Two buttons stand out, labled “LIGHT ENERGY” and “DARK ENERGY”.

“Please, just do it!” Kass pleaded.

“What if… what if it kills you?” I ask. “I don’t want you to-”

“I’ve been alive for far too long, Kalisinta.” Kass used my real name. “Just shoot it. I’m willing to die for this.”

“There has to be some other way, Kass, there has to!” I’m panicked at this point.

“There’s no other way. Just shoot it.”

I press the palms of my hands on both of the buttons, and the machines start to rev up. One minute until blast fires.

“If I’m gonna die,” Kass says, “sing our song. Sing our song, Kalisinta. Please.”

I take a deep breath and start.

(not the oliver kassandra lost at the beginning thing ok)


(Ok, this is going to be terrible. Song-writer is something I am terrible at.)

You came to my lands,
broken, your soul crushed at the hands of the one I fought,
No one thought you could take a stand,
But you proved what they all spoke naught

You burned and you blazed
You brought yourself hope and pride
So who could blame me if I became crazed?
You let me in, let me join your ride

It took not long, before we both grew stronger than before
But, something else had sparked inside us
The best friends were no more
For we had more
We had love

Then the darkness fell
A great cry of agony its partner
The world spiraled into hell
And I built myself armor

A shell stronger than anything else
A gate on my heart, so lost and ruined

(What have I created? I cannot song-write, but I tried. Also, may have had the Kal and Kass thing in mind for ages. But things got so crazy. And somehow it still happened.)


“Thank you,” Kassandra Oliver said, tears falling down her face. “Thank you, Kalisinta. Thank you.”


And I feel our entire world exploding.


Shift To Third-Person POV

Somethings can never be put to words. Like how it smells after rain. It can only be just that. How it smells after rain. That was much like what happened when Dark Low’s machine got fired. The most catastrophic event the world ever experienced. It hardly lasted a minute, but it felt like a century.

Shift Back to Kal’s POV

As the feeling of pure destruction ends, I spin back around to see Kass, if she’s still alive. She’s kneeling over Low’s body, checking his pulse. “He’s alive, barely.”

“I don’t care. You’re alive. That’s all I care about.”

She flashes me a smile but says, “Look. Out. The. Window.”

I turn back around and she joins me. The glass is shattered, shards still crashing to the pavement below. But floating in the air outside is a woman with floating white hair and wings. Next to her is a man with dark, dark red hair and classic cartoon devil horns.


“We have to leave. Now,” I say.

“But Low’s almost dea-”

“He tried to kill me for god’s sake! Are you gonna stay and die? Or run away with me?”


Shift Back to Ed’s POV

A couple of things passed while Kal was gone. We docked on an island, which had barely anything on it, save a few trees, and a massive white warehouse. The building was devoid of any life, so we set up camp inside it. We spent most of the time moving the crates off the barge, and then unpacking them.

Then the world felt like it collapsed in on itself. It was the most terrifying thing I’d ever been through. Like my bones vanished and my body was jello, but it felt like I went leaden too. After that ended, we rushed onto the roof of the warehouse. It was terrifying, seeing them in the sky.


I felt like the world itself was ripping apart at the seams, under the jurisdiction of these two colossal beings. I held onto Mesa’s hand tight enough to break it, as we sat and watched the world end. Helplessly.


At some point, I blacked out. I thought I was dead, or dying. It seemed like it would have been mercy, but later I learned it wouldn’t have been.


When I finally woke up, I was in a windowless, dark room with Mesa. The one door was bolted shut from the outside. “This is Dark Low’s domain, right?” I asked. “I mean, if Light Tang got us, we’d be in a white room -”

“No. Dark Low is dead.” Mesa seemed so sure of it.

“How did you kno-”

“Kal told me. She… she said that when he died, this dark energy found Kassandra. Turned her into… I don’t know what. But she took Low’s place. Kal managed to make it out, but she says… she says her time’s almost up. That it’s going to reach her soon.” Mesa’s voice is shaking.


Mesa went on. “She thinks Kassandra did that on purpose, so she could rule with her. Those two have some relationship issues they need to sort out big time. But anyways, this is the infirmary in an academy here on Earth. Phoenix brought us here. She seems to be the only one who didn’t pass out.”


“Wait, THE academy?! Of The Excelled!??!?! Where I’m from?!?!” I ask.


Mesa chuckles. “Nope, we’re across the US from that place. We’re in an art school right now. I can’t remember the name for the life of me.”


“Oh… that’s good,” I tell Mesa. “What happened? Why are we stuck here?”


“After those… things disappeared and everyone woke up, Kassandra was in power. Tang is in hiding. She’s much more powerful than him, or Low. She’s trying to capture us, all our friends, and most of all, Kal. There was a convergence point here, and she can’t attack us while we’re here. She’s been taking mortals as prisoners and turning them. We’re forming a rebellion.”


(are we back on edward’s perspective?)




“Wow… that’s horrible, and this… and what… Oh my god…” I’m horrified. “So how do we take her down?”

“Trick question,” Mesa says, “we don’t. We’ve decided that whatever took over Kassandra stole her mind or something, and with a deep enough emotional tie to Kass, somebody might be able to get through to her. So Kal takes her down.”


“That… actually is a pretty good plan.”


“Hey, don’t thank me for it. Thank Phoenix.” Mesa points at Phoenix, who’s busy figuring out some science thing.


She turns and waves for a second then continues what she was doing. “Come on. Time to show you the base.” Mesa says, holding out a hand.