I punched the glass on each of their test tubes and green liquid drained out of them.


It seemed of garbage and rot, but I didn’t care. I ripped the tubes out of their bodies, and they slumped down onto the floor.


“Helen? John?” I asked them, but I received no response.


Carefully, as to not to harm them, I dragged them each over to the chairs and set them in them. “Please wake up.” I muttered.


They… they didn’t, and though I waited for around an hour, they never did.


“What did I do to deserve this?” I sobbed, before crying out in pain as my body began to change and contort.


A dark pillar began growing from my chest, tearing through the ceiling.


Sunlight poured in, which made me shriek in pain even more. I could hear faint footsteps, which were probably closer then them seemed, my hearing overtaken by my screams of agony.


“Goodbye.” It was a voice that sounded like Helen’s, but distorted.


The pillar faded, and I stood up. I felt, stronger. More powerful. “Maybe that blonde girl was right.”


So I climbed, upwards, I had to escape this place.


I reached the roof and stared out at the expanse before me. “An island?! Are you joking?!”


So I ran, and ran, around the island, trying to find a way of escape. My eyes fell on a boat in the distance


I bolted towards it, my feet carrying me faster then humanly possible.


When I hit water, my feet just kept moving, and I ran across the waves.


I reached the boat and climbed up the side, landing on the deck with a thud.


Relieved, I hopped into one of the giant cargo boxes and, finally, rested.


I passed out from exhaustion only moments later, my eyelid blotting out the light that was hammering down from the sky.


Darkness. That pillar from before… my sister’s distorted voice cut through, but I could tell it wasn’t her, at least not anymore.


The red galaxy zone I was in before returned and I saw Helen, standing next to what almost seemed like a dark-magic corrupted version of her.