(Ok, so I had an idea on the bus today. Ash is secretly a runaway Lumiescent, but not just any. She’s the heir or backup leader of the Republic. I know it sounds crazy. Should I add this in when I can?)


(Um of COURSE!!! But wouldn’t that be inconsistent with how she didn’t know anything about the LR before? Maybe she got her memories erased?)

“PLEASE just let me in!!!” I beg, banging on the glass.


(She lies about her past. I’m gonna explain it here.)

“Go to your room Ash. We’ll talk about this later.” Daisha shouts.

Very upset, I run back to my room. It’s just a mattress in the changing room of a clothing store, whose sign has long since been removed. I lock the door behind me, and slide down the wall onto my mattress. Tears slide down my face, slightly damaging my makeup. I shrug off my jacket revealing the true paleness of my skin. I pull my gloves off and drop them onto my jacket. I shake as I stand up and look into my mirror.

My past isn’t what anyone thinks. My name isn’t Ashley Taylor. My name is Alina Ray. I know everything about the Lumiescent Republic. Most things I say are lies.

Shaking, I reach up to my hair and tug. The black, purple, and white locks come away. A wig. it drops to the ground. Then, the hair net under it. Long, waist length, snow white, hair.

I left the Republic years ago. I was useless to them, but he kept me around “Just in case”. They still hunt me. So I changed my name, my appearance, everything. They never caught me.

I grab my makeup wipes and clear my face. My skin is so pale. I throw the wipes in my trash and carefully take out my contacts. The blue is replaced with pure white.

I was a replacement. I backup. In case anything ever went wrong with him. They told me I was his heir. Bullshit. He’s immortal. I was useless. Now I’m free.


I won’t stop the Darklings from killing Light Tang. They can’t. I know they can’t. He’s immortal.


Only another immortal can kill him.

White light flickers to life in my hands, and spirals up my arms.

That’s where I come in.


I hated how the Luminescent Republic cast me out. Now, I can kick them when they’re down, and I can finally win, and I can take my place as ruler.


Then, everything will change. Kassandra and I are the future. The two worlds have been at war for too long, have had horrible leaders for too long. I will unite them. It is the only way.

I walk out of my room, the white light glowing brighter and brighter. I emerge from the store, and I can hear shouts from people. I hear running, and Daisha is in front of me.


“What are you doing?” Daisha asked.


Lukas, the guy who alerted us about Inferno and Abyss earlier, joins her. “And who are you? You look like Ash, but… not!”

I laugh. “I am Ash, and I am not. You all know nothing about who I really am.”


“Ash, please, stop doing this,” Daisha reasoned. “This is an order. Speaking not as your friend, but as the head of your crew. Stop.”


“I do not answer to you anymore. My name is Alina Ray, heir to the Luminescent Republic. I answer to none. Now,” The white light around me forms a ball in my hands, “Give me Mesa Wyatt.”


“Oh god, my fucking right-hand chick got taken over by the space shit,” Daisha mutters under her breath, before loudly saying, “What do you want with her?”


“That does not concern you. All that concerns you is handing her over. Or else.”


Daisha reaches into her pocket, and, with blinding speed, pulls out a shotgun and points it directly at me. “One more word out of your mouth and I’ll kill you!”


Blankly, I point on palm at Lukas. The ball of light between my hands splits so I have one ball in each. I release the one in my palm facing him. Moments later, there’s the smell of burning flesh and Lukas is thrown over the railing to the levels below. “I’d like to see you try.” I say, turning back to Daisha, who now looks mildly disturbed.


She fires at me, but her bullets do nothing, not bouncing off, but flying through me as if I don’t exist. I raise my palm towards Daisha.


“In the name of the New Luminescent Republic, I sentence you to de-” As I prepare to destroy Daisha, someone sprints around the corner into my line of sight.



He stares at me with his pure black eyes, simply stating, “No.” He flicks his hand and the light in my hand is totally dispelled.


The feeling I get is nothing out of the ordinary for me. But I doubt anyone else would understand. My blood turns to pure rage inside me, and I feel my eyes burn as they flash gold. “What alliance do you have to her, Thane? Your allegiance lays with Oliver, like all your kind. But, I am not like my predecessor. I do not wish for a mass genocide of your people. My goal is alliance between Light and Dark. So, stand aside. This woman is a mere annoyance to my cause.”


Thane stays right where he is and stares me down.