border of the Light World,” said Kal. “The boundary between worlds is thin here and people from both here and beyond are sometimes seen.”

The man stood up. “Are you from that city with all the greyscale stuff?” he asked. “You’re too late. She’s gone.”


Kal and Ernest step in from of me and Mesa, shoulder to shoulder. “What are you talking about?” the boy snaps.

“Eliza made it across the border, dimwit.”


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“Who’s Eliza?” I ask, worried. “What… city with the greyscale stuff? What are you talking about?”


Kal looks back at Mesa and I. “Elizabeth. The person we’re looking to recapture. And, I have no clue.”

She turns back to the man. “We’re taking you into custody.” she tells him.

Ernest, lightning quick, snaps a pair of glowing tendrils around his wrists. “Pure light crystal. No mortal can escape from them.” he laughs.


The man starts screaming, but Ernest hauls him off into some room.


Kal leads Mesa and I back to the seats in the helicopter. “I can’t believe we were so slow! She’s escaped into the mortal world, where we can’t chase her. Who knows what chaos she’ll cause now!” Kal vents loudly, earning some alarmed looks from the others aboard the copter.


“Wow, you losers messed up so much!” said the man, who Ernest was trying to stuff into the small room at the back of the helicopter, with only mild success. “You can’t catch your crazy pirate person, but you decide to abduct some random fisherman! Real smooth, magic elite teenager squad! Real smooth!”

“Ernest, hurry up and lock him in!” said Kal. “God. Why. The things we have to put up with.”


She chuckles, and draws a thin, oblong-shaped piece of metal or plastic from her pocket. She tugs on both ends of it, opening a small gap between the two halves. A translucent, pale blue hologram about the size of a postcard appears.

Kal taps around on it, before opening what I guess is a video call. “Captain Helena. Target escaped via passage into mortal world. Suspected witness in custody. Heading back to Academy now.”

I can see a hazy outline of Light Helena’s face from my seat across from Kal. “Elizabeth’s not the only one who escaped. Most of the targets made it across the border. Not only that, we’ve had a massive security breach in the Southern Province. Is Terrell there?”


Helena laughs. “Let me talk to Terrell. You deal with Ernest and the witness.”

Kal tosses me the hologram-phone thing, which I with ease. “Terrell. We’ve had a giant breach in the Southern Province. Your sister, my mortal counterpart, is alive and pretended to be me in order to break Phoenix, the girl who prepped you for the Deep Freeze, out of a prison barge. Her boss must have sent her to retrieve you. They, alongside Lilith Vela, Nadia Mayberry, and several other unidentified females, are currently on a rampage, freeing other mortals from Southern barges.”

“Oh dear lord.” Mesa and I mutter.


“Wait,” I say. “Freeing mortals? Why is that a thing? Why do we have mortals? Are they all criminals?”

Kal stared at me for a moment as if she was unsure what to say.

“Yeah,” she said after a moment. “They’re all criminals. All of them. That’s just how it is.”

“Wow,” I say. “I don’t remember Earth- sorry, Blishadon, having that many criminals. Isn’t that what prisons are for?”

“Edward, please, work with me on this, okay?” said Kal. “And it’s ‘Blixiodon’, not ‘blishadon’.”

“Anyways,” I said. “I know my sister wouldn’t do something like this. It has to be a mistake.”

Ernest shouted, “Let’s leave Edward behind! He’s just gonna be biased towards his sister!”


( don’t question it)


Kal chuckled and pulled up a security feed on her phone thing. “That’s Helen, isn’t it?” she asked, showing me a freezeframe.

“Oh no. Yeah, that would be her. And that’s Phoenix, next to her.”


“Can I talk to her again? I thought she was dead,” I said, smiling. “Can I talk to Helen again?”

“No.” Kal said. “I swear to god, our glorious leader Light Tang… he should’ve listened when I said that memory erasure would be the only way to keep people like you from acting stupid. But he didn’t. I would say that he made a mistake, but that is treason. Our glorious leader does not make mistakes.”


“I could talk her out of whatever she’s doing!” I said. “This could be a chance to use my skills for something!”

Kal looked at me for a moment. “It might work, actually,” she said.

Ernest laughed. “Wow, did you just say ‘my skills’? Referring to the ability to phone your relatives? Real impressive, Ed!”

“But,” Kal said. “If you try anything weird on that phone call, I will have to subdue you, violently.”


“Okay. Got it. Just let me talk to her.” I said. Kal quickly pressed a couple of buttons and a hologram of my sister suddenly appeared.

“Oh, Terrel! I thought you were dead! What did they do to you?” My sister said.