I am moving without making myself move. I am surging with golden light. I am not in control anymore. I have to do something, anything, to get this to stop. I can’t have her in my head anymore, I just can’t, where do we keep our guns, where do we keep our guns, where do we keep our guns, where do we keep our guns?! I hurt too much to remember the answer, so I’m just repeating it, loudly, fists bloody from punching the pavement. “Where do we keep our guns?!”


(I see Rose as pretty damn insane after being shut out for 11-ish years. I think that’d make anyone crazy tbh)

She tried to destroy my life. She tried to destroy me. This isn’t my body, not really. She killed my body and took my appearance. Even replicated my DNA. I was aware as we merged, as I took control of her body which looked like me. I forced her out, and I’m going to fucking keep her out.

Now if only I remembered, WHERE THE FUCK DO WE KEEP OUR GUNS?!


I’m shaking. I’m running. I’m checking my pockets and looking around for some way, any way, to do this. I don’t think I can hold her back for very long by willpower alone. I have to either kill myself or threaten suicide because at this point my very existence is a danger to not just Long Beach Academy, but all of the three realms and all that lies beyond.


Suddenly, I’m dizzy and spiraling down onto the road. Suddenly, my vision is going black.


Suddenly, I feel the threads tying me to my body are being severed, one by one.


My memories, which I worked so hard to preserve, begin to blink out of existence.

“No, no, no, Rose stop! Please, let me go!” I mutter, desperate to keep her at bay.


“You locked me out. You made me betray my mission. You ended the world. I don’t have any other options.” Rose said, darkly. “So you leave me no choice.”

I feel…
I feel my soul being torn out of my body, falling back, my chest aching so strongly. No. No. I can’t… I shouldn’t… It’s too late. I should’ve climbed the school and chucked myself out of a fifth-story window while I still had the chance.


I stop moving and lay still on the pavement. I stop fighting. And for some reason, so does Rose.

Then I hear it.

The swooping of wings. The clicking of heels. And the most familiar voice in the world.


“I knew Mesa was with you!” It’s Kassandra Oliver. She’s wearing a black business suit and long black gloves, her hair tied in a perfect bun, dark wings like crow’s wings emerging from her back. She is smiling this dark smile that just feels both so malevolently aggressive and so warmly familiar. I don’t know what to feel: Relief, that my best more-than-friend is here again, or fear at what could’ve become of her since our last meeting.


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“She’s already gone.” I mutter, trying to stand back up.

I feel a hand grip my shoulder, and I’m dragged to my feet. “Thanks…”

“Don’t mention it. Now, we gotta get Mesa to Tang before Alina gets there.”

Kass take off running down the road, completely ignoring the fact she can fly. “What, so Mesa can kill him first?” I ask, trying to catch up.

“Nope. I never wanted her to deal with him in the first place. I knew Alina was hiding down here somewhere, and that’d she try to kill him. There’s something about Mesa, something that told me she’d be able to defend Tang until he can be properly dealt with.”

I finally catch up to Kass as she skids to a stop. “Fuck. Got any way to contact your art school buddies before they get wrecked?”

“What do you mean?”

“If I’m not mistaken, that’s a hurricane beginning to form.” she points to a vortex of clouds over the sea, which is very close to HQ.

“Oh shit,” I say “No, I don’t.”

“Those wings you got work?”

“Not unless I want my everything about me to be taken over permanently.”

“WHAT?!” Kass shrieks.

I give her a very brief explanation of Rose and what happened just before she showed up. “That explains your eye. It’s flashing gold. But, I may have a solution.”

“Tell me. Please.”

“We’ve been studying objects from outside the realms. And very recently, we’ve found a way to fix Splits, by using some of these objects. They can remove and trap a secondary personality. It might work. It could get rid of Rose.”

“Do it.”


“I’ll have to first and foremost warn you that it’s really dangerous and hasn’t really been tested befo-”

“Do it. If you don’t… I don’t know what will happen, she’ll take me over completely and try to destroy the Three Realms.”

Kassandra gasps, like audibly gasps, and puts her hand over her mouth. “I didn’t think I could be surprised by anything anymore, but shit!” she says very loudly.


“Yeah. So, please, fucking do it and save me.”


" Oh, come on! Are you really torturing me?! ‘’ her male patient exclaimed and grimaced in pain when he got injected. " God dammit, you- "

The man suddenly closed his eyes and fell on the ground. He became unconscious. Phoenix carefully took him on the bed and restrained him.

" There, you go, " she evilly grinned and said. " You will be one of the doctor’s test subjects. "


Got some bad news for you. We’ve passed that point in the story by a long shot.


Oh, it’s okay. But thanks anyway! :slight_smile:


“Okay. But it’s back in the Dark Realm, so you’ll have to come with me.” Kassandra says, grabbing my hand.


The world around us swirls, and my vision temporarily goes black.


When my vision returns to me, we’re standing in what looks like an office with one sleek black desk with two chairs - one behind the desk, one not. Behind the desk and its chair is what looks like some kind of crystal, but instead of being one color, it appears to have lots of different colors, swirling around.


Before I could inspect the crystal, the empty office chair began spinning erratically.