“We can reverse it-” Phoenix tries to say, before being interrupted by Kal.

“It’s too late. The plan… it’ll fail. We don’t have enough time.”


“Not if Ed uses the Light Energy inside him… Oh right we haven’t told you about that yet!”


“What the hecc are you guys talking about? Light Energy? What???”


Phoenix grabs my arm, and goes to grab Kal’s infected arm, but stops and grabs her other. She drags us into the office and begins to explain.


“You know how we said you were half human and half Luminescent?”


I nod, thinking back to everyone’s blatant confusion.


“Well, your body seemed to have absorbed all Light Energy given, but it didn’t start a transformation. Our plan is to take some of the Light Energy out of you and give it to Kal.”


Phoenix retrieved a strange box from underneath the desk. “This machine is the Anzhen, the Luminescent Jewel. It is an artificial way of storing light energy.”


“Ok. Makes sense. But how are you getting the Light Energy out?” I asked.

“Well…” Phoenix said, “remember what happened at Dr. Bonnacorsi’s, uh, laboratory?”


(I actually don’t irl)


" Dr bonnocorsi’s lab is a place of evil " kal says. we must leave now . but as they go to leave the door flies open with force.


A scary clown guy dressed in a black outfit stood there.


“Who are you?!” I screamed, using the closest thing to me - a stapler - to defend myself.


(I’ve missed out on a lot, but in my understanding, someone’s usurped the late Dark Low’s powers, right?)


(Yes: Kassandra Oliver. She’s also began to corrupt Kal, who she was in love with prior to her (Kass’s) corruption.)



The scary clown guy advanced, and removed a magnet from his clown regalia.


“WHAT THE HELL??!??!??” I screamed, throwing a stapler at the man. It attracted to his magnet.


Phoenix said, “It’s a Dark Soldier! They work for Dark Low… or I guess now…”


“Kal, watch out!” I screamed.


Kal pulled a slim blade from a sheath I hadn’t noticed before. A Lumi-Dagger, from back at The Academy. She threw it at the clown, and when it connected with his chest, he recoiled into the door. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a small burn mark on Kal’s palm.