“Sis!” she screamed, “you need to help me, I’m losing who I am, take me out of here!” She ran towards me, but the corrupted version of her grabbed the back of her shirt and she froze.


(Errr, the MC is a guy in this story…)

“Now, now.” it said dauntingly, “There’ll be none of that Helena.”

It used her full name.” I thought with a shock.

Almost nobody knew her full name.


“What? How do you know her name?” I asked.

“I am Helena. I know her darkest secrets.” it responded.

“Don’t make me tell her!” Helena screamed.


That is before I see him standing behind her. He blends in with the shadows but his eyes I can see them. I dont know how I can see them even when they are hidden by the darkness. Theyre a beautiful grey. That suggest they could be stormy or lighter more hazel in sunlight.


I wanted to step forward, to drag Helen away from this… this thing. But black matter had begun to cling to my feet, holding me in place.


Yet something about the boy seemed to intrigue me. He neither appeared aggressive nor gave me reason to think he would harm her. If anything he looked just as frozen and startled as we were to see him


The corrupted version of Helena walked towards me, real Helena falling to the ground. Corrupted Helen walked up to me and tapped my chest. In an instant dark energy surrounded me.


I found myself embracing the darkee side of myself I never knew I had…I tried to stop myself, tried to see clearer…but I couldnt hold back.


I felt the dark energy completely envelop me and change me into something I… didn’t know I didn’t want to not be.


Real Helena was gone. Only Dark Helena remained. However, my own body lay on the floor before me. I looked at my hands, and they were shadowy and strange like Dark Helena’s.

I looked at her. I could now make out a face. She smiled. “You’re awake!” she said. " Awwesome!"


“I’m so glad you’re here,” she continued.

“Where?” I asked.

“Why, the Shadow World, of course!” she said, unnaturally cheerily.


“What’s the shadow world?” I asked, unnerved by the corpse of myself on the ground. “Am I dead?”

“You’re kind of dead!” She said. “The shadow world is a glorious realm, led by our benevolent leader, Dark Low! I am Dark Helena. As your inductor, it’s my job to teach you our ways and traditional culture!”


“Technically,” she said with a laugh, “You’ve already given up your soul. You are irrevocably ours. Come on, I’ll take you to my barn hideout. Dark Low’s circle will give us orders!”

I tried to turn, but she snapped my fingers and it was as if I was frozen.

“As my apprentice, you have to obey me, 'kay?” She said.


“Oh…kay…” I replied, shaking.

My body moved towards a run down barn, and Dark Helena smiled. “First!” she screamed, cutting me with a knife.


She removed my eyes, and replaced them with something wet and cold, pushing each mysterious object into my empty sockets.

In a second, I could see. She was now no longer a shadow, but an entirely grey person. I looked at my hands and I was the same. The body at my feet was now visible only as a vague white glow.


Now I feel sick to my stomach. “Wait.” I say before she can advance on me with the knife again. What am I doing? This is insane!

“This is all going too quickly, don’t I have a chance to think about it?”
Her maleficent gaze returns. Then her voice goes unnaturally deeper “You belong to me insect. And I may do as I wish!” she hisses in a voice that’s not her own.


Dark Helena teleported behind me, jabbing her knife into my neck. My head filled with shadows and my thoughts turned to nothingness. I felt my memories dissolving… what’s happening?


Suddenly, the shrill of a trumpet cracks the sky as blinding light and large winged creatures envelope my vision. And Helena shrinks back.


The creature approaches me. It’s like Helena but made purely of light. But… who’s Helena and why do I know her? “Brother, I’ve come to rescue you,” she says.

I don’t know this girl. I respond, quietly, “I don’t even know who you are.”


She smiles sympathetically then sweeps her hand towards the sky above “Behold.The inhabitants of Light.”

I slowly lift my eyes, then nearly choke on my own saliva. It’s full of giant winged beings of light, all flapping their wings in sync, with flaming swords in hand.

“We have come to fight for you.”