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“How many people have they tried it on?” I think, taken aback.

Kiran ushers me back to my closet, and recommends I take a shower, as I smell like “the pure essence of darkness”.


I check out the individual shower. It’s white and blue, sleek and futuristic. There are different options for the soap - “Generic white”, “icy luminescent,” “Rainbow Drinking shine”, “Dove”, and “Taiping essence of Heaven”.

I undress, enter the cubicle, and select Generic White. The water is enhanced with a shiny white glowing soapy liquid. It feels relaxing to be clean for the first time in who knows how long.


After a while, I climb out of the shower and throw back on the uniform I woke up in. I return to my room, and fall into the desk chair. It’s soft and comfortable, which surprises me. I run my fingertips along the desk, which is made of laminated white wood. I sit there for a while, until a voice comes over the intercom. “All new recruits, please head to the Great Hall. Your mentors will be waiting for you in the garden outside of it.”

I stand up. my hair dripping slightly on the floor. As I step outside my room, I crash into a tall, skinny, blonde girl. She crumples to the floor, and stays there for a moment. In that time, I recognize her as Lydia Bowman, a girl from the school I attended back home. As she stands up, I bolt away, not wanting to face her wrath. Just before the staircase, Mesa catches my wrist. “Hey! Slow down, you’re drawing attention to yourself!” she hisses in my ear.


“Come on, let’s go.” Mesa walks to the Great Hall, staring at me. It’s a bit of a hike, but when we get there, everybody seems to be lined up perfectly, watching… something. Some sort of address on a giant television screen.

That man, Light Tang, is speaking. And the world is watching.


Whatever he started with, we missed it. But what he was saying now, sent an icy chill upon the room.

“The 5 highest security prisons we have have been broken into, and everyone held inside has been freed. All guards and officials stationed at those locations have been slaughtered.”


“We believe it to be an act by Dark Low’s armies of evil,” he says, “and we will not tolerate this. Recruitment Team A-715B, your training begins tomorrow at dawn for hunting and killing escaped criminals. We have qualified people working to bring the perpetrator to justice. People of the Luminescent Republic: don’t let me down. Or else.

Ethea Chen looks at us and says, “That’s you. Your first real mission.”


The TV screen goes black, and we’re shown around the Great Hall. “We have 12 hours till dawn. They’ll need to have their armor fitted, weapons figured out… this is so much work for just 12 hours time!” I hear Natya say to General Vynr.

“Leave it to me. I’ll see if we can get some of the other recruitment teams to join you as well.”


General Vynr addresses the crowd. “I want all recruits to go to the physical examination room!” He says, loudly but calmly. “Once you’ve been prepped, experienced third-year team members will be joining you. You’ll be in good hands and will learn much from your comrades!”

Natya leads us down a wide corridor. After a number of twists and turns, we arrive at the examination room. It’s vaguely like a gym, but with a futuristic white and black aesthetic to it.

Natya starts counting us off. “One, two, three, four, one two three four…” I am chosen for team four, as is Mesa.


I’m glad to be with her for another day, her humor always seemed to lighten up the tension that I felt, knowing that I wasn’t even human anymore. She looks at me, smiles, and then looks ahead.

We’re led off to separate rooms. A man in a lab coat hooks a few wires up to my body.


“I’m a lab rat again!” I mentally groan, irritation at being hooked up to another machine filling my senses.

As if he heard me, the man turns to me and chuckles. “Don’t worry. I’m just scanning your physical make-up so we can see what type of weaponry you’re best suited for. Most of us use either spears of some sort, or guns, but we have people who use every type of weapon. Natya, your mentor, uses a crossbow. She’s quite fearsome in battle.”

His eyes glow with admiration.


“I thought Natya was director of education,” I responded, and the man laughs. “What kind of education do you think she runs? That’s right, military training. All of us are soldiers.” Those words make me sick, but I ignore my feelings of apprehension. He reads something off a screen.


