And, as I tumble down, the world goes black.

I dream of drowning in that same river I jumped into. I try to swim, but my legs are shackled. The fire burns. You can’t escape your destiny, Mesa, I can hear Kassandra Oliver saying.

And I mutter, in the dark, and the cold, and the water… “I don’t want this.”


Through the murk, I see a blob of orange walk to the riverbank. “This is what you chose. But I can save you.” I hear Ernest say.

I feel myself get pulled to the surface of the water, and I wake up.


“What, are you going to try to get me out of here?” I asked Ernest.


He’s standing over me, checking my pulse I think. “If you aren’t quiet about it, this won’t work. Now, do you want to end thousands of lives to save Ed, or maybe end one or two, and save yourself?”

His words hit me like a tidal wave.


“What are you talking about?”


“Mesa, if you kill Tang, the land that The Republic is built upon, will cease to exist. Every building will vanish, and thousands of Luminescents will fall from the sky and die. He has tied it to his lifeforce. Would you commit mass genocide, to a people that gave you powers and abilities most mortals could not comprehend, for one boy?”


“Fuck no! I don’t even know why I want to join them!”


“Then come with me. Ed may not survive, but, if you don’t want to destroy The Republic, it’s your only choice.”


“Okay,” I say. I grab his hand and he smiles at me.


Ernest helps me stand up, and I get a look at my surroundings. We’re in the lobby of Kassandra’s skyscraper. A steady flow of people are coming and going through the doors. There are no check-in desks, and instead, it’s just an open floor. “I fell this far?” I whisper as he leads me into the crowd of people leaving the building.

“Yeah. You’re lucky to be alive Mes. Even though I got to you pretty fast, you still should have died from the head injury you got. Also, word of advice, try not to run or do anything to fast for a while. Not until we can get it professionally checked out.”

I nod, slowly. And, at that moment, a furious voice comes over the intercom.

“Mesa Wyatt, report to the rooftop right away! If anyone sees Mesa Wyatt, send her to the rooftop right away! Do not let her leave this building!”


“Shit. Go, go, go!” Ernest mutters, grabbing my arm and running as we burst out the door.


As we run, I hear crowds behind us. Screaming. We both run faster and faster, until we’re almost flying.

“We have to get out of here!” I scream.

“No shit, Sherlock,” he says, “but we better get going faster! They’re readying helicopters!”


As we begin to dart through alleys, I notice Ernest’s eyes are locked onto one building.

“That place is hidden from Kassandra’s radars. It’s pretty full of Ex-Lumiescents who are still loyal to The Republic. Hardest apartments to rent, but somehow I scored one. We’ll be safe there for a while. Until this dies down enough.” he tells me, noticing the curious look plastered over my face.

I nod.


Ernest leads me up a ladder and onto an overhang. Grabbing the ladder, he jumps onto the roof and across the rooftop. I rush up to him as he grabs onto my arm, almost tossing me from building to building. I tuck and roll, jumping back up as he lands on the other building.

“Shit, it’s going to take off soon!” Ernest curses.


“We better hurry then!” I said with rushed breath. I tried to follow Ernest but with how quick he is, it’s hard to keep up with him. I pushed onward.


I hear a loud whirling, and Ernest swears again. He toss me a large black cloth. “Hide under that. It’ll shield you from the radars.”

“What about you?” I ask, pulling the sheet around my shoulders.

He smirks. “I’ve got my ways Mes.” and he disappears.

Shocked, but not completely surprised, I duck my head under the cloth and lay flat. I hear some shuffling, and then a thud. “Careful!” I hiss.

Ernest chuckles quietly.


The sound of helicopters soon blasted overhead.
I try to hold the black cloth down so it wouldn’t fly away from the powerful winds. And also without attracting attention from anybody. Not an easy task let me tell ya! At this point, I can barely hear Ernest at all. Man, I hope he’s going to be okay.


It almost sounds like he’s saying “Stay calm Mes” but I can’t be sure.


So I try my hardest to be true to those words.


I lose track off time as we wait for the helicopters to go away.


After a long fifteen minutes, they finally did.