I watch in horror as the Luminescent’s skin is covered in black veins.


The Luminescent is obviously in distress, and as I see their eyes turn pure black, I see this low-res tear dribble down their cheek as they sadly smile. I can hear their voice, a distant thing, hard to make out with the bad voice recorder, saying… “Goodbye.” Then they let out an ear-piercing scream and drop to the floor.


When they rise only several moments later, they’re a shadow. A literal fucking shadow.


“My dearest mister Dymien Kal. Your mother Natya will be happy to see her son again,” the Darkling voice said.

“OH MY GOD!” Ernest screamed. “HE’S NATYA’S GODDAMN SON!!!”


The shadow, Natya’s son begins to look more human, or as human as a recently turned into Darkling a Luminescent can get. Meanwhile, as my eyes are locked on the screen, Ernest is pacing, trying to call someone.


“Please Vynr, pick up, pick up,” Ernest mutters into the cell phone.


This goes on for several minutes, before the camera I’m watching gets noticed and a knife is thrown at it. The screen goes dark, and I change which cam I’m viewing.


One that shows the entryway.

Stained with Luminescent blood.

Bodies being dragged out.

One of them looks an awful lot like, and I hope this isn’t true… Vynr.


I click to the camera right outside the front door and almost vomit. A pile of Luminescent bodies is stacked there. A Darkling is shouting orders, and others of his kind are pulling out vials of what looks like dark fire.

Without warning, they throw them onto the bodies. “ERNEST!” my shout is ripped from the throat before I can think.

He whirls around and watches as one more body is thrown to the fire. My hopes were futile. The General’s limp body is lit with the flame, engulfed within seconds.


((Quick OOC note, isn’t just burning the bodies very wasteful on the part of the Darklings? Those are, like, 20 soldiers you got there! Did you forget that brainwashing was a thing? Eh, I gave them a good reason now…))

The dark fire completely consumes the bodies. Even up here, I smell this stench that makes me double over, attempting not to vomit anything up. But what happens to the bodies… they’re not just burnt up into a weird mess, their blood turns the black fire into blinding white. And as the bodies begin to burn completely, the Darklings seem to step into the fire, and white light consumes them. But they don’t seem to be in pain, no, not at all. It almost looks like they’re teleporting.

And in a distant Darkling accent, distorted by the poor mic quality, I hear - “Operation Eternal Night is ago. Let’s get to killing that dick. That dictator, I should say.”

And right then and there, Ernest and I lose our collective shit,


There’s a whole lot of screaming from us. At some point one of us punches and break the computer.


“Well we can’t do anything because the door is bolted shut,” Ernest says, “the entire world is going to end, and we can’t do anything about it because of our door!”

“We could bombard it with a couch or something,” I suggest.


So we tried that.


And it turned out to be a waste of time and energy.

But fate had dealt us at least one good hand. The door blasted open from the other side. “We don’t have much time. Hurry!!!”


It’s Alison, her face splattered with blood.


“I’m sorry,” Alison said. “I just didn’t want you to be another one of those burnt bodies. Just come with me.”

We run out of the apartment and through a maze of hallways, down flights and flights of stairs, almost flying the whole time.


“Where are we going?” Ernest asks her.
“The base is destroyed. We need to regroup,” she says. “We are going to camp 5.”
“Camp 5?” I ask.
“It’s another base like us, led by Kiran,” Ernest explains.


“It’s on the outskirts of the city. We won’t make it very far on foot, so when we get to the ground floor, I’ve got something to use.”

So, when we reach the ground, Alison takes out what looks like a wallet. “Camp 5, Dark Realm.” she says.

And we disappear.


When we touch down, I give her that small piece of info - that Light Tang is going to die, in, like, three hours.


“This is not camp 5,” Ernest says. He rubs his face in exasperation.
I look at Alison for answer. Her face is white with horror. Yes Tang may die, and so many others, but we don’t really like him that much. And maybe the world won’t end with him. Maybe like his brother, his essence will find some other body.

Alison whispers, “This was camp 5.”
“This can’t be,” Ernest says. “It’s all…”
“Gone,” she says in a hollow voice.