“Hold on for one second,” I said.

“Kal, turn on voice cam right now.”

Kal looked at me with a slightly guilty expression. “Um…”

“Alright, Helena, tell me, what was the address of our house?”

“Terrell, why are you asking me…”

“Just answer!” I said.

“Um… 4552 Zhongshan street?”

“No!” I said. “It was 6577 Renmin boulevard! Light Helena! Why are you here!”

Kal took the phone from me. “I just wanted to see how you’d act, if you’d say anything heretical. How did you even know?”

“She called me by my last name,” I said.

“Oh,” said Kal.


“There’s a lot of things I don’t remember, Ed, they did something! I’m sorry! Please. It’s the real me. Please believe me…” Helena’s in tears.

((did not mean to call ed “terrell” there but I like what you did with it))


“Look, you’ve got two doppelgangers running around, Helena. I’m not discussing anything personal with you over the phone. Are you helping Phoenix right now?”


“Wha… Yeah, I think so. I’m helping her. The Company sent her here to get you back. Or maybe to kill her. I just wanted to bring her back to Earth so she could have a life again. Change her name, cut her hair, get some plastic surgery, and fake her death. Isn’t it weird that that’s her name and we’re trying to do that?”


“It depends. Did you come up with the idea to do that, and then realize her name was ‘Phoenix’? Or were you inspired to do that because her name is ‘Phoenix’? Because if it’s the second one, then it isn’t really -”

“What are you two even talking about?” asked Kal.


“Eh, I don’t know. I just wanted to save her. Reveal the Company’s atrocities to the world. I didn’t really have much of a plan.” she said.


“Well, if you want to fake her death, just make it look like she never returned from this place. It’s pretty messed up and violent. Either way, I hear that you’re releasing prisoners or something? Why are you doing that?” I asked.


“Because the Company sent them there and Dark Low gave them no choice but to join him.” She says it, almost crying. “Just. Like. You.”


“Helena, there’s a whole army coming for you and Phoenix. You need to stop whatever you’re doing, right now. I really can’t stress this enough, and I can’t say much else because I’m riding a helicopter with the soldiers. That’s all I can say. Stand down and start playing it safe. You can’t fix this world.”


“I’m sorry, Ed,” she says, “it’s already far, far too late for me to turn back now.”


She hung up the phone.

“No luck?” asked Kal.

“None,” I said.

“Then we have to fight her. Ed, this is probably going to be emotionally difficult for you, so I’m going to render you unconscious until the battle is over. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt a bit.”


“Wha-” I ask, before everything goes black.


I woke up in the back room with the guy from the riverbank who Ernest abducted.

“Looks like you weren’t good enough for the magic teenager dystopia super squad, huh?” he said.

“Who… where…”


“Your sister’s in jail, son,” he said.

“What?! Helen?!”


“Yeah, That Kal got her, and they put her on some sort of huge plastic zeppelin thing. Saw the whole thing through the vent shaft.” He pointed to a small window in the ceiling. “General Vynyr is having her taken to a place called Nandongyu. It’s, like, really scary or something. You’ll probably get sent there too because you’re related.”


“What?!” I start freaking out.

“Yup. You know her so you’ll get sent there too. You like her too much. Security risk.”


“Where’s Kal?”

“She’s on the plastic Zeppelin. Now, look, kid, you’ve got two options. You can use your cool teen powers to get us both out of here before they put us in a real dungeon. Or you can get sent to a horrible labour camp gulag thing.”


“Teen powers? I don’t have any teen powers!!!” I scream. “We’re gonna die!!!”


“Well, what do you call all that spear knife dystopia stuff they teach you? It’s teen powers or whatever! Come on! Rescue yourself and me by extension!”


"Uh… Okay. " I said. I whip out my dagger and start sawing away at the iron bars.

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