Kal smiled as she stared at the burn mark. Phoenix spoke into a walkie-talkie, “Hey, Dark Soldier in Office AB18, Dark Soldier in Office AB18, I’d like some soldiers here, sooner rather than later please?”


A familiar voice I couldn’t place replied. “Yeah, that’s not gonna be possible right now Phoenix. We’ve got a bit of a problem here too.”


“Who is that?” I asked.


“You’ll see in a few minutes. Come on Ed, we’ve got things to deal with down at the shipping docks. Kal, stay here and protect the jewel.”


“I’m gonna get kidnapped though!” Kal screams. “With this arm, and how much I matter to Kass…”

“Just don’t get kidnapped!” Phoenix said.


Kal waved her burned palm in front of Phoenix’s face. “I can hardly use Light weapons without this happening, and it weakens my resistance to Kass’ power. Get someone else to protect it. Like Mesa and John. They’d be fine with it.”

She stormed out of the room, leaving Phoenix to drag me to the shipping dock.


Phoenix led me to a large dock near the bottom of the campus. Hanging, ripped, from a tree was a banner stating “DOLPHINS ROWING TEAM TRYOUTS HERE”.
“There’s a rowing team at an art sch-” I ask, before Phoenix interrupts me with a call out to somebody on the end of the dock.
“Estrella! Got everything from the labs up in quarantine zone 5?”


“Barely! I’ve got everyone possible fighting off a horde of Kassandra’s soldiers.” replies a voice from the dock.

A girl with shoulder-length ginger hair runs over to us. Blood is splattered across her arms and legs.


“But, yeah. We got the stuff from the lab. Just, bring in some soldiers, okay? Maybe a Light Bomb or something.” Estrella smiles, handing Phoenix a briefcase covered in blood.


I’m completely lost in thought, trying to figure out how the hell I know Estrella, when Phoenix leaves.


“You can shoot a gun, right?” Estrella says.
“Well, ye-” I say, before she interrupts me, shoving a gun into my hands.
“Here. Keep them back.”


“-ah I have one on of my back…” I mutter as she runs after Phoenix.


Whipping around, I shoot the Dark Soldier in the forehead, causing him to crumple to the ground. A look of concern and shock spreads across my face, but it’s instantly replaced by anger as I whip around a second time, shooting another.


I shoot about ten more down before a very female shriek emanates from the building. “Mesa!” I shout, and start running pell-mell back inside.


I find Mesa clutching her chest, as if to hold something back from inside of her heart. She is crying.

“Ed… please, help!” Mesa screams.


Anybody here?



where’s the story at?


look at post 356, that’s where we left off before the thread kinda died


(Sorry my inspo kinda died for a bit. I’ll try something)

“How? Mesa, please don’t die on me!” I said quickly, watching as she continues to sharply take in breaths.


“Just help me keep it back!” Mesa shrieks at me. “Shoot me! With a bolt of light energy or some shit!”

“SHOOT you?!?!??!” I ask. “But then you’ll die!”

“No, then it’ll die! I don’t have time for this!” Mesa’s screaming, now thrusting a chair into her chest.