I don’t exactly understand what he says, but guessing from what he said before, it’s about my physical capabilities. They’re not much, from what I remember being told after joining the Party Caucus back home, but he seems to be fairly impressed.
“For a human exposed to a lot of tests and experiments, you’re in pretty good shape. Now, people with your make-up typically use long, thin daggers like this.” he grabs a dagger that’s probably about a foot and a half long.

“But, your files from back in Blixiodolon, or Earth as humans call it, say you’re fairly skilled in using a rifle, correct?”

“Yeah, that’s right.” I reply, remembering using one during training in the Caucus.

“I thought so. In that case, I think I’ll be giving you this and you can take the rifle that’s hanging right over there.” he hands me the dagger and gestures to the lone rifle on the wall.

Then he unhooks me from the machine, and I spring up to collect it.


I grab the rifle off the wall and walk out of the room, where I am greeted with Mesa holding a spear. “Rifle?” Mesa asks me. I nod my head and walk over towards her.

“Spear?” I comment, “You do seem like a close-combat kind of girl.” She laughs, but only a little bit, and as people begin to finish their examinations, they line up. We walk out into the Great Hall and there are crowds of older students in there, all staring straight ahead with neutral expressions on their faces.


General Vynr stalks into the room, whispers something to the same man who made Natya tell us about Kassandra, and then stands behind the older students. He towers over pretty much all of them. “You’ll be sorted into practice groups by your weapon type. Do not move until I finish listing all the groups.”

The General lists every type of weapon imaginable, including throwing stars and metal whips. “And, people who use a combination of weapons.” he says finally.

Mesa and about 5 others walk over to a boy with caramel orange hair that hangs into his face, the spears group leader. I, on the other hand, am only followed by 1 person to the combo-weapon leader.
She’s about 6’ 8", the only person to come close to Vynr’s height. Her silvery hair is tied in a ponytail, and thrown over her left shoulder. The air around her is uncaring, but confident, which unnerves me. But her height and aura aren’t the scariest thing about her. Her eyes are the worst part.
They’re a pale crystal blue, filled with a hundred emotions and thoughts at once. I don’t know why, but they freak me out more than anything I’ve seen before.


“What are your weapons?” she asks me in a cold, strict voice.

“Rifle and dagger, ma’am,” I respond, hoping not to upset her.

“I’m not Ms. Kal or Ms. Chen, so drop the ‘ma’am’,” she responds, “I have rifle and dagger too.”

The other kid is a dagger/sword combination with blonde hair and light blue eyes. God, he looks like an anime character. His name is Tyo, apparently.


“Why is it always dagger…” she mutters, just loud enough for me to hear.

“Can we get started?” Tyo asks, stretching endlessly.

Kal, which is what I guess name is, glares at him. “Do you know how to use a sword? Or a dagger? Or a rifle, Terrell?”

Tyo looks at his feet, embarrassed. “I actually do. But I’m not that familiar with a dagger, especially of this style.”

“Then we’ll begin with the fundamentals of using Lumi-daggers. They’re razor sharp, so be careful .”

She looks directly at Tyo, who is carelessly holding the thin blade in his hand.


“Tyo. Stop.” Kal’s voice is flat but terrifying. Kal grabs her dagger and makes a stabbing-the-air motion with it. “Hands wrapped around handle. Thrust arm. Keep it straight. One, two, three,” she recites as we copy.

As I stab the air repeatedly, I think about how far we’ve come, and I start dreading the future. Staring at the dagger, I think of how it could end my life. That’s a scary thought. I don’t want to contemplate suicide.

So I don’t. I keep stabbing the air. Over. And over. And over. Again.


The process becomes routine, and I lose track of time. After what seems like hours, Kal tells us to stop. “Tyo, I’m least familiar with a sword out of all the weapons I’ve been forced to learn, so go join the sword group. Terrell, you’re staying here.” she commands.

“Why is she calling him by his first name, but me but my last?” I think quickly, as I grab my rifle.

“Go on. You say you know how to do this, so show me. Now!”

I smirk, and aim for the target which is hanging highest in the room. “Oh please.” Kal scoffs.

Lightning quick, I shoot 5 shots into the metal.