After I get about halfway through the bars, someone pounds on the door. “Get down!” the man hisses, shoving my shoulder, hard.

I crumple to the floor before standing back up. “Terrell, whatever nonsense that guy is spewing to you isn’t true. The face-scan just finished for him, and turns out he’s Elizabeth’s brother. Not a mortal, just a stupid one of us. So can you please stop damaging the copter before we actually have to throw you in jail?” Kal says through the door.

The man curses next to me and reaches up to continue sawing at the bars. But, when his hand closes around the hilt of the dagger, he screams. “Nice try, but without gloves, those things will eat through your flesh like acid.” Kal mocks.


I punch Kal.


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“The things I deal with.” she mutters.

I hit her again, and that makes her realize something. “Oh damn. ERNEST WHAT DID YOU USE TO SEDATE HIM?” she shouts.

Ernest comes running, holding a syringe in hand. “Wrong drug, wrong drug.” he says, clearly freaking out.

He injects me and I fall to the ground.


I don’t lose consciousness, but I’m paralyzed.

“Why didn’t the facial recognition software work the first time?” asked Ernest, who was wrestling the man to the ground.

“It hadn’t updated its data set to his new face,” she said. “What should we do about Edward?”

“You mean Terrell? He’s obviously an idiot,” said Ernest. “Let’s send him to Nandongyu or something.”

At that moment, the man exploded. His skin burst and disgusting black liquid was sprayed everywhere in the helicopter. Where his chest had been was a large black, slimy bug the size of a sheep.

The bug whispered in a deep voice. “NOT PREPARED, HUMAN. YOUR FACE IS MINE!” It pounced on top of Ernest and began attacking him with its pincers. I could not move to help him.


Kal and Mesa, who runs from where she was sitting, begin to attack the bug. Mesa’s spear bounces off it’s shell, but Kal’s dagger slices deep into the exo-skeleton. The bug shrieks, and tries to back off, but Mesa runs the head of her spear into one of the slits Kal made in the shell. It shrivels up, and turns red-gray.

“I am so done for the rest of the week!” Kal shouts and storms off.

Mesa helps Ernest, who is completely shaken, stand up. “Ugh. What a damn mess. Mes, can you get Tessa? Third-year pistol trainer. She’s the co-pilot.” he says weakly.

“I told you not to call me Mes anymore. This isn’t Earth. Everyone we knew is dead. Forget anything ever happened between us, ok?” Mesa mutters dejectedly, turning away.

She runs to the front of the copter, ignoring Ernest shouting to her. “Damnit. I guess you want me to help you up, huh?” he says, looking at me, frozen on the floor.


I can’t really do anything. Not even speak. But white light starts to cloud my vision, then grey, then…
red. I’ve seen this before, I know what this is. I’m waking up from this nightmare, right?

I jolt awake, hidden away on a barge. Tracing my hands over my face I feel this burning sensation. It’s not supposed to be like this. Where’s Mesa? Is she just… is she…

I see Mesa, standing. “Wha… what happened?”

“I don’t think it was just a dream, Mesa,” I say. “But let’s stay awake, for as long as we can. I don’t want to go back. Because the next time… I think this won’t happen to us again. Not just waking up, where I was before. Not just… not like this.”


(OOC : OK WHAT?! That’s shocked me most after all that’s happened."

She nods, and helps me stand. “There’s no way we imagined that. We wouldn’t both be here if we did. We need to get away from here. There’s a passage out of this world nearby, that must be it. Like how Elizabeth escaped.”

I’m about to respond, but a loud clamor of footsteps stops me. Phoenix, and a large group of others run onto the deck. All of them look shaken, their eyes giant, faces shining with sweat. “That can’t have been real…” the medic gasps.

“That was very real. And something tells me it’s about to get worse.” Mesa says, pointing to the sky.

Everyone looks upward. Two large cities shine in blue expanse of the sky. Well, only half of it is blue. The other is murky purple. One of them is white, pure white like clouds. The other is black, like an oil spill. “The three worlds have collided. Light, Mortal, and Dark. There’s a war coming. Only two will survive.” a voice says weakly from behind me.

