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Dr. Bonnacorsi led Phoenix through the building, the course so winding and confusing she doubted she could find her way back. “We’ve been working to find a way into these realms for a while now. We think we’re on to something, but we haven’t had anyone to test it.”

“Oh. I see where this is going.”


Phionex continued, saying, “You guys are gonna make me test this, then I’m gonna get lost, and THEN I’ll be stuck in there for the rest of my life.”


Dr. Bonnacorsi laughed darkly. “I’m sure those people have a way of sending humans back home. But know if you return with Terrell you will die.”

Phoenix was fitted into a spacesuit-type getup and then shoved into an escapepod-esk ship. “Goodbye Phoenix” Dr. Bonnacorsi mocked, and launched her away.


“Wait,” thought Phoenix as she rode the capsule, gazing complacently back at Earth. “Did Doctor Bonnacorsi mean if you return with Terrell you will die, or if you return without Terrell you will die? He’s my patient, right? So I should bring him back, right? Or am I supposed to just kill him? Oh God, why did he have to launch me off before giving me a chance to ask a question?”

The capsule started entering into UNIVERSE TRANSFER MODE, according to a button on the dashboard. Phoenix made sure to buckle up.


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Her pod hurtled towards a glowing white light, standing out in the empty vastness of space.


“Goodbye, Phionex… make sure to never come back.” Doctor Bonnacorsi said into the intercom.

Phionex hit her seat and screamed, “WHAT!” just as the intercom shut off.


Phoenix could only watch as her pod drifted off into emptiness and darkness. Suddenly, this strange light filled it, burning her skin, consuming everything she was and making her part of it. She tried to punch the glass and let all the light out of her small capsule, but it was no use.


With a scream of pure terror and hatred, Phoenix blacked out.


She woke up in a pure white room with a woman in a military uniform staring down at her.


The woman was shaking her head. “Stupid humans, messing in forces they don’t understand.”

She took a few steps away from where Phoenix was laying, and returned a few moments later with a syringe. “Oh, have the tables have turned.” the ex-medic thought woefully.


“I assume you’ve come to retrieve your… subject? One ‘Edward Terrell’? I’m sorry, but he’s one of us now. You won’t be getting him that easily,” the woman in the uniform said.

“What the hell is going on?” Phoenix asked.


She only shook her head again, and injected Phoenix with whatever was in the syringe. An ear-piercing feral scream was ripped from Phoenix’s throat.


Phoenix saw bright white light cloud her vision as she was dragged into another room full of onlookers. She heard muffled voices spoken through a microphone, something like “People of the Luminescent Republic… the Blixiodolonian scientist, Phoenix, responsible for the Deep Freeze!”


A unicorn appeared out of nowhere and then died. ‘’ MUAHAHAHA I AM THE DARK LORD, BEANIE!’’ A dark figure said as it appeared out of the unicorn’s lifeless head.


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“People of the Luminescent Republic - you live in a dictatorship! You oppress us, the true chosen people of Dark Lo-”

A bullet tore through the dark figure.


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It vanished from the stage, and the speaker repeated what they had said about Phoenix. A cheer of “Kill her!” went up from the crowd.

“No, make her a slave!” someone suggested loudly.

“Silence!” Phoenix heard the speaker roar, and the room went dead quite.


“Eternal containment in the highest security prison we have. And a message sent to all of her kind. A message of dire warning. We do not exist. Any who say otherwise will meet her fate.”


Phoenix was marched out of the room, out of the entire building, and loaded onto large, white barge. She was brought below deck and strapped to the wall. Someone in a lab coat came over to her and stabbed her hard with a needle. Her senses focused, and she was finally able to discern her surroundings easily.


Her wrists and ankles were chained to a wall. Two people in military uniforms guarded her, speaking a language she understood. What others thought sounded like a random sequence of unrelated words was really a coded language spoken by these things.

They were going to force her to live out eternity (she could never die) in a maximum security prison, solitary confinement. That’s definitely some kind of human rights violation, she thought before one of those guards slapped her in the back of the head.

“Stop thinking, creature. There is no way to escape.”