Ernest’s eyes light up. “Alison wait!” he shouts.

“What?” she growls.

“Kal’s at Long Beach! Your cousin!”


“Oh god, Kal… Is she alive?” Alison asks.

“I think so!” I say.

“Okay, okay. If she’s there I have to check on her, you know, see if she’s okay. I have to help her fight.” Alison says.

Ernest gives me a smile.


Alison backs off, finally, and we stand up. “Let’s go.” she says, and takes out her teleporter.

“Long Beach Academy, Earth.”

And we disappear.


When we reappear we come back to my disaster of a room, the easel missing and most of my personal items taken, which was obviously Ernest.

On my bed is a note saying, “when you come back here, get to the infirmary asap”


“Had to be Kal. Come on, let’s go.” I say, running out into the hallway, leaving Ernest and Alison to catch up.


When I finally get to the infirmary, Kal is standing there in the doorway crying and holding her hand over her mouth.


“Kal?” I say.
She looks at me with a strange expression. She doesn’t say anything to Ernest or Alison.
"It’s Helen, " she says in a shaky voice.


Helen?!?” I ask. “What about Ed?”


“She took Ed. Helen kidnapped Ed.”
“Dark Helen or Light Helen?” I ask.
“Your sister, the human Helen.”
“Maybe she has reasons?” I’m unsure. “Maybe something happened? Are you sure it wasn’t one of the other Helens?”
"I’m sure, " Kal says.
“How was Ed’s condition?” Ernest asks.


He and Alison step forward from behind me. “Ernest? Ali? Oh my god…” Kal says shakily.


“How is Ed?” I ask again, sterner this time.


“He didn’t change at all from when you left. Comatose, covered in that dark goo.”

“Oh my god… Look I hate to bring more bad news, but we’re all in trouble. Kal, your father… he’s dead. Some Darklings burned him and lots of other Luminescents to preform a spell. They’re going to kill Tang. The worlds will be thrown out of balance.” Alison explains.

Kal goes paper white. “Oh shit. Oh holy shit.”

She crashes to her knees, crying.


“Yeah, we know, we’re all going to die,” I say, “but you have so many people, and we can fight, can’t we?”


Kal looks up at us. “We had better be able to.”


“So we have to get everybody with even a little military training there to help fight.”

“Uh, no we don’t,” Alison said, “We’d be risking their lives???”


"If we don’t, an entire world will die. An entire fucking world Alison." Ernest snaps.


“Which is why idiots like you shouldn’t be on the front li-”

Kal hits her sister in the jaw using the back of her hand.


“God, I forgot what a bigoted bitch you are Alison.” she yells.


Alison stumbles back in pain, holding her jaw. She mutters something rude about her sister under her breath.

Kal prepares to hit her sister again, saying, “You wanna repeat that?”


Alison says something very homophobic, and before Kal can presumably beat her to death, Ernest puts her in a choke-hold. “Kal, where can we lock this bitch up?” he asks, trying to keep a hold on Alison as she screams and kicks like a child.

Smirking, Kal leads us out of the room. “Whoever built this place was a genius. Some of the innermost classrooms have bars you can release to block the doors. In case of a very serious lock-down I presume.” she explains as we head closer to the center courtyard.

Finally, we reach an open classroom, decked out like a prison cell. Ernest throws a thrashing Alison inside, prompting Kal to slam the door shut and press a button on the handle. Metal bars slide down her above. There’s a thud as Alison probably tries to break down the door, all while screaming slurs of different kinds. The three of us burst out laughing.