So I fly faster, faster, and faster until it feels like my wings are going to be ripped off.


And right when I reach Mesa, she opens her eyes.


“Kal?” she mutters, her voice scratchy and barely audible.

I bite my lower lip and nod, then swoop down to catch her. I then fly slowly back to where I left Ernest. He’s still there, looking about as freaked out as someone can be. My feet have just barely brushed the pavement when he starts talking a mile a minute.

After his torrent of questions, which ends when he finally runs out of breath, I pass Mesa off to him. “I’ll explain everything later. But right now, we have to get her back to the academy and stop Alina from whatever she’s planning.”


“But Ed’s hurt!” Mesa screams. “We need to get to DC!”

I say in the most calming voice I can conjure, “No, we don’t. We need to stop Alina.”


“BUT-!” she shrieks again, in the most eardrum shattering pitch possible, before I stop her.

“Calm down Mesa. Have you seen yourself? You need rest, and we need to stop Alina, meaning probably save a world or three.” I step forward, allowing my wings to fold against my back.

“Please Kal, we have to-”

“Hush. It’s time for you to rest.” I place my index and middle fingers on her forehead, and silver light pools down from my shoulder to her head.

Mesa’s eyes drift close as she yawns, and soon she’s sleeping soundly. “There. That’ll keep her calm for at least a few hours.”

“Kal, at least answer this one question; What did you do to Mesa? Forget about the wings, the flying, all that shit, what did you just do to Mes?”

I chuckle to myself. “It’s an old trick I was taught a long time ago. I’d teach it to you… but that wouldn’t work at all.”


“What did you do to her?!” Ernest says, rushing towards me. I wave my hand and he’s blasted back, flying through the air to land on hard pavement.

I stare back at him and smirk. In a strained voice, he responds, “What the hell is up with your eyes?”


I already know what’s happened. And it isn’t good. I step over to a nearby puddle of water and look down. My eyes, like I already knew, are blazing gold.


i could not stop it, even though i knew what would happen to those around me if i didnt, i had to fine a place to escape to to let this pass.


I run to a busted-up car and break open its window, leaving glass on its floor. I clutch my hand over my mouth, nauseous, but I don’t vomit. I just… sort of… pass out.


My vision and motor control instantly deaden, but all my other senses are still intact. I topple to the ground, completely paralyzed.


My field of view fills with golden light.


And then an onslaught of Rose’s memories wash over me.


Memories of my parents, who I still can’t remember the faces of, walking into pools of white and black light and being totally consumed by them. Jace grabbing onto my hand so tight that every single bone in it feels like it’s about to break. Somebody telling Jace and I that our parents were entering the realms of Light and Dark to complete an important mission. Somebody telling Jace and I that we would have to do that as well.

Training for it. Being taught how to absorb the memories of people we had killed. Seeing my best friend, Sapphire, enter one of the realms too. Hearing the panic of my city’s scientists, all worried about something called the “Sunfire Egg” falling through a crack in reality and into one of the realms. Being told that we would have to go on our journeys sooner than anybody had anticipated.

And one memory that really sticks out.

I am standing next to my brother Jace. We are being looked upon by a crowd of people. A strange person with a face I don’t remember saying is words I don’t understand. They offer me a chalice. I drink the strange golden liquid inside and feel like I’m going to vomit. I put on a brave face. The strange person says something that my ears have trouble hearing clearly. Two wispy pools of light float in midair, the silverish one in front of me and the black one in front of Jace. I am given a white candle and Jace is given a black one. The flame from my candle is white. The flame from his is black. We are directed to enter the pools of light and not look back at the world we are leaving. I stare directly at the silvery pool and close my eyes as I enter it, and I feel its cold envelop me, and for just one second, I try to look back, but all I see is pure white. I made a decision and I cannot go back, not now.

Not when I’m fighting for control over the body I don’t deserve.

(Sorry it was so long, I just really wanted to write all of that)


(It’s all good, I’ve done that countless times myself)

My vision suddenly returns to normal, my eyes which I didn’t even realized I had closed shoot open, and I’m gasping like I was just drowning.


“Rose…” I mutter under my breath. “Let me live my life, please.” I clutch my chest, and, regaining control, climb out of the broken car window.

(also is it just me or should we specify whether this is rose!kal or kal!kal? anyway this one is kal!kal)


(Hmm. Maybe. But how would we do that…?)

Ernest is gone, and so is Mesa. A thunderstorm is gushing rain down now, and my hair is soaked pretty much as soon as I start running back to the school. My wings are still on my back, I can feel them brushing against it. But, they’ve gone numb, and I can’t move them.

“Good. Good, that’s really good.” I mutter.


(put it in parentheses if you’re switching out personalities, dear god this magical sci fi dissociative identity disorder thing is really hard to do but it’s fine)


But how would they react if they saw me as who I am now? They would consider me to have gone insane, to have been changed by the Breach, when really all I want to do is find Jace, get back home, and try to get the others to help me close up as many of these tears in reality as possible. The Outerworld needs me. My home needs me. My people need me. This is far more important than Long Beach Academy, but I’m trying to do this while I’m flipping in and out of existence.


The other girl shut me out for years. My mission cannot wait any longer.


And so I do what I always knew I had to do.


It’s dangerous. It’s evil. It’s mass genocidal.

I have to destroy The Three Realms.

It is the only way.