After a while, and I scoff and say, “Fine. But this is not the end.” I turn and walk away, but as I go I raise one hand and harshly flick my wrist.

I hear a gasp and then a thump. “I may not be able to kill her, but I can at least make her comatose. Watch your back Thane.”


Thane instantly rushes over to me to try to attack, but I’m already gone, running towards where Mesa is.


As soon as I reach the door, I blast them open with white light. Thane is far enough away that it works. Daisha’s sister gapes at me. I walk past her silently, and then make her comatose as well.


Mesa is sitting against the side of the dressing room, her stomach tied up with bandages and an old pair of bleached-out skinny jeans. She’s clearly breathing, but it’s slow and weak.


Carefully, I pick her up.


She doesn’t appear to wake up. I try to use a bit of my magic to seal her cut.


It doesn’t exactly work, which is strange, but I have to get us out of here. Moving as fast as I can without hurting Mesa, I run out of the mall. There, the light that’s been surrounding my body shoots up like a beacon into the storm cloud filled sky. It pierces the clouds, and an unnaturally strong blast of thunder shakes its way across the city.

Switch to Kal’s POV

I’m sitting in the main office, holding my head in my hands when the building shakes. Ernest, who was across the room from me springs up. “Earthquake?” he shouts over the noise.

“Get outside!” I yell back.

There’s not much distance for us to cover before we’re outside. I can see that deeper into the city, a pillar of white light is reaching into the sky. “Oh shit, we are screwed!” I shriek immediately.

“What now?” Ernest yells back.

Turning to him, I answer, “That light is only produced by one person alive. Alina Ray. Tang’s successor, or for a better-suited word, replacement. She ran away years ago, and despises the Republic for all they did to her.”

“Do you think she has Mes?”

“Maybe. Come on, we have to get to Alina before she does something bad.”

And with that, we sprint out of the parking lot and down the street.


Ripping through the sky is an enormous hole of white light, and floating towards it, sure enough, is Alina Ray, holding Mesa’s unconscious body in her arms.


“We have to stop her!” Ernest yelps.

“We’d have to run so much faster! They’re miles away!”


I do the only thing I can think of.

I pull a Shadow Crystal out of my bag.
I load it into my energy gun.
I aim.
And I fire.


Ernest gapes as the crystal glides through the sky, leaving a trail of crackling sparks behind it.

“Wait for it…” I mutter, biting my lower lip.

What seems like eternity passes before the crystal collides with the pillar, somehow, and a bloodcurdling scream vibrates across the sky. The pillar flashes grey, then black, before going even more blinding white. I can barely see Alina drop Mesa and shoot up into the sky.


She drops Mesa.
She drops Mesa.

And seeing the girl I’ve grown attached to in freefall through the empty, smoky air, I make a new decision. A choice that I knew I had to make long ago.


(Oh shit, the pressure!! I hope this works…)

I let raw, primal energy run through me. The energy from the days before I was General Vynr’s daughter. My veins burn with power, and my eyes are attacked with an onslaught of old memories. Ones I’d buried.

For the sole purpose of keeping this power hidden.


I see frames from the real life I once had, a life outside of the three realms. Observing Dark Low’s research and planning for what would happen once it reached its conclusion. Spending my time with a twin brother of mine, Jace, who I believe was sent to the Dark Lands on his mission to preserve the barriers between the worlds. Preparing to take on the life that I stole. The life of Kalisinta Vynr-zi, golden girl of the Luminescent Republic. Daughter of the head general.

Kalisinta Vynr-Zi.

Who died eleven years ago.

Because some girl from another universe, some weirdo named Rose, killed her and took her place.


But she could never have expected what happened next.


Rose failed.

And Rose didn’t just fail. She was the one who pressed the two buttons. She was the one who created the Breach. She was the one who betrayed the very mission she was sent here to complete.

She… or rather, I… have to pick up the pieces of this… this mess that I made.

I am Rose and I am going to fix my mistakes.

Starting with one Mesa Wyatt.


I feel the skin on my back split open and two medium-sized wings break free. Ernest loses his shit behind me, but I run forward and kick off the ground and fly through the air. “What the hell Kal?” I hear Ernest shout from the ground.

I am Kalisinta Vynr-Zi now. There is no going back. I buried Rose. But, if the two could work together… Maybe they can fix this.


(question: who do you think kal/rose is? just asking for clarification)


(Honestly, I don’t know exactly what I’m doing. What I think I’m going for is that Rose killed the original Kal [like you said] and using her weird-other-dimensional-primal-powers sort of absorbed her memories and pretty much became Kal. But, still herself [kinda like the people who got turned in Luminescents, but it didn’t fully work, the split people] and ended up burying Rose’s memories.

If that isn’t what you’re asking, and you mean like, who was Rose before she killed Kal 1.0 and took her place, I feel like she was some agent for the demon and angel brother and sister whose names I cannot be bothered to scroll for, who was sent to do something stupid important. But, like I said above, IDK)



I slowly and slowly get closer and closer to Mesa as she falls at breakneck speed.