Kassandra quickly tapped the chair and it stopped as she sat down. She gestured for me to sit down as well, which I did.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” she said. “Not everybody who did this lived through it.”

I nod.


“This is the only way Kass. Otherwise I die, and the worlds end.”


“Okay, very well then.” Kassandra says in a sighing voice. “Let’s begin.”


As she walked to gather the stuff needed for the ritual, I took out my phaser and shot her dead before she reached the axe, as I knew of her treachery, that only the sacrifice of a pure soul in Seoul could lead me to Kass – my dreams.


(ooc: @TheRavenAndEagle so how are we going to deal with this? it’s not plot-breaking… but a n00b still wrote it, and it doesn’t look like it fits with the story… unless Rose wanted to shoot her? I thought she wasn’t supposed to have a gun right now, and phasers weren’t confirmed to have existed prior to now.)


(@NerdiAuthorGirl 1st: I am not a ‘n00b’. 2nd: Phasers exist in all universes. 3rd: You need to sacrifice a pure soul in Seoul to get to Kass, a land of dreams. 4th: It fits in with the story. Kassandra was meant to die eventually, and this liberates the story to go to a place where no man has gone before.)


We have over 750 posts here.

Over 750 posts. Meaning, over 750 paragraphs.

I understand if you can’t read through the whole thing. I get it. It’s long.

But we’ve also built up a very strong canon, and a very distinct planar system. There are the Three Realms (Earth, the Luminescent Republic, and the Dark Lands), and a bunch of random outer planes that a bunch of Dark Lands scientists tried to break through to. By your description, it looks like you’re trying to set up a system where there is a distinct, named Outer Plane, that the main characters have previously known about, that people from Earth have been to before. This doesn’t fit within the rules of established canon, and I’d need a verdict from @TheRavenAndEagle to canonize your addition. Also, there’s a pretty major reason for Kal not to shoot Kassandra and f*ck off to Random-Ass Dreamworld.

Unless Rose did it in order to try to get home.


@TheRavenAndEagle realized that the narrative suddenly broke the fourth wall and became a meta-commentary about itself. I suddenly realized that the sky was grey and my computer screen wasn’t everything the world had to offer. I got up from my computer, from which I participated in a writing game on the social networking platform “Wattpad” that had become a deeply canonized fantasy/sci-fi epic, and got myself a damn fine cup of joe: the coffee beans roasted just right so that their acidic tartness sizzled in an ephemeral effervescence as I sipped from the fragile china. “Susie Sue, could you hand me a donut, cherry glazed with a Boston special filling,” I asked my wife who did nothing but watch the soap operas all day like that sword-smith’s apprentice from Tarantino’s Kill Bill. “Oh my, that’s a swell donut honey! Mmmbopping swell!” I walked across the kitchen to the window and, to my surprise, I saw a red convertible parked outside. “Gee holly wickers! Susie Sue, we’ve got Johnny J. here to see us, oh boy is this a day.” Too late. Johnny J. was already at the door, so I greeted him. “Johnny, long time no see. That’s a sweet looking car out there.”

Johnny patted my back and looked into my eyes with a sincerity that I had never, in my life, experienced before: “You know what is neat about convertibles, Joe? Hands-free air conditioning.”


Oh for fuck’s sake, I vanish for two days and shit hits the fan. I’m with @NerdiAuthorGirl , nothing pointed to Kal suddenly killing Kassandra. I get trying to pull a massive plot twist, but we had someone try this before. Someone tried to make Mesa pregnant. We overrode this because it wrecked the plot and MADE ZERO SENSE. What you are trying to do MAKES ZERO SENSE.

My vote is to override this death. Stop being all high and mighty with your donuts too.


Also, “Phasers exist in all universes”?

Please show me the phasers in LOTR, Harry Potter, ect. Really, I’m very curious where you’ve seen these phasers.


Okay. Let’s start back from 764 and decanonize… all of that.

Although Pretentiousness Donuts and Ubiquitous Phasers are pretty great.


(On it. Now considering Pretentiousness Donuts and Ubiquitous Phasers memes for this story alongside Teen Powers from Ed and Mesa’s day of being members of the Lumi. Republic)

Kass grabs two silver coils from a drawer and hands them to me. “Put those on.”

I slide them on like bracelets.



She grabs a small device and touches it to the silver coils. In an instant, they start glowing, no particular color, just glowing.


(Hell yeah, Teen Powers for ever)

Next is a small ball of thin golden wire. She wraps it lightly around my neck, down my arms, and stops at the coils, letting the rest hang in the air.


The golden wire, too, begins to glow. Kassandra smiles sadly, then takes out what looks like an alcohol flask. She opens it up and it starts billowing out this thick red smoke.


The crystal begins pulsing, shooting beams of various colors through the smog. I can faintly hear calling voices, begging to be freed. “It’s almost ready. This is the point of no return Kal.”

“Do it Kass. Please.”

So she walks back to the desk, and takes the crystal into her hands. She wraps the remaining wire around it, and asks me to hold out my palms. She places it in my hands, and the calling voices are magnified by a hundred. I can feel Rose screaming inside my mind, telling me to stop, trying to take control.

The smoke is drawn to me, sticking to my skin like sweat.


It’s hurting, it’s hurting so much. I’m trembling, screaming voices filling my head and golden light filling my vision, and my thoughts. I have to hold on. I have to keep control.


It feels like there’s claws scraping along the inside of my skull, Rose clawing at any chance to be in control.

I don’t let her. I hold tight to my thoughts, clinging to them like a life raft. They are, really. I keep fighting, fending off Rose for what feels like eternity.

After what must be hours, my head and vision clear. I hit with horrible nausea and vomit on the floor. The crystal falls to the floor, sliding across the glossy floor. When I finish hurling, I finally realize it.

I won.


I fucking won.

The crystal glows with a golden light, which dims slightly to accompany the other colors inside of it. Kassandra Oliver holds out a hand to me, which I take. She helps me up to my feet.

“We actually did it.” Her voice is shocked and cautious, but clearly relieved.


She pulls me into a hug. “Thank you.” I whisper.