Mesa and I turn around. Kal and Ernest are standing shakily behind us. Their weapons and armor is gone, replaced by tattered white clothes. “We don’t have long before Low starts corrupting as much of this world he can. It’s already started, look.” Kal tosses me a normal cellphone, which was probably her hologram one before she got stuck down here.

I turn it on and am bombarded by news articles from across the world.


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The articles have titles like “SUPERNATURAL DANGER”, “World Literally Split In Half,” “Potential Alien Invasion,” “Armageddon”, and “Sinners Repent! Biblical War Is Upon Us!” Titles that seem like Onion articles.

But they’re not. This is our reality.

“If it was anything else I’d command you to return to the front lines,” Kal said, “but I just want us to all stay alive. Even now. You’re just children.”


“Hey, we’ve been put through a lot of shit because of your kind!” Phoenix protests, pushing past Mesa and I.

“‘Our kind’? We’ve been the barrier between mortals and Dark Low for millions of years. You should be thankful!” Ernest scoffs.

“Ernest, shut your mouth! You know you used to be part of a family that fucking worshiped him! I should know, I was too. But unlike you, I despised it!” Mesa screams at him.

Ernest looks like he’d been slapped. “Can we get over anything personal for a bit? We need to get away from this place, it’s The Central Nexus. The easiest passage into the Light and Dark Realms. Which, right now, are in the sky. So, can someone steer this barge out of here?” Kal suddenly says.

A girl with purple hair raises her hand. “Good. Get onto that. Everyone else start unpacking these crates. Mesa, Ed, come with me. Ernest, stay here and help.”


The girl leads us through a series of seemingly impossible tunnels into a giant room. It’s pitch dark. The girl says, “Greetings. I called you over for a specific reason. The same reason.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked. “Why are we here?”

“You’re a Luminescent. But you’re also, somehow, mortal. I do not understand how it’s possible for you to be like this. Perhaps it was the work of Dark Low.”


Kal pulls her hair into a ponytail. “We’ve known something would happen. It’s been predicted for centuries. One of the realms will be destroyed, during a war involving all of them. I never expected it to happen in my lifetime.”

Her gaze floats over to Mesa. “Anything that happened between you and someone aboard this boat must be forgotten. Whatever happened between you and Ernest needs to be put aside. What Phoenix did to you doesn’t matter anymore. Tang will be looking for everyone he lost during the collision. My guess is that a large number of Luminescents got scattered across Earth, like me. Then, he’ll attack Low.”

“When he finds me, he’ll try to take me at any cost. Low will be hunting for Kassandra Oliver, the girl in The Tank. She’s on Earth somewhere, freed from her prison. We need to find her first. She will be our most powerful weapon.”

Kal holds an image of a sword slicing through a diamond. “Welcome to my crew.”


I’m shocked. But I suppose. Whatever is completely necessary.


Mesa is very much not.

“Are you saying that we’re going to take a girl who’s sold our secrets out of her imprisonment tank and expect her to work with us?”


Kal bites her lip. “Kass… Kassandra trusts me. She trusts me more than anyone from the Republic. Just, work with me on this. Please?”


“Fine.” Mesa says. “I just have to ask you. Why?”


(Wait, what was a dream exactly? Does Elizabeth still have a brother? Is he still dead? Are they on a huge battleship?)


“I’ll explain everything once we get Kass from the Capital,” says Kal.

“Very well,” says Mesa. “But play it safe, okay? I’m only agreeing to this under the special circumstances.”

Kal turns to me. “Ed, we need your help. Tang will be looking for you in particular, because of your being mortal and not at once and all. We need you to be a distraction.”


(Nothing was really a dream, but Ed, Mesa, Kal, Ernest, Phoenix, and a bunch of others “woke up” on the barge Ed passed out on after escaping the lab where Phoenix worked. That was because the 3 worlds [Light, Mortal, and Dark] collided, and now war is approaching. I guess Elizabeth’s brother is dead, I don’t know really.)

“Of course.” I mutter, but nod anyways.


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At that moment, a high-pitched droning sound was heard from beyond the walls.

“Everyone stay here!” said Kal. “That’s the sound of Tang’s ship, the Renmin Acquirer.”